Make your opponents sweat with these 100+ compulsory tasks!

Make your opponents sweat with these 100+ must-do's!

Make your opponents sweat with these 100+ dares!
For as long as I can remember, Truth or Dare has been one of the most popular party games among all ages.

< p>The beauty of this game is that you don’t need anything to create a nice and fun evening.

Well, you need some creativity and a fun group of people who dare to answer anything honestly or do something completely crazy.

The most important thing is that it's interesting will leave your fellow players unaware of what to expect.

But if there are a few of you who have never played Truth or Dare, here's a little overview.

How to play Truth or Dare?

As mentioned, the game has no complicated tools. All you need is some creativity and a lot of good humour.

You can sit in a circle, spin a bottle and the person the bottle is pointing to has to choose between truth or dare Decide.

If the person chooses the truth on their own responsibility, they must answer a question truthfully. answer, no matter what the question is. The good thing is that the questions are always funny, intimate or naughty.

You want to embarrass the person if possible, learn a secret about them, or simply put, expose the person.

If the person chooses duty, then they should get ready for something too. Although these are voluntary tasks because the person has chosen to do them voluntarily, they are rarely happy about the mandatory task that awaits them.

In order to spice up the whole game, we have collected the best quests for you and in the following text you will be able to find the best ones.

Tasks that your fellow players will definitely not forget !

1. Kiss on the cheek/mouth of someone of the opposite sex.

2. Imitate an animal.

3. Grab someone's pants.

4. Move an ice cube from your mouth to the mouth of the person to your right.

5. Swap clothes with a person of the opposite sex for 3 rounds.

6. Have the person on your left draw something on your face with a pen.

7. Make the funniest grimace you can think of.

8. Strip for me as best you can.

9. Jump up and down as high as you can for a full minute.

10. Call the 7th contact on your cell phone and sing them a song chosen by the group for 30 seconds.

11. For three minutes, impersonate a celebrity every time you say something.

12. Use your lips and teeth to open the pants of a teammate of your choice.

13. Drop something into the toilet, then reach in to get it out.

14. Make everyone in the group smile; keep going until everyone has smiled once.

15. Hug your opponent with your legs.

16. Tell a dirty story using as many dirty words as possible.

17. Try juggling 2 or 3 items that the group chooses.

18. Screaming out the window “My name is (name) and I”.

19. Demonstrate your favorite position with a fellow player and comment on everything.

20. Have two people stick a licked finger in your ears at the same time.

21. Without words. Pretend you are a food/food. Don't pretend you eat it, you are the food. Keep doing this until someone in the group guesses what food you are.

22. Curse like a tinker for ten seconds.

23. Perform the perfect blowjob with a banana or a cucumber.

24. Ask and beg the person on your right not to leave you for the other. Howling, wailing and gnashing of teeth are expressly permitted.

25. Feed the person to your right something tasty.

26. Let yourself be blindfolded and recognize a fellow player by their smell.

27. Find the person whose name begins with the same letter as yours or whose first letter is closest to yours. Now lick that person's face.

28. Stick your arm into the trash can above the elbow.

29. Take off the T-shirt of a player of your choice in the most seductive and erotic way possible and kiss him/her from the navel to the waistband.

30. Sell ​​a piece of junk to someone in the group. Use your best sales tactics.

31. Do five push-ups on one hand.

32. Have another player pluck your eyebrows.

33. Take an erotic photo of a player of your choice.

34. Sing a song of praise to one person who chooses the group.

35. Sit in a swivel chair and have the group spin for 30 seconds. It might be good to hold onto a bucket while doing this.

36. Seduce someone of the same sex from the group.

37. Try break dancing for 10 seconds.

38. Take off everyone's socks and stuff them into your pants and/or bra.

39. Expressively dance a human life.

40. Make up with food from the kitchen.

41. Try putting a toe in your mouth.

42. Try to seduce a person of your choice and go as far as you want…

43. Write an impromptu poem about something the group chooses.

44. Walk on your hands from one end of the room to the other. If necessary, someone can hold your legs.

45. Act like an asshole and break up with the person of your choice.

46. ​​Dance on an imaginary pole for 1 minute.

