We crack the riddle: Is there more between us than just friendship?

We crack the riddle: Is there more between us than just friendship?

There's a fine line between love and friendship and it's not uncommon to see Cupid playing around with his arrows and making two good friends fall in love.

Sometimes it's the thing you least want because you're aware of how much risk it takes in a friendship and you're not sure if it's worth the risk.

But we can't control our feelings or who we fall in love with. Our feelings are like the wind, unstoppable but at the same time very strong.

Our fight against these feelings is sometimes like Don Quixote's fight with windmills – useless.

But if we can't resist them – how do we deal with them then?

Dealing with these feelings means jeopardizing a friendship and taking the risk of having true love and the best relationship of your life or your best friend lose, whose friendship is so precious to us.

Do you feel like you don't look at your best friend with the same eyes? Or he you?

Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when he is near you, although nothing has happened yet? Do you sometimes ask yourself: Is there more than just friendship between us?

There are many signs that there is more than just friendship between two people displayed, but most of the time you are completely unaware of it or don't want to be aware of it because you are afraid of the result.

On the one hand, that's understandable, because you keep asking yourself: What if he doesn't feel the same way about me?

What if we're in a relationship and find that things aren't working out between us? So we're neither partners nor friends…

It's a real chaos of feelings that gives us sleepless nights.

Anyhow, if you don't want to be just his best friend anymore and have been thinking lately that there is more than friendship between you, it's time to stop brooding and get some clarity create!

Here are signs that your friendship is turning into love, as well as the good and bad sides of a relationship with your best friend.

Is there more between us than just friendship? 10 signs that speak for it

1. You talk to each other every day

Sure you have many friends with whom you communicate often, but he stands out from the rest.

You communicate constantly and if sometimes he doesn’t speak to you for a long time, you catch yourself while you're thinking about where he is and why he hasn't called.

Compare how often you spend on the phone with your best friend and how often with him each day.


It's normal to communicate frequently with friends, but if your phone calls and texting are part of your daily routine, it's a good sign that there's something more between you.

Especially when you both initiate a conversation equally, then there is no doubt that you are very important to each other.

If we like someone and we are in love, we want to spend as much time as possible with that person, even if it's only through the virtual world.

2. You flirt with each other

A little humor, a slight smile and a deep look into the eyes are the recipe for the perfect flirt.

< p>Think about it… What does a conversation between two people without romantic feelings look like? And how between two people between whom there is a spark?

If he compliments you often, looks you in the eye and smiles, these are obvious signs that he doesn't just see you as a good friend. The same goes for you.

If you use your seduction tactics, which are usually designed to get a man's attention, I have to tell you that the answer to your question, There is more between us than just friendship, one thing is short and clear: Yes!

3. Body contact

Another in a number of obvious signs that someone likes you or that you like someone can be read by body language. Sometimes our bodies speak for us without us even realizing it.

Think about it for a bit. Do you always sit next to each other? Do you guys sometimes hug for no particular reason?

Do you happen to be looking for ways to get close or touch each other, whether it's him removing a strand of hair from your face or being you Straighten your t-shirt?

All the advances are a clear sign of romantic feelings between two people. If you find this to be a common occurrence, then congratulations!

Your friendship is ready for a higher level!

4. You are jealous

When we are in love with someone and when we love someone, it is natural that we are a little jealous because we only want that person for ourselves. For example, you and your friends go to a bar for a drink.

A good friend of your crush shows him a pretty woman at the bar and convinces him to talk to her. You smile and agree, but feel like a cold knife went through your heart at that moment.

If you're jealous when your best friend is around other women, or when he's talking about other women, then it's clear that you feel a little more for him.

That The same applies vice versa.

If you mention your ex or another man during the conversation and notice different reactions or facial expressions from him, it means that he also likes more for you. r feels you and is jealous.

5. You are always there for each other

You are not only best friends, but also each other's greatest support and always stand behind each other.

You have been through a lot together in your life. You cried together and laughed together…

You both know that you can call each other at any time of the day and that the other will come.

You will not only leave everything and come, but also turn the world upside down to find a solution to the problem and help each other.

If you are at the top of each other’s priority list, it means that there is definitely more between you than friendship.

Besides romantic feelings, there is also trust and mutual helpfulness, which is an excellent basis for a long and happy relationship.

6. You know everything about each other

Not only do you know where you live, where you work and what your hobbies are, you know your families, you know what makes each other happy or sad, you know all your exes, you know all your quirks and virtues, more precisely -; You know each other like the back of your hand.

Of course, we know most things about our best friends.

But when we connect with someone on such a deep level that we knowing their secrets and desires and also sharing them with them without fear or shame means that you accept each other for who you are.

Without prejudice and judgment. It also means that human beings are already a big part of our lives and still want to be, but this time as a partner.

7. Everyone around you thinks you're a couple

When the chemistry between two people is right, it's in the air and those around you notice it.

If most of the people around you think you are a couple or would be a good couple, ask yourself why.

Often we ourselves do not see some things that our friends, relatives or family members do and do not pay attention.

So when other friends tell you that you are acting strange, that there is something between you, that you looks good together, then they may have noticed a difference in your relationship that you haven't noticed or don't want to notice.

