I have no friends: starting today, that changes!

Me I have no friends: starting today that changes!

Human beings are social creatures and we all seek closeness, love, trust and respect from other people, either in a partner or in friends.

Although in today's modern In a world where people seem more connected than ever, more and more people are feeling lonely and friendless.

We make different kinds of friendships throughout our lives.

Since kindergarten, when we share our snack with someone, we make our first contacts and make our first friends.

Then we learn at school, at university, on trips and in various other activities ;kept to meet new people.

The younger we are, the more people surround us and the easier it is for us to make friends. Since childhood we meet with peers from the same street, the same kindergarten, the same school.

Over time, our circle of friends grows and we rarely feel like we're alone. It's the same at university.

In the dorm, at student parties, in lectures – there is always someone to spend our free time with.

The older we get, the harder it is for us to make real friends.

Somehow as an adult you have more responsibilities, commitments, you are more committed to your career, family and the like and you don't have as much time to meet new people.

It can also happen that the circle of friends you had just fell apart because everyone went their own way.

People change, they seek happiness in new things, they move to other countries for work, of love and sometimes it's just not possible to maintain such friendships.

However, it is particularly difficult to make new friends when you come to a new place where there seem to already be groups of friends that you do not belong to and cannot fit into.

Perhaps as adults we are a bit more selective about friends. We can't spend time with everyone and connect on this level, which is why there is sometimes a feeling of loneliness.

Although we sometimes enjoy and hate being alone, most of us long for contact and closeness with other people.

Even though we seem to be surrounded by people all the time, it's still difficult to find friends with whom we can stick through thick and thin, who we can have a good beer with and relax with after a hard day's work.

Good friends with whom we will celebrate the holidays, go on trips and have fun.

One often asks: What is wrong with me? Am I so boring that no one wants to hang out with me? But that's not necessary.

Circumstances are sometimes just such that you could find more time and effort. r needs anything, including making friends.

Do you sometimes feel lonely too? Do you have many acquaintances, but at the end of the day you again have no one to spend your free time with?

If you googled I have no friends, it means that you feel lonely and that you lack friendship. But the good thing is that this can be changed.

Making friends isn't quantum physics, you just need to know a few basic things and you can learn them here.

Here you will find:

• I have no friends: reasons why

• I have no friends: 7 tips on how to change that

I don't have any friends: top reasons

Before I show you ways to meet new people and make new friends, it's important that you think a little bit about yourself and figure out what could be the problem and what's keeping you from making friends.

Here are some mistakes you may be making and whose you are you may not even be aware of:

1. Misconceptions

One of the things we often do when we're building relationships with people is that we expect too much. You know the story about a piece of white paper with a black dot on it?

If you put a black dot on white paper and ask people what they see, most will say that you see a black dot on white paper. But what about all that white? Why is nobody seeing this?

Maybe this is the case for you too. For example, you meet someone who is funny, who you can talk to about anything, who is a good listener, but this person has a few negative traits.

And now the question is, if these negative qualities prevail or you still want to stay in contact with this person.

We all have our rough edges and the beauty of friendship is accepting all of each other's traits and finding compromises to get along well.

No one is perfect, so don't follow looking for a perfect best friend.

2. Always the same circle of friends

There are many people who spend their whole lives with the same people, people from the same place, school friends and the like. It's really nice, because these are the people you grow up with, develop and create memories with.

However, such circles can fall apart after a period of time due to various circumstances. Someone moves away, people grow apart, you lose contact, someone makes new friends, etc.

And you end up in a situation where you don't have any friends anymore.

If you spend your whole life with the same people, if you don't expand your social circle and make new friends, losing those friends will be much more difficult for you and you will feel even more lonely.

< p>Don't get me wrong, it's not bad to always hang out with the same people, but sometimes it's okay to have a drink with another group, go to a party, etc.

That's why it's important to drop several anchors so you don't get into the situation where you say: I don't have any friends anymore.

