Just fun, no romance – The 70+ best friendship plus sayings

Just fun, no romance - The 70+ best friendship plus sayings

I recently received an interesting e-mail, which I would like to share and answer with you today (without a name). ;love.

Hopefully I will not only help one person, but also many others who are in a similar situation and are looking for advice.

Dear Sofia,

I'm in a difficult situation and I'm not quite sure what to do now.

I've heard from some friends that you're great relationship guides and I hope you have some good advice for me too.

The best thing to do is start right away from the beginning. My partner at the time broke up with me three months ago. I also knew in that moment that maybe this was for the best for me, but I still had heartbreak.

I didn't want to meet my best friend because she told me many times that this guy is not good enough for me and that he doesn't deserve me.

I'll admit he was often disrespectful, cheating wasn't a bad thing for him and yes, I know my girlfriend was right, but at that moment I didn't want a ”I got it for you said” listen.

So I thought it would be much better to call my best friend. He didn't know as much about my relationship as my best friend did and I was sure he'd show more empathy.

And he did. He immediately canceled all his plans and asked me what I wanted to do.

It was a nice evening, so I told him I mö ;just wanted to go for a walk. So did we.

It was wonderful. He didn't ask anything, but when I started talking about my breakup, he just listened carefully.

In a moment I started crying. He hugged me and said maybe we should sit somewhere until I feel better.

So satß I was there in his arms, crying for another man and in a moment I said I wish all men were as nice as you. He smiled and said he was one of a kind.

I know Not at all how it happened, but the next thing I remember is that we were kissing. One thing led to another and we slept together.

The next morning we didn't talk about it, we just acted like nothing would have happened.

Since that time we've slept together several times, but we've never talked about who we really are.

< em>Everything with him is so easy and uncomplicated, which I like. We also keep hanging out with our other friends who have no idea we're sleeping together.

I've found myself wondering from time to time, when will i see him again I'm scared that I will develop feelings for him or that I already have…

I know not whether I'm in love, whether he's in love, whether it's just a friendship plus or could it become something more. As you can see, I really need advice.

Dear Sofia, help me.

My dear reader,

firstly I want to say thank you for showing me such a great trust by looking for my advice. Secondly, I have to tell you that unfortunately I don't have a magic solution to your situation.

As you are probably already aware, you are the only person who can make a decision like yourself should your relationship develop further.

I can help you by saying that in my opinion you actually have three options.

You can continue with your Friendship Plus, but it would be good to set some clear rules. A casual relationship can only work if both want the same thing.

I can also tell you that such a type of relationship as Friendship Plus actually comes with certain perks, such as: there is already some trust between you, you know each other fairly well and you are used to being open with each other to be, which makes love life a lot easier.

I also have to tell you that this type of relationship is quite common. I'm sure you've seen the movie Friendship Plus or Friends With Benefits.

If not, then now is the right time. Many people choose such a relationship when they don’t want to be alone, but are also not ready for a serious relationship.

But you also need to know that this type of relationship also has some disadvantages. Very often it happens that one of the friends develops feelings for the other and it can also happen that jealousy arises.

The second option is that from your friendship plus one right relationship becomes. I'll tell you right now that love that grows out of friendship is wonderful.

The third option you have is to ditch the benefits and just go back to being friends. If you are really good friends, this is also possible.

But for each of these three options, the most important thing is to have an open conversation with your friend first.< /p>

You need to be completely honest with him and hopefully after talking to him you will have a clearer idea of ​​which option is best for the two of you.

But before you talk to him, you should take a little more time to think. Look for signs whether you are in love with your boyfriend or not.

These sayings, life wisdom and beautiful quotes that I have prepared here can also help you think and hopefully you make the decision easier.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck.

Your Sofia

Friendship Plus Sayings

Here you will find the best sayings and strong thoughts about Friendship Plus. You can combine these with pictures and get visual statements for your WhatsApp status or Instagram profile.

1. It's okay to enjoy being with someone without having to put a label on what you two really are.

2. I think one should create a holiday for friends with benefits because I feel like Valentine's Day is a day to stay home and cry.

3. Friendship Plus seems like an easy, no-fuss relationship. But the truth is, it's one of the most complicated ones you can have.