In any case, sometimes it's not bad to listen to what those around you are saying say has. 😉

8. You don't date other people

On the other hand, your crush keeps telling you how they can't find a good woman, how often they get messages from women, but none are his type and he doesn't like them.

What's going on here?

You are both single and there is no one you like or are dating date?

Then it's a sign that you like each other and maybe it's time to admit how you feel about each other.

9. You spend time away from your other friends

When you fall in love, all you want is to enjoy the company of that other person. Listen to her, look her in the eye and simply enjoy the time together.

It's not the easiest thing when two people in love move constantly in the same circle of friends, and it's even more complicated when you still haven't made his feelings known.

For example, if he often proposes ;if it's just the two of you going to the movies, drinking coffee, dinner, bowling, etc., then that's a sign he wants to spend time alone with you.

He's looking a chance to be as close to you as possible, to get to know you even better and to have as much fun with you as possible.

This also applies to you. If you just want to spend time with him and you don't mind if other friends aren't with you, then you're definitely more than friends.

10. You can imagine a relationship with him

Finally, one of the most obvious signs that you have a crush on your boyfriend is when you see him as a potential boyfriend partner. You often find yourself daydreaming about him.

When he's around you, you think about how it would be if he kissed you right now.

You think about how good it is what it would be like to be in a relationship with him and you find yourself wasting your time with the wrong men who weren't worth your time.

If you can imagine, something having more than friendship with him, not necessarily anytime soon, but at least in the immediate future, then maybe it's time for him to find out too.

The more of these signs come together, the clearer it is that there is more than friendship between you. Anyway, there are signs that he just wants friendship, but hopefully you won't notice. 🤞

Well, if you're sure there's something more than friendship between you two but still don't know whether you should confess your feelings to him or not, then you should read on.

In order to make the right decision, the best solution, like anything else, is to weigh the pros and cons.

Therefore, below you will find why a relationship with a good friend is the best of your life and also what could go wrong.

Is there more between us than just friendship? Pros and cons of a relationship with a friend


1. The suspension of the introductory phase

While the dating phase is a really interesting part of dating, it can be very stressful.

We need to make a good impression, care about how we look, charm the other person, interesting topics of conversation find, flirt, and so on and so forth.

If we can make it work, then we need to get to know his friends and family and try to please them too, which is a big one too Putting pressure on us.

However, in the best friend relationship, we can skip this.

There is no need to make small talk and ask each other about pets when we already have everything Knowing about each other.

And although this phase of getting to know is skipped, there remains one that is even more interesting and that is getting to know each other’s thoughts, feelings, desires and yourself at an even deeper level.

Plus, there's always something new to learn about or with each other.

2. You already know everything about each other

The good thing about starting a relationship with your best friend is that you already know everything about each other. You know what makes the other tick, how they usually behave in relationships and what you can expect from each other.

We never pretend in front of friends, while we never show our weaknesses and quirks in front of our partner, at least not until trust is built.

Your best friend will surely make you angry and angry you must have cried and laughed.

He's seen you with and without make-up, in a fancy dress and tracksuit and you can be sure he knows the real you.< /p>

If he accepts you as such with all that is you, you can be sure that it is true love.

3. Hard Connection

For a relationship to be successful, trust must be built. It is something that couples in love have yet to achieve after going through the introductory phase, the infatuation phase and the deeper connection.

Sometimes it is a difficult path full of obstacles that must be overcome ;and sometimes trust takes a long time to build.

However, relationships born of friendship have a solid foundation that is difficult to break.

They are already based on trust, honesty and mutual helpfulness.

Such a relationship offers security and habit, and in this case the process is reversed: the infatuation phase for such couples is just beginning.

< h2>Disadvantages

1. Friendzone

Like everything has its downsides, so too has a relationship with a friend. Not really the relationship itself, but the fact that you're in love with your boyfriend.

The worst thing that can happen is that one of you doesn’t reciprocate the feelings to the same degree and then you can end up in the friend zone.

Then the friendship is doomed because with Being friends with someone you feel more than friendship for rarely works.

2. You can lose friends

The other thing that is risky, besides the fact that you can lose each other, is that one of you could lose mutual friends.

If you get into a relationship and it fails, there is the possibility of you distancing yourself from each other and therefore one of you must also distance yourself from mutual friends.

Of course it's just a guess, but it's still something to deal with must reckon with when considering the risks of a best friend relationship.

3. You don't try so hard

And the last thing that can be considered a disadvantage is that you stop trying sooner than you would otherwise in relationships.

You think: He already knows the best and worst in me and I don't have to try to impress or win him over.

It's a very common mistake, not only in such relationships, but also in long-term relationships where the partners take each other for granted.

As much as the partners love each other, it's necessary to spice things up a bit from time to time and win each other's heart back.

Bottom line: Admitting to a friend that you feel a little more for them is not easy step and involves a great risk. But hand on heart: what is not risky in life?

They say: If you don't dare in life, you risk a lot: never anything to win.

Of course there’s a chance that you will lose your best friend, but there’s also an even bigger chance that you will get everything you ever dreamed of and that friendship will turn into a movie love , which we all dream of as a girl.

Anything is possible, so listen to your heart and let it guide you on the path to true love! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you the best of luck! 😊

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