I’ve selected 150 catchy YouTube headlines that you just have to test on your channel. Definitely suitable for channels with hype, kids, and entertainment content.

If you have a serious topic where you think only an official tone in video and design is allowed, then you need to go through the whole list and use one of the templates for the titles of your videos! Success and attention is guaranteed for you!

How to work with Header templates for videos a headline for Youtube

  1. Read through the entire list and choose 5-10 templates that fit the format and content of your video.
  2. With each one, come up with a title for the video with keywords.
  3. Choose the title that best captures the essence of the video and gets the most attention.
  4. For example, you need a headline for a video about using and paying by credit card. Take the title and add it to the essence of the video.
    1. Headline 1: “How to Learn to Save Money with a Credit Card”;
    2. Headline 23: “The 5 Main Benefits of Paying with Mastercard”;
    3. Headline 30: “We proved that paying by card is more profitable!”
    4. Headline 139: “The pros and cons of paying by credit card.”
    5. And then improvised) “The results of the 7 Days Without Cash Challenge. How many bonuses did I get during the week?”
    6. “Why I don’t use cash.”
  5. I’m not going to choose the best of these headlines now – different video formats and scenarios will suit their own. For example, for a vlog, the last headline will do just fine, but for an informative video for everyone, the augmented headline 1 will do just fine.
  6. Try, augment, and experiment with headlines!

Header templates for videos

  1. How to learn ___
  2. How to make ___ with your own hands
  3. How to increase ___ several times
  4. I used to think that, too, ___
  5. Special offer for ___
  6. Incredible offer for ___
  7. What is ___
  8. And you ___
  9. Like me __
  10. Trending things for ___
  11. Who says ___
  12. ___ reasons to use ___
  13. ___ answers to the question ___
  14. NEW! ___
  15. SENSATION! ___
  16. WARNING! ___
  17. ATTENTION! ___
  19. ___ myths about ___
  20. ___ tips about ___
  21. Most Wanted ___
  22. Are you sure ___
  23. ___ main benefits ___
  24. ___ major weaknesses ___
  25. Do you know enough about ___
  26. It’s finally happening: ___
  27. You will find out ___
  28. How to understand that you ___
  29. What is the difference between ___ and ___
  30. We proved that ___
  31. How to save money at ___
  32. New way ___
  33. See how easy it is ___
  34. How to earn ___ thanks to ___
  35. What to do if ___
  36. The whole truth about ___
  37. The Crushing Effect ___
  38. The shocking truth about ___
  39. How ___ without any risk
  40. THIS will help you ___
  41. Do you do ___
  42. Now you don’t have to ___
  43. The latest news about ___
  44. One day ___
  45. Are you ready for ___ ?
  46. What you don’t know about ___
  47. How to get ahead of the competition with ___
  48. You make these mistakes at ___
  49. A simple recommendation for ___
  50. Who else wants ___ ?
  51. ___ only now and never again
  52. I say NO ___
  53. I Say YES ___
  54. How to make yourself ___
  55. Exciting fact about ___
  56. How much is ___
  57. How to overcome your fear of ___
  58. How much is ___ really worth
  59. You need to see THIS ___
  60. ___ creative ideas by ___
  61. Save time with ___
  62. Why you can’t ___
  63. Each of these ___
  64. How to Save ___
  65. ___ secrets that can ___
  66. You don’t know about ___
  67. Improved ___
  68. Little Known Ways ___
  69. Just for those who ___
  70. A New Look at ___


Is the main keyword for optimization at the beginning of the title, in the middle, or at the end? Does it matter?

Here we focus on the keyword. For example, you have a keyword: “mothers day gifts for aunts”.

Would that title look organic if we put the key in the beginning without any additional words? – Yes, definitely. So you can put it in right away, without any extra words.

Do short titles work?

No. If you can use a long title – it should be used. That way we can mention more keywords. Do not neglect it.

How can I increase the clickability of the title?

  • brackets – how to cook borsch video
  • numbers – 21+ mothers day gifts for aunts
  • words – best, top
  • questions – how to choose
  • catch phrases – this is why, the reason is, make you cry
  • emoji
  • the name of the site at the end (make it look like we are trustworthy and famous)
  • negative always works better than positive (hence the popular words “scam”, etc.)

Do I need to use dates?

  1. dates are cool to increase CTR
  2. it’s even cooler to output the information that the video has been updated in the title.
    For example: “Insurance Law in Germany UPD 1/01/2021”
  3. if you make a two-part title, it is better to use the date at the end of the first part. In the second part, do it only if the whole title is short and the date exactly falls into the visible area in the output.
  4. it’s not dangerous to make a date in every video? – No, the main thing is that the use of the date makes sense to the watcher.

No more problems with how to name a video on YouTube. And there will be two wishes – to make a video and to name it as soon as possible!

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