To my best: you will always be my person
To my best, there are no words that can express my love for you. I just want you to know that if I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have turned into
10 reasons why you need a brutally honest friend in your life
”Always telling the truth probably won't make you many friends, but it does the right ones.” John Lennon These are the reasons why everyone
11 reasons why you absolutely need a sarcastic best friend
1. They have a no-filter policy, and pretty much anything can be a joke Even the most serious of things have some humor in them. Sarcastic Best Friends
What it really means to be a loyal friend
When our hearts are broken, when we feel like there is no one in this world who understands us when everything goes wrong ;air… let'
If your bestie does these 8 things, you should never let them go
1. She accepts you for who you are If your best friend accepts you for who you are and she never tries to change you, then you should keep her because
An open letter to my best friend: You deserve the world
Dear best friend, I know you don't agree with me here, but I think so really that you deserve the world. It surprises me that you are sometimes not