8 reasons why your ex already has someone else

8 Reasons why your ex already has someone else

Breakups are never easy; therefore, you should never rush into a new relationship too soon.

You need to give yourself some time to process everything and think about your feelings.

No matter what the reason for your breakup, it always hurts to see your ex with his new girlfriend.

You just can't accept that he got over it so quickly while you're still suffering and trying everything you can to cope with the breakup.

Well, things aren't always what they seem.

Just because you see him walking hand in hand with his new girlfriend doesn't necessarily mean he's got over it or that he is happy and madly in love with her.

Men’re excellent actors. They can pretend they don't give a damn about you, no matter how much it actually hurts them.

Sometimes the truth is very different from what you hear and see. That's why you shouldn't always believe your ears or eyes.

There can be various reasons why he got over it quicker than you, and here are the most common.

1. He thinks it will help him get over you

There's nothing worse than jumping into a new relationship too soon. Unfortunately, this is typical for men because they think they can get over their ex faster that way.

If your ex believes that a rebound relationship, a new woman, will get him will help get over you immediately, he's completely wrong.

It's also not okay to hurt the new wife because she might actually fall in love with him. 

2. He probably just wants to make you jealous

Have you ever considered that maybe he hasn't really gotten over you? Well, maybe.

This new relationship might just be a new trick he's trying to get you back with.

Especially if he knows that you are naturally jealous, he will introduce you to his new girlfriend to get you back.

3. He can't be single

That's probably the most common reason. He got used to having a girlfriend. You did everything for him.

Not only were you his partner and lover, you were also his assistant, his secretary, his maid and his cook.

Now that he has to live without all that service, he knows ß he just doesn't know how to get by on his own.

He's not with her because he's in love with her, but because he has his needs. You know him, he only thinks about himself.

4. He was lucky

I know it's unfair. You think, “Oh great, even God is on his side.”

But believe me, you're wrong. God is not on his side. He is always on the side of those who suffer and those who have wronged no one.

He was just lucky and that's all. He found a new victim. Another naïve woman fell for his silly smile and “bad boy” attitude.

You have to know this won't last long. He'll hurt her as much as he hurt you.

You can only feel sorry for the poor girl because soon she will go through everything you are going through right now.

5. It didn’t take him long because it didn’t mean as much to him as it did to you

Why can't you get over this soon?

Because everything is still fresh. Because he still means a lot to you and the breakup hurts you and you need time to heal. I know.

He didn't mean as much to you as he did to you and it didn't hurt him. So why would he need time to be alone and heal?

He just needs a little ego boost now. He still wants to win women's hearts as if we were some kind of trophy.

6. He's finally ready for something serious

Haha, I know that's funny and you can laugh too.

But so lä ;silly as it sounds, it really can be, especially if you broke up because he wasn't ready to commit yet.

He's probably found someone who looks a lot like you and he knows what he's already lost – and he doesn't want to repeat the same mistake.

7. His new partner is just a distraction

A toy. This is this new woman for him. Someone to take her mind off the pain of separation for a ‘while.

She will end up having it a lot worse than you. When he's completely healed and ready for something new, he'll throw them away like an old rag.

8. He wants to tell you that he has won

Your entire relationship was nothing more than a big competition for him.

No wonder that the separation is also a competition for him – who moves on and finds a new partner faster.

He wants to tell you that he won. After a while he will come to his senses.

He will realize that he is actually the biggest loser of all time because he lost a woman like you. You'll see, just wait.

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