I Can't Forget Him: 7 Secrets to Healing

I Can't Forget Him: 7 Secrets to Healing

Some people just can't be forgotten. It's just funny how our heart chooses these people.

They can be so brief in our lives and make such an impression that years later they are thought of and not even once know why.

You spend days and nights thinking about that person and you can't resist the feeling that this person was the only right person for you.

Sometimes it's the exes with whom we had long term relationships, sometimes ones who never returned our love and we were willing to move heaven and earth for them.

Just a little reminder of her is enough to plunge us into a deep lovesickness from which there seems to be no escape.

When night falls, when the lights go out and we in When we are alone in our four walls, we often think what if

Darkness rules our lives, days pass one after the other, but we do it seems like time has stood still.

We hope for something, but we also don't know what. The light is at the end of the tunnel and the road to that end is very thorny and bitter.

They also say that time heals all wounds? Maybe these visible wounds, but time doesn't heal the ones on the heart.

We try our best to forget and let go. We distract our minds in all possible ways, we force our hearts to heal, but in vain.

No matter how much time has passed, no matter how many tears have been shed, some wounds have not healed, some hearts remain broken and some lips whisper just that one name.

I can do it don't forget …

Do you feel the same way? Can't you forget your ex even though you really want to?

Why can't we forget some loved ones? Why is someone's name etched in our hearts and won't let us get over it and move on? Is there a cure for this?

Read on and find out …

Why can't I forget him?

There are many reasons why our minds and hearts are tied to just one person.

Before I I'll tell you the secret of how to forget him as quickly as possible, I'll give you some of the reasons why this is the most common.

I can't forget him: The first great love

Even as teenagers we begin to explore our emotional world and meet our first loves.

These are usually some superficial relationships and crushes that don't last long.

Then when we really feel a rush of emotion towards someone, we realize that everything before was just infatuation was and how unimportant everything before that was.

When we truly love someone for the first time, that person leaves a deep imprint on us.

When that love we have pinned all our hopes on fails, we are left with a bitter feeling and a bitter memory.

We lose faith in love and that one person stays for’ r a long time as someone special in our hearts and memories.

Someone we loved with all our hearts for the first time in our lives is therefore difficult to forget.

Me cannot forget him: idealization and misconceptions

We often paint a story in our head before it even begins. We like a person.

Their looks, their eyes, their smile, their demeanor, their attitude, their sense of humor and then we put together our dream man in our head that we ever want don't know if we think about it a little better.

We put him on a pedestal and spend our days daydreaming about an ideal future with that person, rather than dedicating ourselves to someone who might love us back.

< p>Because of our fantasies, reality hurts us even more when we realize that nothing will or could come of it. Maybe the person is married or just wants nothing to do with us.

And in this case, it's not really the unrequited love that hurts us, but our unfulfilled desires and expectations.

Sometimes what we thought was true love turns out to be just a passing crush.

Only when our feelings pass do we stay for one stand for a moment and ask ourselves: what was I thinking?

I can't forget him: loneliness

For example you broke up with an ex, with whom you had a toxic relationship in which he emotionally blackmailed and insulted you and you know yourself that it was better for you to break up.

But you're lonely There are no other men in sight and you just need someone who can guide you through life. And of course you remember your ex and your relationship.

You start to associate only good things and memories with them, even though you know you shouldn't . But the thing is, loneliness affects people differently and some just can't resist.

In this case, it's not that you can't forget him, it's that you just miss a partner in life.

I can't forget him: Habit

The habit seems almost like loneliness. When we are in a relationship for a long time, we get used to the presence of our partner.

We get used to having someone to share both good times and bad times with, someone to hug, kiss and plan our future with.

< p>And when all this falls apart, what remains is a bitter sense of emptiness inside. What remains is an empty apartment, an empty soul and an empty heart.

Even if feelings for that person are completely erased, we are so used to their presence that that we can't forget them.

We remember the old days when everything was wonderful. We ask ourselves: What if?

But the past is the past and no matter how hard it is, you must choose to stop being a slave to habit and get rid of the stupid longing.

On the other hand, there are people who are genuinely convinced that their ex-spouse is the only person in the world for them and who don't want to get involved in dating at all anymore because they can't be with them.

One thing you need to know is that if someone is the right person for us, they will come back into our lives no matter what.

Because life takes strange paths sometimes and when someone is your soulmate, sooner or later it will find its way to your heart when you least expect it.

But to ease your lovesickness and finally forget the one that is giving you sleepless nights, read these tips carefully! Forgetting someone is a long process, but you can do it!

I can't forgetthem: 7 tips to get him out of your head

1. Remember why you're not dating him

Okay, let's get started. First and foremost, I want you to ask yourself: why am I not dating this guy?

