What it really means to be a loyal friend

What it really means to be a true friend

When our hearts are broken, when we feel like there is no one in this world who understands us when everything goes wrong ;air… let's always think of that one person in our lives, that one friend who is always there for us. 

No matter how difficult the circumstances, it's always important , to have a loyal friend by our side.

Being a loyal friend is so much more than we would think.

The People often ask me why loyalty is important in friendships?

Well, I can tell you that having a loyal friend is just as important as having a loyal partner.

Being a loyal friend means having priorities to have.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have that one person in our lives who is always on our minds in an unromantic way. 

< p>It's that one friend we always think of, if he's okay and if we can help him get through these difficult times a little easier.

Prioritizing friendships means knowing when to go to your friend's house, even if he didn't ask you to. 

It means always having time for him, holding him on your lap. and help him solve any problems he might have in his life.

It means knowing that he will be by your side no matter what happened.

What is a loyal friend if not someone who stands up for you when someone says something bad about you? 

If sometimes it happens that they are in the company of someone who might not like you and they don't hesitate to shut them up and tell them what an amazing person you actually are – that's what it means to have a loyal friend!

Someone who won't think twice about defending you.

When you have a partner who doesn't seem right, a loyal friend will come up to you and say what he thinks. 

I can't even count how many times the people I thought were my friends lied to me and didn't tell me they saw my boyfriend cheating on me.

These aren't real friends!

< p>A loyal friend is someone who makes the relationship they have with you their priority!

No one should be more important.

Being a loyal friend means that as soon as he sees something that isn't right, he will run to you. 

It's that friend who tells you that a guy for many reasons is not the one for you that he can see but you are not because you are blind with love.

And when I say ”faithful friend” say, is there someone that comes to mind.

Someone you love so much and that platonic love is enough to keep you both together for the rest of your life.

You know you have a loyal friend when you don’t have to talk to him every day, when you don’t have to spend every minute of every hour with him, but when you can spend days, weeks or months apart and when you finally meet, that feeling of sense of belonging – like you've never been apart.

Your faithful friend is that one person in your life that you go to first to talk about that stupid text message your husband sent you. 

It is that person in your life who ends up loving you even though they know how crazy you are. It is that one friend who will stay true to your relationship, forever and ever.

And when you introduce him to a new friend you've just met, he won't be jealous because he genuinely enjoys being in the company of all your closest friends.

He knows ;that he will always be your BFF no matter what and you don't have to assure him how important and special he is to you. 

Loyal friends are those friends whose main concern is to improve your friendship and not just leave when push comes to shove.

One of my favorite Bible verses about friendship from Proverbs 18:24 explains this: “He who has many companions endangers himself; but there is a friend dearer than a brother”.

But true, loyal people know that sticking together in difficult times, rather than simply giving up, always strengthens a friendship. rker.

True friends never give up their friendship. They find a way to make it work and they never give up until everything goes back to how it was before. 

A loyal friend never forgets to pick up the phone when you need their help or advice. 

There are no excuses like: I've been busy, this and to do that…. because he knows that you would never do that to him if he was in the same situation.

And even if he really couldn't answer the phone, a real friend never forgets, to call you later. 

His priority is your well being and happiness and he never keeps you waiting as he is a loyal friend to the bone.

He doesn't just think of himself and doesn't just call when he needs something.

He is always there for you, ready to give you a hand and help you fight evil forces and people.

Loyal friends will bury your secrets deep in their hearts, and they will never betray your trust.

You can tell them anything you want without worrying that half the town will somehow find out tomorrow. 

Your secrets are safe with them because their hearts and intentions are pure.< /p>

They don't pretend to be your true friends just to share your ”personal info” and share them with other people. 

True friends are those friends who never give you reason to suspect them.

When you have something important to say, you never think twice. 

You just call them or walk up to them and tell them anything that's on your mind, knowing that your secrets are safe with them because their beautiful hearts are the safest places on the planet.

Loyal friendship inspires you to become a better person.< /p>

Loyal friends don't judge you (for any reason), and they don't make you feel less important.

Instead, they inspire you to become a better person and the best version of yourself.

If you do something wrong, they won't just stand still and watch you fall. 


They will make you aware of your wrong choices, and won't give up until you understand what they are trying to tell you.

Loyal friends don't force you to do what you do don't like them just because they do.

They understand that everyone makes their own decisions and they respect yours. 

They respect and love you for who you really are – not for what they want you to be.

They love your quirks and flaws because that's what makes you unique in their eyes.

They know these are your trademarks and they do their best to promote your authenticity.

Being loyal to friends means being loyal to something you believe in, not because you should, but because you want to. 

It means hugging, swearing, yelling , crying and bleeding together because you believe in your special friendship and you don't want to go through all those things with anyone else Laugh at how stupid you really are and celebrate this moment with pride and even more fun. to enjoy.

Being loyal to your friends means getting up, falling down and getting back up no matter how many times you fall.

It means always supporting and understanding each other no matter what, because if you don't, know that no one else will. 

It means to be together in silly times, in good times, in bad times, in easy times, and in blood times.&nbsp ;

It means wiping each other's tears and plotting revenge together, because that's what true friends do. 

Faithful friends feel the pain of others and share tears.

They are not afraid to cry in front of each other and be vulnerable because they know that when they are together they are the strongest. 

They know it will help you remember all the good old moments and they know how to turn your tears into smiles.

And they do are ready to take revenge with you on the whole world if necessary, because that's what true friends do. 

They don't give a damn what other (irrelevant) people do think.

They do what they have to do and they do it because they really want to.

Your happiness is a reflection of their own, and your köl ;Body and soul are united.

Yes, that's what it means to be a loyal friend.

So don't forget to treat your friends the way they treat you – with respect, love and trust. 

You may never find someone as amazing as he is in your life again, so don't waste your time thinking that he might blame you for not being there for him. 

Go and show him how much you appreciate him, go and show the world that you love him and that your friendship is really something special.

Let's sum it all up with one of the most beautiful quotes about true friends from Maurice R. Franks:

“Loyalty cannot be predetermined. It cannot be produced on an assembly line.

Actually, it cannot be produced at all, as its origin is the human heart – the center of self-respect and human dignity.”

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