Is friendship between a man and a woman even possible?

Is is a friendship between a man and a woman even possible?

The friendship between a man and a woman is a long-debated topic where paths diverge. Some swear by the friendship between man and woman and others advise against it.

But what is really true now? Can a man and woman be best friends and have a purely platonic relationship? Does sexual tension develop over time that even best friends can't resist?

In the well-known Hollywood film Harry and Sally, we saw that female-male friendships are a shot backwards.

Sexual attraction threw a spanner in the works and the platonic friendship turned into true love.

But does it really always have to be like this? Can platonic friendship resist sexual attraction and have a good friend for life?

It's entirely possible! Although men and women tend to always be looking for the perfect partner, there are certain situations when they separate friendship and love.

It is most important that you start from the beginning being at peace with your feelings and desires is that you have your ulterior motives. Sometimes it happens that such thoughts only develop over time.

Nevertheless, we will show you in which situations a platonic love/friendship is a good idea and in which situations you should avoid such a constellation.

When is a friendship between a man and a woman without ulterior motives?

Women, but also men, often worry that their best friend could fall in love with them.

These thoughts aren't even that bad, because it happens more and more often that a long-term friendship develops into a relationship.

But when can you be absolutely sure that your friendship not put yourself in danger because someone has fallen in love?

A friendship between a man and a woman is safest when the man or woman is homosexual. In such a friendship you don't have to worry at all about the development of the relationship.

Everything is based on a platonic friendship, neither of you find the other sexually attractive, you just have a good friend for life.

You can share your thoughts and problems and you know that everything happens without any ulterior motive.

But can a friendship between a man and a woman work if they are both straight?

Of course! Definitely! The best scenario for such a friendship is the sandbox friendship. If you found your best friend as a child, that will not change with age.

It is connected to the human psyche. If you have already developed trust in a person as a small child and both sides feel comfortable and safe with each other, a sexual attraction will rarely develop from it.

In these cases it is pure platonic love.

Since you grew up with the person from an early age and have lived through all stages of life together, you see the other person as part of the family, the little sister or the little brother.

You can develop such a friendship with the truest friendships count. You know that you can talk to your best friend about anything and that he/she would never let us down.

They've just become a part of the family that you would never disappoint and always protect.

If you met your best friend in kindergarten and have never been in love with him or her, rest assured that you will have a platonic friendship forever.

But there is also a third possibility, like yourself a friendship can develop between man and woman.

It often happens in life that you meet a man or woman who we don't find attractive at all, but you have a connection with that person.

Over time you will become buddies and you realize that you are not so different that you understand each other and that you enrich each other's lives.

You don't want to lose a person like that, but you don't want to enter into a partnership either. And out of nowhere you become very good friends, even best friends.

In the absence of sexual tension, it is rare for a long-standing friendship to develop into a relationship. Nevertheless, it is always advantageous if both sides are in a stable, happy partnership.

When does a friendship between a man and a woman become a problem?

Platonic friendships between man and woman are not always peace, joy and pancakes. Sometimes there are complications that can make the friendship more difficult or, in the worst case, destroy it completely.

We will give you a few tips so that you can avoid such situations , so that you can happily continue a platonic friendship.

If you recognize yourself in any of the points we are about to list, you should know that your friendship will not last long .

1. Both sides don't feel the same

Complications often arise in opposite sex relationships because both sides do not feel the same. Over time, a person develops certain feelings that cannot be suppressed in the long term.

He/she hopes that something more will develop from the platonic friendship.

< p>These thoughts come from the fact that you get along so well and when both are searching it would be easiest if you tried each other.

The problems only arise when the other person is not interested. This is where the friendship begins to falter, because after a declaration of love it can never be the same again.

The best thing would be to end the friendship.

2. Friendzone

It happens very often that men or women jump into certain friendships on purpose. They think that if they try hard enough, one day they will leave the friend zone and become a happy couple.

This is what happens when one is in love with the other from an early age and is looking for a way to get closer to the other person.

Everyone is looking for the easiest way, in this case it's this Friendship. You get to know each other better, trust each other and maybe fall in love.

This attempt will also fail if both of you don't want the same thing. Friendship will break again because of it.

3. Friendship plus

A lot of people think there's an easy way to turn off feelings, separate the sexual from the emotional, but they're often wrong. Because you've got involved in the friendship plus, the feelings begin to falter.

You think about the other person more and more, but in this case in a different way, not like before . You imagine what a relationship would be like, if you could have a normal relationship, if you would be happy.

And again it gets complicated when only one person falls in love. It's going to be a rollercoaster of emotions, you're torn inside because you don't want to jeopardize your friendship, but you still want to change something.

You should avoid Friendship plus at all costs , because sooner or later it will fail and the friendship will perish.

What are the advantages of a friendship between a man and a woman?

It doesn't always have to be complicated, because the friendship between a man and a woman also has its advantages.

Many women look for a male best friend because it is simply less complicated to have a man as a best friend . Men don't talk as much as women, but they are often more honest and direct.

If the woman needs advice or a tip, her best friend will tell her without much ado. This is exactly why women feel so much better with male best friends.

Female best friends, on the other hand, serve as therapy for men. Men can talk to their best friends about anything they would never talk to their buddies about.

Women also give good advice about dating or romance concerns.

The friendship between a man and a woman is a give and take. The only thing to watch out for is that there is no sexual attraction.

If you can imagine a partnership with your best friend, the friendship will not last long.

When you engage in an opposite-sex friendship, you should be comfortable with your feelings and avoid temptation.

Always consider the possible consequences. If you make a mistake, there is a good chance that you will destroy the friendship. Would that be worth it?

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