47. Do push-ups until you can't anymore, wait 5 seconds and then do another.

48. Perform a song by slapping your buttocks until someone guesses the song.

49. Crack two eggs on your head.

50. Feed whipped cream to target person.

51. Act like a hooker or a hustler and try to get someone to buy you.

52. Choose someone from the group to spank you.

53. Convince someone to buy you as a slave – by offering him services, which you must also comply with!

54. Gargle with something that isn't meant for gargling but won't hurt you.

55. Have the group snoop around on your phone for 2 minutes.

56. Lick an item of your choice.

57. Post an extremely unflattering photo of yourself on the social media of your choice.

58. Give your phone to a person here and have him or her text any of your contacts.

59. Draw your dream woman/your dream man as true to the original as possible.

60. Get slapped in the face by a person of your choice.

61. Man: take off your boxers and give them to me.

62. Name one thing about yourself that you have received compliments on.

63. Let the group give you a new hairstyle.

64. Make me a (kinky/funny/romantic) declaration of love.

65. Make a funny face and do it for 2 minutes while the game continues.

66. Copy popular YouTube videos until someone guesses the video you are copying.

67. Belly dance like your life depends on it.

68. Propose marriage to a person of your choice.

69. Tell the person how great he/she is. Give her five compliments.

70. Spend a round with feet up, head down.

71. Designate a teammate to French kiss you.

72. Woman: take off your bra and bring it to me.

73. Post an adult personals ad!

74. Whisper naughty things in the ear of the person of your choice and try to turn them on.

75. Think of something in your room. Now spell it with your nose and keep going until someone in the group guesses what you're trying to spell.

76. Eat something and pretend it's the tastiest thing you've ever eaten.

77. Imitate a person in the group of your choice.

78. Sit in the lap of a person of your choiceß – or sit her on your lapß and fake an orgasm.

79. Sell ​​me your privates like a product from the supermarket/electronics store/vegetable stand/car dealership.

80. Take a trash can and form a ring over it with your hands. The rest of the group must now throw trash through your makeshift basket litter ring.

(No bottles or other objects that can cause injury. Again : Please no visits to the emergency room.)

81. After the group has chosen a swear word or dirty word, sing a song and include the word once on each line of the song.

82. Dance the Worm.

83. Have someone shave part of your body.

84. Try to get your legs behind your head.

85. Play us your best interpretation of a baby about to be born.

86. Drink a large glass of any beverage on Ex.

87. Play the pet for someone in the party for 5 minutes.

88. Try a magic trick.

89. Slide like a dog with your butt on the carpet from one end of the room to the other. You must wear shorts or long pants for this.

90. Find out whose hair smells the best. Sniff it passionately.

91. Act like a chicken for two minutes. Try to lay an egg.

92. Let yourself be tickled for ten seconds.

93. Stick four ice cubes down your pants.

94. Bend over so you're looking back between your legs. Now run backwards until you can butt-butt someone.

95. Serenade the person to your right.

96. Kiss the opposite sex person first to your right.

97. Show the group a really embarrassing photo of you.

98. Dance without music for one minute.

99. Make a tea from something that isn't tea (but not dangerous/poisonous) and drink it.

100. Do four cartwheels in a row.

101. Lick the floor.

102. The player to your right can make you a concoction from all possible ingredients and you must drink it. (Please do not mix anything that could cause physical harm. No emergency room visits.)

103. Go to the bathroom, take off your underwear and put them on your head. Keep them upside down for the rest of the game.

104. Eat five spoonfuls of a condiment (e.g. ketchup, mayo, mustard, BBQ sauce).

105. Swap the t-shirt with the person on your right/left.

106. Write something embarrassing somewhere on your body (that can be hidden by clothes) with permanent marker.

107. For the next minute, act like an animal when someone is calling you.

108. Have the group put you in an awkward pose and take a picture of it.

109. For a boy: put on makeup. For a girl: remove your makeup.

110. Sniff the armpits of everyone in the room.

111. The group can choose a song, you have to dance to it!

112. Try drinking a glass of water while standing on your hands.

113. Eat a teaspoon of the spiciest thing you have in the kitchen.

I do hope that you have found some incentive and that you are in a good mood for the next truth or dare game will come to you.

With chores like this, you can lure even the biggest checker or conceited woman out of the reserve.

If you're looking for some more party ideas, I would suggest you make a drinking game. Drinking games are always fun and you don't have to do anything big, just drink.

And one more thing for the brave among you, kinky questions to only ask the chosen guests can. Have fun with it!

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