If he does these 5 things then he is actually a manipulator

If he does these 5 things then he is actually a manipulator

You've heard this story so many times.

One A woman meets a man, the man is perfect, the woman falls madly in love with him, the man reveals his true colors and the woman's heart is broken.

I bet you've not only heard a story like this before, you've probably experienced it yourself and been hurt. You got hurt really bad.

You probably don't want anything to do with men anymore. You feel disappointed and angry with yourself.

You feel frustrated because you allowed yourself to fall for all his tricks.

You allowed him to let you down and lie to you. You're angry because you didn't notice it in time.

You lost sight of your protective device and it crept into your heart.

I know; that it's hard to get over a person who took your heart and ripped it into a thousand pieces. The pain is tremendous.

You want to smile-you have to smile because you don't want anyone to see how much you're suffering.

But every smile hurts you even more. Every forced grin on your face stabs right through your heart.

But you must know that never has so much power over you. Nobody has the right to control and manipulate you.

He did that for a moment, but you noticed and left.

It was too late this time ;t to protect you from any pain, but if you read these signs, hopefully you won't make the same mistake again.

1. He will make you feel guilty

He will make you feel like a piece of shit in everything you do. You always feel like your every action is wrong.

Blaming you is his greatest weapon to make you do whatever he wants. If you want to do something of your own free will, he'll let you, but with sad dog eyes.

He will play the victim so you feel sorry for him and once again ignore your inner feelings and force yourself to be with him and make sure his feelings are not hurt.

< p>He would be great if you weren't with him, but his ego would be hurt because things wouldn't go the way he wanted.

2. He respects you-at least at first

That's why his approach is so brilliant. He makes sure everything is perfect at the beginning. He puts the world at your feet. He respects you and will move mountains for you.

He will be the man you always dreamed of.

He listens to everything you say, but not because he cares about you, but because he is an asshole who wants to manipulate you into doing everything he says and behaving the way he wants.

You think he's listening to you because he's a damn fine actor.

But in reality he is just a manipulator who lies and cheats to get what he wants.

3. He will promise you the world and…

….in the end he will do nothing! Only empty words and pathetic false promises come out of his mouth.

In the beginning he promised you everything and do you know what you get?

You get nothing and he didn't want to give you anything from the start.

He always tells you certain things to give you hope and then he will break his word and do what he has been planning to do all along.

He doesn't care about your feelings -They never have either.

4. He always acts like he needs help

He's sweet. and friendly. He's the stranger on the street who helps you gather your stuff when someone bumps into you.

Your first meeting seems to have sprung from a Hollywood movie. Only without a happy ending.

Your story will be heartbreaking and painful. What about him?

He will go ahead and find a new, trustworthy victim.

5. He's the victim

His favorite tactic is to manipulate you. This is his strongest weapon.

These humans are very intelligent and calculating. They know exactly what to say and when.

They know how to turn any situation to their advantage because they can lie in a second if they have to.

He will always play the victim when he's doing something wants and sees he's not getting it.

Be careful when you notice this: every time you win an argument where he's in a worse position because he's wrong, you have suddenly feel sorry for him and feel bad.

This is because he tricked you and victimized himself. In the end, every situation looks like this.

You'll feel bad for hurting him and you'll forget why you were mad at him in the first place.

And that's what he's been up to all along.

Emotional manipulation is bad because wounds heal, strains go away, but harsh words and psychological tricks etch themselves deep into your brain, and if only into your mind once affected, if your soul has been changed, your personality is not what it used to be.

The pain is there forever and leaves you until face the end of your life fearlessly and fearlessly.

You can heal, but you will never forget it. You can tell yourself you're ok, but you're not.

Not until you choose to forgive yourself and him. Only then can you get over it.

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