4. One of the advantages of Friendship Plus is that you can get a good fuck and still be single.

5. Your partner should be your best friend. So don't treat her like a friend with benefits.

6. These days, commitment is OUT and friends with benefits are IN.

7. I do not want a relationship. I want someone for good sex and good conversation all the time. Nothing serious and no pressure.

8. Don't be the girlfriend with benefits, be the partner or wife with obligations.

9. Friends With Benefits – In reality, they tell you to your face that you're good enough to fuck but not good enough to invest feelings.

10. Friends with benefits end up getting hurt. Feelings arise and you need more of that guy or girl.

11. Friends with benefits, that's not a good idea. One of you will fall in love with the other.

12. We care about each other. We're more than friends, but we're not a couple either. Well I guess we're just somewhere in between.

13. I don't understand our relationship. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we're more than friends, and sometimes I'm just a stranger to you.

14. Don't let good sex confuse your heart and make you think you're in love.

15. Girls who say they're cool with a friendship plus situation are lying to themselves.

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16. To be honest I want to have a friendship plus and see if it turns into a relationship.

17. Friendship Plus is better than a bored relationship.

18. I'd rather settle for just being your girlfriend than try to convince you to become more than we can actually be.

19. Sometimes you can't explain what you see in a person.

20. It's called friends with benefits. Not one night stand. So if you can't be a friend, you also lose the benefits.

21. I keep trying to hide how much I love you, but just being your friend with benefits isn't enough.

22. I really want to be in a relationship but he just wants a friendship plus. I'll take what I can get, but it hurts to think that I'm not worth more than being a dirty little secret.

23. Friends with benefits are another way of saying good enough to hang out with, good enough to sleep with, but never good enough to be with.

24. It's not who you want to spend Friday night with, it's who you want to spend all Saturday with.

25. Starter Pack for Friends with Benefits:

• You have no title.

? You rarely go on dates.

• You only meet for sex.

• You avoid discussing the future.

• SMS is your main form of communication.

• You haven't met his friends.

• You don't have any pictures with him.

• You still attend important events alone.

? You feel confused more than fifty percent of the time, but your sex life is great one hundred percent.

• The only thing you have in common is good sex.

• You're not official, but you're loyal.

• Everything is private.

• Nothing is public.

26. You have a Friendship Plus if:

• you realize you have 45 minutes before dinner with your friends and you text him to come over, but it's not the end of the world if he can't;

? the text story with him consists entirely of flirting messages and requests to bring condoms tonight;

• you don't even bother to hide your pile of dirty clothes before they come to you;

• you know all of his favorite sex positions, but you have absolutely no idea what his political leanings are.

You are in a relationship if:

? you have ever shared a meal, especially if it is not a take-out meal;

• you use the phone more often than you text;

• you also know his birthday, zodiac sign, nickname or eye color;

• you mentioned him in conversations with your family or friends.

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Friendship plus funny sayings

27. I'm okay with just being friends as long as I can seduce you when we're drunk.

28. Yes, sorry, when I suggested we become friends with benefits, I meant you should let me use your pool.

29. Just because I made you cum doesn't mean we were meant to be.

30. There’s nothing better than having a good friend than having a good friend who comes with chocolate and wants to sleep with you.

31. Let's not spoil our great sex with love.

32. Facebook should add the following to the relationship status field: One Night Stand, Friendship Plus, and Do It Yourself.

33. Don't fall in love with a friend with benefits. Fall from a bridge. It hurts less.

34. Let's play friends with benefits and see who gets feelings first.

35. My friend zone list is closed. However, there is room on my friends with benefits list for those who qualify.

36. Let's just chill, have sex and worry about not being together but have official feelings for each other.

37. Good friends have many perks, but friends with perks are a lot more fun.

38. If you want to remain friends with benefits, you have to stop being so nice to me. It's really very confusing.

39. I am not a friend with benefits. I am a lover with possibilities.

40. Her: We broke up. Male friend: Are you okay? do you want to talk? Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Do you want to come over? To eat out? Finally sleeping with me?

