Truth or Dare Questions and Tasks – Nothing stays hidden!

Truth or obligatory questions and tasks - nothing stays hidden!

The bottle is pointing at you, you need to make a decision quickly, are you willing to be completely honest or would you do anything to avoid embarrassing questions. This can only be a party game – Truth or Dare!

What's the worst thing you've ever had to do playing truth or dare? Or are you the one who always comes up with the most imaginative questions and tasks?

If not, if you keep asking the same boring questions and tasks, then I can help you!

Here you will find the best selection of cheeky questions and fun challenges, but also some that are only for those who have already turned 18!

Truth or Dare Rules

The game requires at least two players, but the more the better. If there are several, it is best to sit in a circle so that you can see all players.

You can play it in two different ways, either everyone has to choose truth or dare in turn choose, or spin the bottle to decide whose turn it is next.

If someone chooses a duty but doesn't want to do the task, they can be given another. But then he has to fulfill the second task.

Truth or Dare – Alternative

Since you really only need two players to play this game, it can be a great icebreaker as you get to know your date better. If you'd rather not answer embarrassing questions so early in the introductory phase, these either/or questions are a better option.

You don't even have to be in the same room to play it. You can also play Truth or Dare online by starting a group chat and texting yourself the questions and challenges.

Selfies and videos can be proof that you complete the challenges. llt has.

If you want, you can also turn it into a drinking game – if someone doesn't want to do a question or task, they need to take a shot at Ex! Let's see how quickly everyone will be drunk. ?

It's not for nothing that Truth or Dare is one of the most popular party games ever!

So now that everything is settled, here we go!

Truth or dare – The best questions

1. Have you ever screenshotted chat histories with someone in this room and forwarded them to someone else?

2. What do you secretly do in front of the mirror when no one is looking?

3. Which person in this group should definitely go to the hairdresser?

4. What do you notice first in a man/woman?

5. What was the craziest event you have ever attended?

6. What was your most embarrassing experience?

7. When was the best moment of your life so far?

8. What's the first word that comes to mind?

9. What is your biggest childhood secret?

10. What's your most embarrassing favorite song?

11. If you ran out of toilet paper, would you choose to use the empty roll?

12. What is the most useless knowledge you have?

13. Have you ever eaten a booger?

14. What is your biggest (secret) vice?

15. Who do you think is the hottest guy/girl in your school?

16. If you were a vampire, which one of us would you join?

17. If you were resurrected in the form of one person in this room, who would it be?

18. Do you have pictures of a person in this room on your phone without him/her knowing?

19. From now on, if you could only use 3 words to express yourself for the rest of the evening – which would it be?

20. Have you ever blamed someone else for something when it was YOUR fault?

21. What is your most disgusting habit?

22. What was your scariest job interview you've ever had?

23. Who was the last person you stalked on social media?

24. Which party guest do you like the most?

25. What would you prefer, not showering for a month or eating the same thing every day?

26. What is your biggest secret that you keep from your parents?

27. What character traits do you like about yourself?

28. Who is most likely to fall in love with?

29. Who do you like most in this room?

30. What was the funniest thing you did to get your crush's attention?

31. If you could make your own law for everyone to obey, what would it be?

32. How many boys/girls have you turned down?

33. What is the most impressive way to impress you?

34. If you were a dictator, which law would you make first?

35. If you were blind, who would be your guide dog?

36. When was the last time you lied to a friend to get out of an affair?

37. What is the largest amount you have drunk so far?

38. What would you never eat on a first date?

39. If you could be any star for a day, what would you do first?

40. Who gave you the worst lovesickness?

41. What do you find most beautiful and what is ugliest about your body?

42. What is the longest time you have been without a shower?

43. What was the biggest mistake you ever made?

44. What is the most beautiful thing that you have ever experienced with another person?

45. What is the biggest turn-off for you?

46. Would you kiss the person on your right for 50 euros?

47. If you had to write a poem about your boss, what would it be?

48. What thing would you most like to do unseen?

49. Have you ever been woken up at night because you were snoring so annoyingly?

50. What was the craziest thing you overheard?

51. Which would you rather drink: urine that tastes like orange juice or orange juice that tastes like urine?

52. Who wouldn't you want to see naked?

53. What would you never do – even if you know you only have 12 hours to live?

54. What was the worst thing you've ever experienced?

55. What was your worst fail?

56. What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

57. What do you dislike about yourself?

58. What would you like to try but don't dare?

59. If you could change your gender for a day, what would you do?

60. What do you consider to be your best quality? And what's the worst?

61. What is your most common dream while sleeping?

62. What do you find particularly beautiful about yourself?

63. What is your secret talent (if you have one)?

64. Have you ever written a love letter to someone? If yes, to whom?

65. If you could only write to one person for the rest of your life, who would it be? There is only one catch -; you must never talk to the person face to face again!

