To my best friend: Your heart needs a strong man and he is not

To my best friend: Your heart needs a strong man and he isn't

You are not just a random person to me . You are my girlfriend.

You are my soul mate. You are my everything.

You have so many great qualities that you don't see. That's why you give yourself to men who don't deserve you.

You're beautiful and smart. You are everything a man could wish for in a person.

Why did you have to choose him among all the people on this planet?

He brings out your insecurities and uses them against you. I've seen you cry yourself to sleep.

I've seen you get up in the morning with dark circles under your eyes because you haven't slept a second.

You have them world and curses yourself for hitting a dead end.

You have no idea what to do next. You live from one minute to the next. You don't deserve this and he doesn't deserve a woman like you.

Honey, my sweet and most precious friend, you deserve the world. You deserve a man who will value and protect you.

You deserve someone who will always be by your side. Someone who will wipe away your tears when you cry and comfort you when you are sad.

You deserve a man and not a boy. A man who will always put a shy smile on your face no matter what your mood. You deserve everything.

You don't understand because you still don't see yourself the way I do.

You don't think that you deserve everything because you don't know how much you're worth.

Do you know what I see when I look at you?

I see a fighter. I see someone who never gives up, even on their darkest days. I see a problem solver who knows that nothing is impossible.

I see this beautiful soul who is always willing to help someone, even when her life is a total mess .

I see someone willing to shed their selfishness and put their problems aside. I see my best friend.

But you know what I see too?

I also see someone who doesn't respect themselves. I see someone afraid of how much power they have.

I see someone afraid of life and their dreams. And it's all because of him.

You're better than that. You're absolutely fascinating and interesting. We all see it except you.

Please wake up and leave this dumbass. Wake up and live your life as you should, as you deserve.

You are beautiful from the inside out. Let your goodness shine through you.

I can't stand to watch him destroy every piece of you, piece by piece.

I can't stand him using you to his advantage. I can't take it anymore.

I know you don't deserve it and you still love him. You tolerate it and keep giving him second chances even though you know he doesn't deserve them.

I can't hear his lies anymore. I know you don't buy it either. I know you know he's lying, but you ignore it because you think it's for the best.

You think he'll change and stop. ren to hurt you. He won't. It's only going to get worse.

I can't take it when you break down and I'm not able to help you.

He's probably the worst thing that's happened to you. He’s your biggest mistake and you still don’t want to admit it.

I know you are aware of it. I know that deep down you know that love shouldn't hurt so much.

I know that you understand that love shouldn't scare or upset you. Love shouldn't make you want to cry all the time.

And all you experience is that. You just feel these lousy feelings.

You know it's not right, but you still haven't admitted it to yourself.

He made you believe that everything you're going through is normal. He made you believe that love is cruel and evil.

Please leave him and come back to the people who really love you. We're here for you, no matter how many mistakes you make.

We're by your side. I will stand by your side.

After all, you are my soul mate, my person. No matter what you do, I will be there for you.

I may get angry and yell at you, but I will always love you and always tell you the truth no matter what how much it hurts.

I'm telling you the truth and I'm asking you to bring your life back. You deserve it and you know it.

You deserve a strong man, not a manipulative coward.

I miss you,



Your best friend!

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