3. Low confidence

If you don't love yourself enough, it will be difficult for you to love the people around you. And a lack of confidence and self-love is noticeable and affects those around you.

Do you have a habit of speaking negatively about yourself? Are you often silent because you are insecure and afraid to speak up?

It is very important that we know our self-worth and that we show it, because then people will appreciate us a lot more and feel more comfortable in our company.

We feel also always attracted to positive people who radiate positive energy and pass it on to us. Try to be one of those people.

Work on your self-confidence, strengthen your self-love, because only if you accept yourself as you are and if you are at peace with yourself, you can do this Transferring love to those around you.

Making new contacts and real friendships will then be a breeze for you.

4. You have no trust in others

It may be that you have had bad experiences with people and friends at some point and now have doubts about friendships.

Perhaps someone you trusted has betrayed you deeply, leaving a deep scar that prevents you from making new friends and finding true friends.

So you're always skeptical when you meet new people and don't put too much trust in them.

When you're invited somewhere, you ask yourself questions like: Is she just from Hö nice to me? What if he invites me over just because there's no one else? This suggests that you suffer from a lack of trust.

Without trust, no interpersonal relationship can thrive and it is the be-all and end-all of any relationship.

I'm not saying that when you meet people you should immediately reveal everything about yourself, just relax and believe that good people still exist and that you are a really interesting person for people to hang out with ;care.

5. You don't dare to take the first step

On Facebook or Instagram you see a picture of several of your work colleagues who went on a trip together, but they left you out.

Now you're sitting there racking your brains with questions: Why didn't they invite me? What's wrong with me? etc. But be honest and ask yourself: when was the last time you invited one of them somewhere?

Of course this is sometimes very difficult, especially when you are a naturally shy person, but there is a first time for everything and you have to make the first move.

Next time, invite someone out for a drink or to the movies. You can say you won some tickets in the competition and would like to invite some of them.

You can also invite someone to spend the lunch break with you etc. The possibilities that There are many to take the first step!

6. You do too little

In adulthood you don’t have as many opportunities to move around in different groups of people as you do at university or school.

Most of your time is spent at work, doing related activities with her and with his family.

But that doesn't mean that you can't find time for yourself and for your hobbies, which bring new acquaintances and new friends, so to speak.

There are so many interesting activities to learn something new and make friends.

You can sign up for volunteer work, take a foreign language course, cooking class, dance class, painting class, etc. – whatever you like.

You will meet people in groups like a sports club, reading club, a non-profit organization and the like. There you will meet people who think just like you and with whom you can share your preferences and interests.

You can also register for a group or bus trip. There you can spend a few days together and make new contacts.

So if you go out and do something, you certainly have nothing to lose. You can only have a good time.

7. You give up too easily

If you invited a co-worker over for a drink after work and they turned you down because they have other commitments, don't give up immediately .

You may be thinking: Why would he date me, I know; not why i even try…

Get rid of such thoughts. Maybe he really has something planned at the moment and just can't go with you. But next time you can say something like: you owe me another drink! or something.

There's nothing wrong with inviting someone anywhere more than once.

Of course, you won't ask anyone to hang out with you, but you can already judge for yourself if the person is really that busy or just looking for excuses not to see you.

Up in any case, you have nothing to lose.

8. You're looking in the wrong place

Another mistake you may be making is trying to find friends in the wrong places.

For example, if all your work colleagues are much older or much younger than you, it can be more difficult for you to fit into this society, since the interests are very different and you are only connected through work are.

If you want to meet someone who is a bookworm, your first destination is certainly not a gym and vice versa.

For example, if you are married and have children , you certainly won't meet other moms in nightclubs. Well maybe, sometimes moms need a little relaxation and fun too. 😀

fun aside. We get along best with people with whom we share the same interests and who are like-minded people. So you should move in circles depending on what kind of people you want to meet.

I Have No Friends: 7 Tips To Change That< /strong>

1. Get out of your comfort zone!

If you're shy, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or take the first step when it comes to making friends.

