The 10 hottest sex positions you should try this year

The 10 hottest sex positions you should try this year

Sex is an important part of our lives and it can be a lot of fun. dare to experiment.

Experimenting will not only spice up your love life, but will also improve your horizontal skills.

Whether you like switching positions during sex or you've already found your favorite position, below we show you the hottest sex positions to try this year. So stay tuned, because things are heating up in this article; come here!!

1. The Cat

This is one of the best sex positions for orgasm, but most people don't practice this position because they have become accustomed to the old-fashioned positions like the spoon position or the missionary position.

Scientists say, that women who can't cum in missionary position find it easier to climax in cat position. This position is similar to missionary position with minor differences.

Start in missionary position and then lie flat on top of your partner. Now move back and forth instead of just thrusting to stay in constant contact with the woman's clitoris.

Not only will she climax instantly, but she'll be craving for more!

2. The chair

You've probably all seen this position in movies where the actors wanted to show how passionate they are.

If you don't If you like standing positions, then you can try this position because you are leaning against a wall the whole time while your partner can fully engage with you.

You'll be hands-free and able to touch her anywhere as she takes control.

It's only a matter of time before she arrives, 'cause your facial expression and your dirty talk will take care of that in no time.

3. The Oral Backdoor

This sex position is a little different from the others because you approach your partner from behind instead of in front.

It will be easier for you to use your fingers for extra stimulation.

You can also put a pillow under her butt for better access to her vagina.

< h2>4. The Galley

This sex position gives the woman complete control while you just enjoy the view.

You also have your hands free to push back and forth for added stimulation and speed control.

This sex position is similar to reverse cowgirl, but this is where your partner lies on your legs, her head is near your feet and she is clutching your hips with her legs.

Although many people don't use this sex position very often, it is one good way to spice up your sex life.

5. The Waterfall

This sex position is intended for those who are bored of the same sex positions over and over again.

The trick is that you have to lie down on the edge of the bed while your head and your shoulders on the floor while your partner is astride you.

I'm sure your blood will rush to your head as you experience an amazing orgasm!

6. The ejection seat

This sex position is intended for women to stimulate their G-spot. She can take control while you have your hands free to stimulate her with your touch.

While sitting on the bed or in a chair, your partner sits on your lapß and does her thing.

She can rock on you like she would on a chair, making you cum in seconds.

7. The Confrontation

This sex position is intended for couples who want to look at each other during the act. This creates an intimate connection between partners that leads to a stronger bond.

You can sit on the bed while your partner rests on your lap. located. She looks you in the eyes while hugging you and doing her thing.

If you want to increase the speed, just grab her butt and help her push up and down with pleasure. 100% fun guaranteed!

8. The iron

This sex position is similar to the good old doggy position, but with a few small changes.

Your partner is lying face down down on the bed, her back slightly arched and her legs pointing up.

You enter her from behind and take the lead in speed and additonal; additional stimulation.

This sex position will intensify your pleasure even more and will quickly bring you to the brink of multiple orgasm.

9. The Iron Boss

This is a good sex position for a quickie with deep penetration. For example, she sits on the kitchen counter and wraps her legs around your butt.

You take control now while she can watch you cum and orgasm herself afterwards too.< /p>

10. Sex in the water

In this sex position, you can not only have fun with your loved one undisturbed and without curious observers, but also give your relationship a whole new impetus.< /p>

With the help of these sex positions, you will feel unexpected feelings.

This is one of the simplest sex positions, but many people don't try it too often. Just find a cozy place for both of you on the beach and let your passion run free! 

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