To My Best Friend – Crying Text for Any Occasion

To My Best Friend - Crying Text for Any Occasion

A best friend is a blessing in the truest sense of the word. When you find the right person, they will be one of the most important people in your life.

You can talk about anything with your best friend. And yes, when there are strong emotions involved, sometimes the tears come too.

Sometimes with sadness, sometimes with laughter, but sometimes just because you were so lucky that this wonderful person wasn't only to get to know you, but also to be able to name your best friend.

Don't waste any more time, find the best friend text that best describes your friendship and send it to your bestie to say I LOVE YOU to say!

Best friend sayings that make you cry


Friendship quotes and wisdom about friendship are always a great idea when we want to tell someone how important they are to us.

To make something extra special for your girlfriend, combine one of these friendship quotes with your favorite photo of both of you and you have the best gift that will definitely make your BFF cry.

1. To my best friend: you fight? I fight with you. You cry? I cry with you are you happy? Then so am I!

2. You and I we are one. I can not hurt you without hurting myself. – Mahatma Gandhi

3. Friendship should never be taken for granted, because true friendship is almost as rare as great love.

4. friendship enchanted. It makes the good times even better and lets us forget the bad.

5. No bond of friendship tends to be more enduring than that made in early youth. One is even less suspicious, less difficult in small things. – Adolph Freiherr von Knigge

6. All the money in the world wouldn't make me happy unless I could share it with you.

7. The question arises whether happiness and unhappiness could be endured without having someone by your side. I don't think so.

8. The best friend is someone you sit and rock on the porch with without saying a word and when you leave feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

< p>9. Good friends help you find things when you lose them. your smile. your hope. Your courage.

10. Life is never perfect, but there are special moments that make it worth living and there are people who make these moments perfect. You are one of those people for me.

11. The most beautiful gift that the gods bestowed upon man is friendship. Though some may extol wealth, power, honor, or health, I prefer friendship and wisdom to all other goods. In good fortune as in bad luck, what man longs for most is friendship. – Markus Tullius Cicero

12. Of all the gifts that fate bestows on us, there is no greater good than friendship – no greater wealth, no greater joy. – Epicurus of Samos

13. I know you don't always have it easy with me, but I want you to know that I would be nothing without you.

14. No matter how difficult your life may be at the moment, there will come a day when the sun will shine again for you. And until then, I'll just sit with you and we'll wait until the storm is over.

15. A best friend is like a lantern on the path. It doesn't make it shorter, but lighter.

16. When life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, you make me a thousand reasons to smile.

17. I like you for who you are, but mostly for who I am when I'm with you.

18. I can tell you everything I think and you understand me. You are my best friend and I never want to lose you.

19. There are people who don't understand you after a thousand spoken words and there are people who understand you without a word.

20. Friends are angels, helping us get back on our feet when we've forgotten how to fly.

21. You are the friend who is always there for me, who always listens to me, who is most important to me and who understands me. I want to thank you for that!

22. Flowers cannot bloom without the warmth of the sun. Humans cannot become human without the warmth of friendship. – Phil Bosmans

23. I wanted to know what friendship means. In the dictionary I found complicated terms, but in my heart I found you.

24. No matter how low you sink, I may not be able to pull you all the way up, but I will do everything I can to not let you fall.

To my best friend – Text to cry (long)

You can also write a letter to your best friend to say thank you because she never gave up on you. Of course that's not the only reason to write to her, you can also do it without a special reason do.  

Here are some examples of how such a text to your beast can look like, they can serve as inspiration, but you can of course also write one yourself.

< p>If you decide to write a sweet text to your BFF yourself, whether it's a letter or a poem, mention the beginning of your friendship and some of the happiest moments the two of you shared .

• To my best friend,

what would I do without you? How would I manage everything? How would I manage to laugh every day?

I know it doesn't, but I know that I never want to live without you again. 'Cause you're such a perfect girl. My perfect girl. My best friend.

When I'm going through hard times you are always there for me and I appreciate that. I don’t want to imagine life without you, even if we had a fight I would always fight for you.

I will stand by you my whole life no matter what and I will get through it with you – we can do everything together.