66. Which celebrity did you previously have a crush on?

67. Who was your first kiss?

68. Have you ever been in love with any of these people?

69. How long was your longest period without brushing your teeth?

70. What's the most unusual place you've had to pee?

71. Who have you had your biggest crush on so far?

72. Who do you think is the most attractive of the group?

73. What's the most embarrassing nickname you've ever been given?

74. What was your worst rebuff?

75. Which famous person would you like to spend a night with?

76. How to impress you?

77. What secret vice do you have?

78. What was the bravest action of your life?

79. What would you like to do with me… (for person XY) if you could delete my (her, his…) memory afterwards?

80. Do you look in the toilet bowl before you flush?

81. What happened when you accidentally sent the wrong person an embarrassing message? Describe

82. Do you fold or roll the toilet paper when you go to the bathroom?

83. Who would you most like to turn into a pig?

84. If you had nine lives, what would you do that you wouldn't do otherwise?

85. Who in this room wouldn't you want to be stranded on a desert island with? Why not?

86. Do you always wash your hands after using the toilet?

Here are some more questions to ask your friends.

Truth or Dare – ; Funny chores ideas

1. Act like an asshole and break up with the person of your choice.

2. Grab a bottle and show off your idea of ​​a perfect french kiss.

3. Lick an item of your choice.

4. Make a very romantic proposal to the person to your right.

5. Take off everyone's socks and stuff them into your pants/and/or bra.

6. Close your eyes until it's your turn again.

7. Stand on one leg and bark for two minutes while flapping your arms like a chicken.

8. Make up and perform a 30-second opera about one person or someone in the group.

9. Impersonate a monkey for the next three rounds.

10. Pretend you're the ultimate kissing expert and show your fellow players what a perfect French kiss looks like – but alone!

11. You may not say the letter E or A for three rounds.

12. Do 10 push-ups.

13. Have someone shave part of your body.

14. Do a belly dance like your life depends on it.

15. Kiss all the girls in the room on the cheek.

16. Act like an 80 year old man for a full two minutes.

17. Mix up any sauces you have in the fridge and drink them.

18. Do Miley Cyrus’ Stage appearance at the VMA's after!

19. Guys: wear makeup. Girls: Remove your makeup.

20. Sing your current favorite song out loud in front of the group.

21. Brush the teeth of the person next to you.

22. The player to your right may make you a concoction from any possible ingredient and you must drink it.

23. Anytime you want to say something, you have to make the funniest face you can.

24. Send a grimace selfie to the last person you texted with on WhatsApp.

25. Eat a piece of dog or cat food.

26. Explain to the other person what is attractive about him or her.

27. Put some perfume in your mouth.

28. Let yourself be blindfolded and recognize a fellow player by their smell.

29. Scatter a pile of lego bricks on the ground and walk barefoot; above.

30. Eat a tablespoon of butter.

31. Pretend you're on ”Germanys Next Topmodel” apply and run up and down the catwalk in front of Heidi and Co.!

32. Make up the person to your left with food from the kitchen.

33. Make a face, have the other person take a picture of you and share this picture on your Instagram feed.

34. Convince someone to buy you as a slave – by offering him services, which you must also comply with!

35. You have one minute to find out who has the most fragrant hair in the group.

36. The person on your right can choose a body part, put tape on it and then pull it down.

37. Do your best as a pantomime stuck in a box.

38. You must hold hands with the person of your choice for five minutes.

39. Call the 7th contact from your phone and sing them a song that the group has chosen for 30 seconds.

40. Swap clothes with xy (preferably a woman with a man and vice versa).

41. Tell the person directly what is great about him/her!

42. Re-enact a scene from your favorite movie!

43. Make me a (kinky/funny/romantic) declaration of love.

44. Get slapped by the person of your choice.

45. Try to sell a piece of junk to someone in the group. Use your best selling skills.

46. ​​Try to breakdance for 30 seconds.

47. Pose like a bodybuilder for 30 seconds.

48. Try juggling 2 or 3 things the group chooses.

49. Go outside for a short walk and talk to yourself as you go.

50. Close your eyes and have your friends put food of their choice from the fridge in your mouth.

51. Talk three rounds with an accent!

52. Trade a piece of clothing with the player on your left.

53. Put 4 ice cubes in your underwear.

54. Try to rap like Nicki Minaj (or another rapper)!

55. Post a picture of your feet on your Insta story.

56. ÖOpen a package of chips or candy with your mouth only, no hands or feet allowed.

