To the “best friend” I can no longer be friends with

To the ”best friend” that I can no longer be friends with

Dear old friend,

I've decided that we're not friends are more and you may never quite understand why.

I recently read the article ”To The Best Friend Who Decided To Stop Being Friends” read it and it struck a chord.

I realized that I was the friend who left, who gave up. I hurt you and it hurts me.

But the truth is I've decided we're not friends anymore because… it just wasn't us.

I also think of all the memories we share. I've forgotten all the years we were never without each other. And when we were apart, we texted and counted the minutes until our next meeting.

I think of all the times when there wasn't even one The question was whether you would celebrate my birthday with me, watch Netflix to death and eat fast food, or hug me until I stopped crying and forgot his name.

Because that was important to us. We were like Blair and Serena. Everything would be fine as long as we were together right?

But we weren't together.

My heart breaks when I see you taking photos with other friends post with tags like #bff #rideordie #besteFreundin when I'm listening to one of our songs and you're not there to sing along with me weirdly, when I'm alone or scared and you're not there as you should be should.

You're just not around anymore and you haven't been in a year.

I went. I took responsibility for leaving, changing college, making new friends, growing.

I know I left you, but that didn’t change our friendship for me. I never stopped being your best friend. I know I haven't had to text you back for days.

I know I haven't seen you in months. I'm going to a new college, I have new friends and I live less than 15 minutes away, but when did that stop me from being there for you?

When another jerk broke your heart, I was on the phone with you until I stopped crying.

When you experienced losses, I took time off to drive to you as soon as possible.

I never called anyone else my best friend, it was always you; even my new friends knew that. But it was never enough for you.

Maybe I'm the one who officially decided we're not friends anymore, but so have you.

You've decided we're not friends anymore than you stopped being my best friend but expected me to be yours.

You made the decision when you intentionally tried to hurt me because you felt entitled to do so . You decided it when you asked a guy about our friendship – again and again.

You decided it when you decided to be jealous instead of happy for me.

You decided that we were no more friends than you our friendship was to a one-way street made.

Friendship, like any other relationship, cannot be a one-way street. It's not trivial, it's cruel.

True friendship is supportive, accepting, understanding and never less important than a man. Best friends never intentionally hurt each other, no matter what the reason. If you do that, you're no longer friends.

I know that when you love someone, you fight. I know there will be rough patches but I was there way longer than I should have been. You know that. I know that you know.

I've forgiven you over and over again. I have forgiven you things I would never do to you or anyone else; because I love you. Even when you did the unforgivable, I still loved you. you were my best friend For me, that meant an obligation. It was called Loyalty and unconditional love. Until it wasn't for you.

I always chose you when I should have chosen myself. Now I choose myself.

I stand by my decision that we are no longer friends, but it will hurt me every day. I know simply that it will hurt less than desperately trying to save our friendship to save you.

You have made it clear that our friendship is not worth saving for you. You made it clear that you don't want to be saved.

So I have no choice but to let go. I have nothing left to hold on to.

No matter how it ended, I am still grateful to you. Thank you for the years of our friendship. Thanks for all the great memories – Memories that cannot be surpassed.

Thank you for showing me what true friendship is and isn't. Thank you for selflessly teaching me how to forgive and be loyal.

Most of all, thank you for being the person who finally made me want to be myself. hlen.


The best friend you pushed away


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