Whenever I spend time with you I realize how happy I am and that I forget everything around me and when you are gone I feel this emptiness that I can never feel in my life again. chte.

We just go so well together. We're both crazy, but we can still talk for hours about a serious topic.

I can tell you everything and I don't have to be ashamed of anything. You accept me as I am with all my rough edges.

You are perfect, I can't say that often enough. I love you.

• Dear best friend,

Sometimes we are 2 very different people, but we still belong together.

Thank you for always listening to me when I have problems, thank you for being there for me no matter what and for understanding me.

Thank you for being who you are and not pretending, thank you for always being there for me when I need you most.

Thank you for bringing me joy with just a smile, thank you for being you. THANK YOU for everything!

No matter what you do, you always put a smile on my face and every minute with you whiteß I think you're the most important thing I have.

You're just one of the greatest people there is.

And even if we fight, I still don't want to lose you. You are my best friend and hopefully always will be.

And really NO ONE can tear us apart. 🙂

Every moment with you is really beautiful. I just love having fun with youß to shout with you, take pictures with you and laugh with you!

It's nice to know that someone is there for me and loves me just the way I am. I know really appreciate what kind of friend you are.

Even if others think you're stupid or whatever. For me you are perfect just the way you are!

But the small moments that we experience are also great. I'm happy every time we meet because I know it's going to be a beautiful day again. We had bad times but also good times.

At the beginning of the year we were friends but not that good. Over time we became best friends♥

I'm fascinated by how quickly this can happen… Others have fake friends they can’t count on and that’s why I’m glad to have a true friend like you.

I love you♥< /em>

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? My best friend

I can always come to you,

you are always there when I need you,

I can tell you everything without having to,

because you know me better than I know myself,< /em>

you always understand me,

even if I don't say anything

do you know what's wrong with me

you dry my tears

you laugh with me me,

you cry with me,

you feel with me,

you are my soul sister,< /p>

my other half,

my star in the dark,

with nobody makes me laugh as much as I do with you,

and when I have problems, you listen to me and help me,

without you my life wouldn’t be the way it is,

you are a part of me,

< em>and if you didn't exist,

If I wasn't who I am today

I am so grateful to you for everything you do for me

and just that you are there,

you are all I have,

no one can replace you,

I won't give you back for anything or anyone in the world,


For my best friend – Text to cry (short)


Long texts aren't always the best solution when you just want to tell your bestie how much you love them.

Short but sweet texts are ideal for a quick one WhatsApp message and are no less emotional.

1. We are like two pieces of a puzzle: so different, and yet we fit together perfectly.

2. Friendship is like a net that catches us when we lose our balance.

3. friendship – I can do anything with you!

4. Time doesn't heal wounds. Friends heal them.

5. Good friends know all your stories. They experienced best friends with you.

6. Life is only fun with you by my side.

7. You always have been and always will be: My best friend.

8. The flower blooms for a short time, our friendship blooms for eternity.

9. Destiny is when two people who never found each other find each other.

10. You are my rock in which I can always save myself.

11. I appreciate you and your honesty. I love you.

12. A friend understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you as you are in the present.

Best friends are great, but every girl should have a best friend too!

13. Friends are like stars, you can't always see them, but you know they are always there for you.

14. Love comes and goes, but friendship remains.

15. Luck makes friends, bad luck keeps them.

16. We found each other. We are one now.

17. A friendship doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be real.

18. Keep word. Hold hands. Keep up. We can both do anything.

For my best friend – Text that makes you cry, because laughter sometimes leads to tears


You can laugh with her, cry with her and sometimes even cry with laughter 😀 Friendship sayings can also be funny and you can find some of the funniest right here.

1. Don't worry, I only annoy people I like.

2. Remember, we're best friends. I'm always there to help you up when you're down. But only after I've finished laughing.

3. You are crazy. But the best girlfriends are always a little crazy. Well, so am I. So I summarize: I'm great, you're great. Nice that we know each other.