57. Post a picture of the person to your left on Instagram with the caption “He/she is super hot!!!”

58. Entertain us with your best 5 minute comedy performance.

59. Stand in front of a mirror and flirt with yourself.

60. Rap about a player of your choice.

61. Run out and yell “I am a god of gold” five times.

62. Eat three tablespoons of a spice you hate.

63. Think of a unique dance and perform it in front of the group for two minutes.

64. Play the last song you heard on your phone and dance wildly to it.

65. Flirt with a fellow player like he/she is the hottest guy/girl you've ever seen. Give it your all!

66. ÖOpen the front door and howl like a wolf for 30 seconds.

67. Close your eyes, feel someone else's face and guess who it could be.

68. Feed whipped cream to target person.

69. Describe the sky without using the words “blue” and “white” to use.

70. Claw a pen with your toes and try to write your name on a piece of paper without the help of your hands.

71. You have to let the other players make you up!

72. Sniff everyone's armpits in the room.

73. Take a screenshot of your browsing history and send it to the group.

74. Take a piece of paper and draw your dream man or woman.

75. Have a conversation with a chair and pretend it's answering.

76. Send a photo of your feet to your last contact on WhatsApp.

77. Have a fellow player pluck your eyebrows.

78. You are only allowed to eat without using your hands for the next half hour.

79. Touch your nose with the tip of your tongue.

80. Call a Chinese restaurant and order a pizza.

81. Call your crush, tell him/her a joke and say good night. right after the punchline.

82. Perform Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk.

Truth or Dare – The best questions from 18

1. Have you ever committed a crime?

2. What is your favorite sex position?

3. How many times a week/month do you have sex – and how often would you like to have sex?

4. What's your naughtiest secret wish?

5. What makes really good sex for you?

6. What is your darkest fantasy?

7. How was your first time?

8. Who would you give money to sleep with you?

9. What do you notice first in a woman – Breasts, butt or face?

10. Have you ever had dangerous sex – and how exactly was that?

11. You are madly in love, but then he/she takes off her clothes. What would have to happen for you to run away screaming?

12. Have you ever paid for sex?

13. What is more important in a relationship – Sex or love?

14. What is your dark fantasy?

15. Have you ever had sex with the same sex?

16. Have you ever had a threesome? How did you like it?

17. Do you find sex cool, good, okay, sometimes quite nice – or is he not that important to you?

18. How many different sex partners have you slept with?

19. Who did you have the best sex of your life with?

20. Have you ever had cybersex or phone sex – and with whom?

21. What body part turns you on the most?

22. What was your most embarrassing sex experience?

23. What is nicer – circumcised or uncircumcised?

24. What's the coolest thing you've ever done?

25. What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone?

26. What was your craziest sex experience?

27. Have you ever had an erotic dream in which someone from this group appeared?

28. With whom do you think you would have the best sex?

29. How would you make money illegally?

30. Who did you have the best sex of your life with?

31. What does a man/woman have to do to seduce you?

32. Have you ever had sex with a good friend?

33. How important is extended foreplay to you?

34. What is an absolute taboo for you in sex?

35. If you tattooed your private parts – what would it say?

36. How, where and with whom did you have your first time?

37. Have you ever had sex with a stranger? e.g. from Tinder?

38. Have you ever had sex with one of this group – other than your partner?

39. Who in our group would you most like to see naked?

Truth or Dare – Interesting tasks for 18+

1. Dance on an imaginary pole for 1 minute.

2. Use your lips and teeth to open the pants of a teammate of your choice.

3. Show your fellow players which picture you sent last on WhatsApp.

4. Sell ​​me your privates like a product from the supermarket/electronics store/vegetable stand/car dealership.

5. Strip for me as best you can.

6. Grab someone's pants.

7. Designate a teammate to French kiss you.

8. Mimic someone in the group. The others have to guess who it is!

9. Create an Instagram story with the last picture in your photo gallery on your smartphone.

10. Take an erotic photo of a player of your choice.

11. Post an adult personals ad!

12. Act like a stripper to a player of your choice.

13. Act like a prostitute and recruit a player from the round for your love services.

14. Sit on the lap of a person of your choiceß – or sit her on your lapß and fake an orgasm.

15. Woman: take off your bra and bring it to me.

16. Put on another player's bra.

17. Whisper naughty stuff in your chosen person's ear and try to turn them on.

18. Perform the perfect blowjob with a banana or a cucumber.

19. Tell a dirty story using as many dirty words as possible.

20. Fake an orgasm.

21. Choose someone from the group to spank you.

22. Man: take off your boxers and give them to me.

23. Try to seduce a person of your choice and go as far as you want…

24. Kiss a person of the same sex as best you can.

25. Demonstrate your favorite sex position with a fellow player and comment on everything.

26. Seductively and erotically take off a player's T-shirt and kiss him/her from navel to waistband.

These tasks are also great for a two-player game. You can find the best drinking games for two here!

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