10 reasons why he is no longer in touch

10 Grü Find out why he isn't calling anymore

Men live in the present and change their minds quickly so he falls in love with you and then suddenly something about found out about you and doesn't like you anymore.

Or he doesn't like himself when he's with you. And then he just doesn't answer anymore. 

In such situations it is important to stay calm, not to call him, not to text him why he didn't call. It's his loss anyway.

Here are a few reasons why that can happen.

1. He's realized you're not a good match

When you meet someone, you might like them a lot, but after two or three days you realize that you have completely different interests and that someone is not your type.

This happens with men as often as with women. This situation is nobody's fault, so just move on.

It would be bad for both of you to force such a relationship.

So why didn't he call? He probably didn’t know what to say and it would have been rude to tell you that he realized he didn’t like you.

2. He's immature

A real man will tell a woman he's not interested, and an immature man just won't answer.

A Guy who doesn't know how to tell you is, well, immature.

He knows I don't know how he should behave and it's definitely better for you if you stop seeing him.

He needs to find himself first.

3 . He met someone else

It's simple and brutal, but it happens.

Of course he's an ass who hands you on. tte could and should call to let you know but so hot; he wasn't anyway.

4. He's selfish

With a grown man, you won't wonder why he suddenly disappeared and what it all means.

He will be honest from the start.

An immature and selfish man will leave without speaking because he only thinks about his own needs and it is easier for him if he doesn’t have to explain why he thinks you don’t should be together more.

5. He's scared

The easiest way is to disappear, and the men who end relationships this way are real cowards.

They don't have the courage to end it, so they just hide.

He probably believes that you are better than him and that you will eventually leave him.

6. He's been hurt in the past

His ex-girlfriend hurt him and he's still not over her.

He liked you and wanted to do something with you, but he realized he wasn't ready yet.

If you know he was in a situation like this, it's probably because of him about it.

It's better for you that he doesn't contact you anymore because you don't want a guy who is still thinking about his ex.

7. You were too critical

You just met and maybe he didn't find the jokes about his clothes or his friends that funny.

< p>Women usually complain about men behind the wheel, and if you've done it a few times,it probably annoyed him.

8. You talked too much about your ex

If you did, then that's definitely the reason. No guy who likes you wants to hear so much about your ex-boyfriend.

For him, this is a signal that you still love your ex, and even if you don't, it's best not to talk about it.

9. You called him too many times

If he didn't reply to your message within ten minutes, you called him and asked what was going on.

You asked him on the first date what he was up to for the weekend. You accepted all his suggestions and ideas.

You let everything be done with you because you were too interested and tried too hard.

Men like confident women who have a wide range of interests of their own.

They find it boring and unattractive when you say ”yes” to everything they say. say so that they often don't get in touch with such girls anymore.

10. He is insecure

When he knows that you have more money than him and you pay for the meal, not once but twice, he gets pathetic and feeling insecure.

No man wants to feel like that in front of the woman he likes, so he just runs away.

If he knows; that you have more money than he does and you pay for the meal not once but twice, he will feel pathetic and insecure.

No man wants to feel like that in front of the Feel like a woman he likes so he just runs away.

If you know you're superior to him in any way, don't show it right off the bat because that drives him crazy.

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