4. With you even doing nothing is fun. I'll keep you.

5. I'm glad you're my best friend. That way I don't always have to tidy up when you visit.

6. A best friend is someone who likes you even though they know you.

7. A true friend is like a bra: hard to find, supportive, comfortable, uplifting and close to the heart.

8. Later we will be the old people who turn the nursing home completely upside down.

9. Who doesn't know that with good friends: You approach each other and have to start smiling 30 meters before.

10. Friends are like shoes. When you're young you can't have enough and later you realize that it's always the same people you feel comfortable with.

11. I love talking to you about things we've talked about a thousand times. It's always fun.

To laugh even more with your bestie, ask her these unusual and funny “Who would rather” Questions!

12. You're my best friend because you're just as crazy as me.

13. Your friends always have your back. So they can always kick your ass or put funny stickers on your back.

14. I like you because somehow meaningless conversations with you make sense.

15. You're really stupid. You really have questionable morals. Also, you're totally childish. Basically everything I've always wanted in a best friend.

16. A good friend will help you bury sorrows. A very good friend helps you bury bodies.

17. A real friend doesn't have to ask why you're crying. He just wants to know who to spank.

18. Friends come and go, like the waves of the sea. Best friends stick like an octopus to the face.

For my best friend – Text to Cry (Birthday)

Your best friend's birthday is a perfect day to tell her how important she is to you. A sweet text as a birthday wish will make her day even sweeter. 

1. If I could give you anything, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Happy birthday. 

2. On your birthday I just wanted to remind you that I'm always there if you need me. At the weekend or on the working day, around the clock. If you call at 4 a.m., I'll answer. Cheers to you beast, I hope your day is amazing!

3. I promise the more birthday candles you blow out, the more I will be there to celebrate every special event in your life.

4. Birthdays are a new beginning, a fresh start and a time to break new ground with new goals. Go forward with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. May today and all the days to come be fantastic!

5. Happy birthday to someone who knows me better than I know myself. I look forward to many more years as your best friend.

6. We've known each other for a long time. I remember when we were kids and we went to each other's birthday parties. Now we're both a bit older and our birthday parties are a little different, but you're still my dearest, best friend. Happy birthday and all the best for the coming year.

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7. Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am that you are celebrating another year in your life! My wish for you on your birthday is that you are happy and healthy and always stay so! Stay the way you are.

8. Out of all the birthday messages, I love this one the most as I love you the most. A new year, a new challenge, dearest friend. But you must always remember to smile and have a positive outlook on life and everything will be fine.

9. Looking back at all the things we've been through, I'm so thankful that I got through it all with you by my side. Happy birthday to my friend who never let me go alone.

10. Most of my best memories involve you. Thank you for being such a good friend and for walking with me on this journey called life.

11. You were always good at sharing and caring. On this birthday you shall be blessed tenfold with the love you have selflessly given to others.

12. The last year has been crazy. Luckily I have you to keep my sanity. Happy Birthday and let's hope that next year will bring bigger and better things.

13. You've put a smile on my face so many times and I hope I can give you one back on your big day. You are sweet, kind, friendly and so much more. Being in your life is a blessing.

14. I am grateful for this true friendship. I hope your birthday turns out to be as amazing as you, my best friend!

15. Be happy! Today is the day you came into this world to be a blessing and an inspiration to those around you! you are a wonderful person May you have many more birthdays to make all your dreams come true.

16. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sound of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheers.< /p>

17. I didn't know what a true friend was until I met you. You truly saved me in every way a person can be saved…. Happy Birthday!

18. Happy birthday, dearest friend! May bright colors shape your life and make you happy forever. Bless you.

19. There are a lot of birthday messages out there but I chose this one: Have a nice day my best friend. I send you hopes and dreams. May all be well and come true for you on this special day!

20. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you all the best! I hope he will be as amazing as you; you deserve the best and nothing else.

21. Hey, it's your birthday and I just wanted to tell you that you will never face a problem alone. I may not be able to solve every problem, but I will always be there if you need me.

22nd birthdays come every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I'm so glad you came into my life. Congratulations on your special day.

23. If nothing goes right, I'll go to you. You are my contact person at all times. I wish you all the best.

24. For many people, the word friend is just a string of letters. For me it is the source of my happiness and strength. Happy birthday, dearest friend!

25. I feel so lucky to have you as my girlfriend. I hope your birthday will be as extraordinary as you are. May all your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend.