Is he already taken or married? If so, ask yourself, do you want something like this in your life?

Do you want to be just an affair for him and wait for him to leave his wife or girlfriend? You don't deserve to be second. Even if he is the most perfect man in the world, he is not good for you.

Is it unrequited love? Why would you do your best and break your heart for someone who doesn't think you matter?

I know reality is cruel, but you can't waste your precious time on someone who doesn't deserve you.

Is he an ex? Then remember the reason you broke up.

For example, if there was something you couldn't get over like lying, cheating, betrayal of trust, etc., ask yourself if you want to go through the same thing again.

If you broke up, there was a good reason for it and let that thought guide you. Regardless, it's important to realize that there is a reason the two of you aren't dating and to accept that. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can start forgetting about it.

2. Get rid of everything that reminds you of him

A picture of you two on your bedside table? His sweater? The teddy bear he gave you? His pictures on social media? Everything, absolutely everything has to go!

Of course you won't be able to forget him if you are surrounded by something that reminds you of him. Throw away pictures, memories and his belongings or at least remove them from your sight.

Delete him from social networks. Block him on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and everything to avoid looking at his pictures and following everything that happens in his life and to avoid the temptation to contact him. Absolute contact ban!

Even if you meet him at college, work or whatever, at least try to avoid him as much as possible until you start falling out of love.

3. Stop praising him to the sky

The worst thing you can do in the healing process is continue to idealize him and all the guys you meet to compare with him.

Nobody is perfect, neither is he and that is why, for your own well-being, you must stop praising them to the skies. A little dirty tip that can help you get over him is to list all his quirks.

For example: he was irresponsible, he was late, he lied occasionally etc. It might sound a little tacky, but if it helps you realize that he's not the one for you, then do it.

Of course, keep it to yourself, write write it on a piece of paper and burn it later or throw it away.

4. Give yourself time to mourn

It all depends on how much time has passed since the breakup and how long you've been thinking about him.

It definitely takes some time , until some things get stuck in your head and you realize what is best for you.

Let your feelings out first. Let out your anger, sadness, disappointment, cry and purify your body and heart.

Of course, it doesn't just take a few days to get over someone, but you can't let the time pass while you're drowning in a sea of ​​grief.

You can grieve, but not so much that your entire life revolves around it. Let time do its thing.

Once you let go of all negative feelings, it will be easier for you to develop positive thoughts and look to the future and new happiness focus that they entail.

5. Find something to distract your mind

I can't forget him… He is constantly on my mind.

Then you should find something to occupy your mind. There is nothing worse for your well-being than being alone with your thoughts after a breakup.

It seems like your head is about to explode from all the thoughts. So find something to enjoy so that you think about it as little as possible. You shall be kept busy.

Fill your day from dawn to dusk. Start learning a new language, enroll in a course in acting, dancing, painting, etc.

Sign up for volunteer work, travel, join an organization … Invite your good friend over and spend time with her, organize a girls night out.

Whatever you enjoy, it only matters that you find yourself and turn your mind to something else.

6. Be your own best friend

Self-love should definitely come first. You must be aware of your worth and not let anyone badly influence you or put you down.

Everything you do in your life, you should do to be good to yourself.

That healthy dose of selfishness is what you need to help you recover from a breakup, forget it, and enjoy life.

Make time for self-care. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, treat yourself to a massage, a new haircut … Buy new clothes, treat yourself to a delicious meal and spoil yourself at the best restaurant … Run a bath and relax with a glass of wine.

If you maintain your little rituals, you will see your love for yourself and your body grow.

Because the more you love yourself, the less your happiness depends on other people. Love yourself and be your own best friend!

7. Be open to new loves

I always advise my readers not to get into short-term relationships and affairs after a breakup because they haven't broken up with their ex yet and only may be injured as a result.

This also applies in this case, but you have to be open to new loves. How do you know if a man is better than your ex if you don't give him a chance to get to know him better?

Maybe your dream man is one of your friends, a work colleague, a college colleague, a neighbour? You know never.

It doesn't matter either. It is important that you do not lose faith in love and open the door of your heart again. Meet men, flirt, date them.

You can also try online dating with apps like Tinder, Lovoo or Parship. The possibilities are countless. You don't necessarily need to be in a relationship right away, just relax and enjoy the charms of love again.

Conclusion: Forgetting someone we loved and the one was an important part of our lives is certainly not an easy process. One succeeds, the other struggles for years and the third never gets over it.

In any case, it all depends on you. You are the one who has the power over your thoughts and feelings.

If you direct them in the right direction, you can safely break up with your ex and forget them.

Think of yourself first. You deserve the best. Someone who will treat you like royalty and show you what it really means to love and be loved. Believe in love and be patient!

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