Friendship Plus Quotes

41. Friends with benefits? More than friends? Only try the treats if you're willing to risk addiction and withdrawal. – Ann Landers

42. Guys always tell me 'Oh Nicole. You are so funny. You're such a good friend.” No, I don't want to be a friend. I want to sleep with you. – Nicole Byer

43. What exactly does this phrase ‚friends with benefits’ mean? Does he provide you with health insurance? – Chuck Lorre

44. Then he gave me such a sweet kiss as if I was his only lover. – Jess C. Scott, Bedmates

45. The greatest coward is a man who arouses the love of a woman without intending to love her. – Bob Marley

46. When a girl says she wants a Friends With Benefits relationship, I always ask if that includes dental insurance. – Jarod Kintz

47. Their relationship depended on their reticence…

The premise of their affair, or the basis of their comedy, was that they were two independent people who needed each other for a while, who will always be friends but probably won't always be lovers. – James Baldwin, Another Country

48. When a man tells you he's an asshole and that you deserve better, believe him … it is a warning. It's best to listen before he proves it to you. – April Mae Monterrosa

49. “Oh, Troy? he is nobody He wanted a little more from me than I could give.” "Friends with benefits?" Laurie asked, blushing as she said it. ”More like frenemies with benefits.” – Leslea Tash, Bird after Bird

Friendship Plus Movie Quotes

50. ”You gave me ventricular premature beats.” – “I take´ come on, that's a good thing.” – ”When you’re there, my heart beats faster.”

51. “Did you have sex with Emma?” – “No! …. yes.”

52. “Chuck, if I see you taking a picture of your cock again, I’ I'll take that thing away from you!”

53. "Hey, Champ." – Adam: “What happened last night?” – Patrice: ”Man, Adam, my whole body hurts!” – “Emma: ”You're up already?!” – Adam: ”Emma…did I have sex with anyone in this apartment last night?” – Emma: “No, you didn't.”

54. ”Who would have thought you’d be so successful so quickly?!”

55. ”Do you have room somewhere for my stand?”

56. “I think‘, I fall in love‘ me straight.” – “This is ‘a stupid idea! You're living every man's dream. Why break it now?”

57. “I don't think monogamy is human nature.”

58. “I am a doctor, I work 80 hours a week. You know, I'd like to have someone in my bed at 2am that I can lie to and not have breakfast with.” – ”I hate breakfast.” – “Gooood.”

59. ”Human beings are not made for eternal love.”

60. “Okay, I'll call every girl in my address book until one says yes and sleeps with me.” – ”I drink to that!” – ”We support this horrible self-destructive plan 100%!”

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61. “The good thing about fucking the Prius is you don't have to feel guilty afterwards.” – ”Because of the CO2 pollution?” – “Exactly.”

62. “We probably shouldn’t cuddle.” – ”Felt wrong too””

63. “This is how you put on a `hard to get`?” – Sari: “I'm super easy to get hold of.”

64. ”You don’t remember my name, hmm?” – Adam: ”Was it good for you last night?” – Shira: “It was okay, nothing special.”

65. “This is for you.” [Adam hands Emma a balloon] -; “Congratulations? Why? Because I had sex with you?” – “Yes, you were really great! So I thought you deserved a balloon.”

66. “This is a mare party, you have to be drunk and hot; look.”

67. “And then I just fell asleep on your couch?” – Emma: “Yes… You were naked and crying.”

68. “You don't stand a chance against me, you midget! You fight like a hamster!”

69. “Know how to make a pussy purrß one after two failed marriages.”

70. ”Don’t make me your emergency contact, I wouldn’t come.” – Adam: “That's against your Hippocratic Oath, isn't it?” – Emma: “Yes, I would let you die.”

71. “You're banging my ex-girlfriend???” – ”Yeah, she’s just so hot.” – “I know sheß is!”

72. "Do you like her?" – “Surely I can't start anything with my best friend!?”

73. “Get in the box with ‘another one.” – “This is ‘a joke?!”

74. “This is a horrible, self-defeating plan and we are behind you wholeheartedly.”

75. ”Why can’t we just have sex?!?”

76. “Eat this now or I'll keep singing!”

77. “I cant even concentrate on my porn… with all the real sex around me!”

78. “We don’t get to choose who we fall in love with! And it never goes the way we'd like it to.”

79. ”If you get any closer to me, I will never let you go.”

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