Natü Surely you won't approach a stranger on the street and ask him if he wants to be your friend, but you have to start somewhere.

This can be, for example, the usual small talk with people . For example asking someone in the store where the milk is, asking someone where a certain street, building is and the like.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’d be friends right away, but it will make it much easier for you to approach and communicate with people.

The more strangers you approach and ask, the easier it will be it will be for you to make the first move when you ask someone out to hang out. You can achieve big goals with small steps, in this case it's the same. 🙂

2. Be open to new things!

First and foremost it is important to be open to new things and to make new contacts. Give people a chance.

Maybe you once refused to go out somewhere because you didn't seem to have anything in common with that person, maybe you thought you didn't fit in.

For example, someone invites you to a rock concert, but you decline because you don't listen to that type of music. That's the wrong attitude.

Although it's not your thing, this concert allows you to discover new interests, meet more people, etc.

After all, you can always go to a bar for a drink after the concert and get to know each other better. Either way, it's important to let people know that you're open to communication and company.

Sometimes we need to adapt a little to see where we're going. because we never know what to expect.

3. Find interesting conversation topics!

One of the things that keeps us from relaxing and hanging out with people is that sometimes we think we have nothing to talk about or that we're boring and uninteresting to someone.

< p>So it's a good idea to have a few topics we can use to spark interesting conversations and make a good first impression.

If you find this is preventing you from communicating with people and making friends, you can have some socializing questions and topics to talk about that will help you.

4. Harness the power of modern technology!


Thanks to the internet and social networks like Facebook Instagram and the like, we are connected to people more than ever.

Just as we use partner dating platforms, why not use modern technology to make new friends?

On Facebook there are different groups with members who share the same likes and are interested in the same topics.

Also many websites have forums on a specific topic where you can see if someone is out there who thinks like you.

You should definitely not limit yourself to the internet and only look for friends in the virtual world.

This can only be a little help for you, because maybe somewhere in these groups is your neighbor who also feels like they don't have any friends. You know yes never 🙂

5. Renew your existing acquaintances!

Is there someone in your circle of acquaintances who seems interesting to you, but you haven't had a chance to talk and get to know each other better?

Try to get in touch with this person or someone you know, such as work colleagues, neighbors, etc.

You may also have old friends from college, school or your old neighborhood that you lost contact with due to various circumstances.

6. Be a friend!

You can't expect to have friends if you're not a friend yourself.

That's why it's important to respect the people around you to show around that they can trust you, that they can count on you and that you are always ready to help.

You can show this by sometimes taking on someone's obligation or task.

For example, ask your neighbor if she needs help in the garden, take on tasks from one of your work colleagues, help someone , getting things across the street and such.

You will feel better and thus create a good image of yourself for the people around you and attract them. be positive Smile at people and give them compliments.

A little compliment like: How beautiful is your dress, may I know where you bought it? breaks the ice, brightens the day, paves the way for communication and maybe even friendship.

Kindness, positivity and helpfulness are qualities that are valued and can only do you good.

7. Be patient

It's important to know that deep friendships don't happen overnight. You can't know if a person is a true friend until you get to know them better.

Get rid of prejudice and judgment, too. The fact that you don't like someone at first glance can deceive you and rob you of an opportunity to meet a very good and nice person.

It takes time to build a good relationship and trust to be able to say that you are a true friend. That's why it's important to give people a chance by being patient as you build the relationship.

If you don't connect with someone on a deeper level right away, it doesn't mean you don't follow up two or three months of friendship will do.

Give people a chance and let time tell you whether you have a real friend with you or not.

Conclusion : Making friends doesn't have to be difficult. With good manners, a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and a touch of positivity, you can work wonders.

And until then, take the time to yourself. Enjoy being alone, take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

Don't force friendships because sometimes it's better to be alone than in bad company. However, I'm sure there are many people around you who would like to be your friends.

You just have to open your eyes and see them.

Good luck! 🙂

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