26. Today it's time to tell you that I don't remember exactly when you became my family. Happy birthday, dearest friend!

For my best friend – Text to cry (wedding)

Another important day in your best friend's life is her wedding anniversary. She also deserves a special wedding wish like no other person in your life.

Only true friends are happy when their boyfriend has gained someone important in their life.

Keep that in mind that you don't lose your best friend when you get married, but get another best friend.

1. Oh, you two, it's been so many years since you met and I have to admit, I knew from the start that you were going to get married.

The basis was there from the start : trust, reliability, friendship and love. Keep these relationship gifts in mind, nurture them, and let them grow, and you will continue to grow in your marriage.

2. I know you have found the person you will spend the rest of your life with. I know that he will be everything you hope for and that he will exceed your expectations.

I know that you will have a happy married life and that your home will will be beautiful, warm and cozy all year round. I know that you will also be a wonderful mother for your future children.

I know All because I have known you the longest and I know what an incredible person you are. May today be the beginning of a wonderful life together.

I wish you a happy life and everlasting love. Congratulations and best wishes.

3. The love between two people lives from the beautiful moments. But she grows through the tough times they both go through together.

Based on this saying, I can only conclude that your love is incredibly big; is – and it will continue to grow. I am convinced that you will master any situation with your zest for life and that you will always appreciate each other.

4. Today marks the beginning of the rest of life. There will be many changes, but there will also be things that will stay the same.

If you must stay the same, stay the bright-eyed, kind, loving and generous person you are. If you need to change, be braver, more patient, more forgiving, and more spontaneous.

You can't control everything that happens in your life, but you can control how you want to react or deal with it.

You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. I wish you the very best on your wedding day.  

It's a special honor to be the maid of honor at your best friend's wedding. But this honor comes with some obligations and one of them is the wedding speech.

If you're nervous and can't find the right words for your speech, here are three examples that will definitely make your girlfriend and all the other wedding guests cry.

• Good evening to all the beautiful people here!

My beautiful friend (name) gave her big yes word today, loud and clear. So my two favorite people have sealed their marriage and live as one beautiful soul from now on.

Although I know the wedding speech from the father of the bride was so touching and perfect , and no one will be able to top it for sure, I will also say a few words.

But first a round of applause to the father of the bride, because today he gave his daughter to the man of her life.

< em>My dear bridal couple, until today you had had a wonderful time together.

Many ups and downs are now behind you and you are stronger than ever. Good days and bad days await you in your life together.

However, I firmly believe that you will get the best out of the bad days.

Protect each other, protect your marriage, love each other more every day and never let each other down – because great things await you!

I love you both so much.

Cheers to our dear ones (last name of the bride and groom)!

• My dearest (bride) and dear (groom),

Dear wedding guests,

I must confess , I'm actually really nervous about my wedding speech.

I never liked speaking in front of crowds, not to mention I was never the brightest student when it came to creative writing.

It's very difficult to find the right words for you two, because you two are already a fairy tale.

I remember when you, (bride ), met your prince. you were so in love with him And whenever there was talk of the (groom), you beamed with your whole being.

And you know what? (to the audience) – She still shines like that when (groom) is around or someone mentions him.

Dear (groom), I know that you love my (bride) and would do anything for her. However, I have a task for you: protect the little girl in love in her and she will definitely give you everything.

I am now asking you all to stand up and hold your glasses as high as possible: to our (bride) and (groom)! May your married life be as happy and fulfilling as today and may your love stay as strong and young forever!

Cheers !

• Today it's me who is standing in front of you

a bit self-conscious, as you can see

to give you dear lines< /em>

for your married life together.

Everyone is equally moved

I can hear my heart racing

when two rush down the Glücksbahn

and exchange vows in love.

I look at a happy couple

feel even like a small piece

who knows how good love feels

even the smallest corner upsets you.

As long as I already know you

Name that in a few words

what you represent to me as a friend

always brighten me up in any situation.

Your charm in every respect

always promises a good outcome

empathetic, cordial and level-headed

Finish what you started.

You give me strength and are my guarantee

as the best friend I've ever found

that's what your groom should say to you from now on

on all the days of living with you

Happy marriage

(Ute Nathow)

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