15 Signs That Prove You've Found Your Best Friend For Life

15 signs that prove you've found your best friend for life

When you find a best friend, look to the qualities of people that you love.

Whether it's humor, compassion, the same mindset, or the occasional “I hate the same people as you do,” you know what you want and like.

So, here are the qualities that will prove you've found your best friend (or girlfriend) for life.

1. They are the first person you turn to when something happens

We all have those moments when we just complain about our staff, professor or partner want, or your car has broken down and you really need help.

They're the first ones you contact because you know they'll drop everything to save your ass.

2. They make you laugh when you cry

We all have those days when the tears flow like a river, but our best friend lets us always smile and reminds us that every bad day passes.

Who would have thought that one person could help you so much in life?

3. Forever Partners in Crime!

You know you've found your true best friend when it's the person you have every questioning relationship with. earthy life choice.

Hey, you're young and deserve to be a little mischievous sometimes! Especially with your partner in crime.

4. ”I love you”s are normal

To anyone who says “I love you” to their best friend. says you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's just necessary to say it before you hang up or say goodbye.

And to all the guys who say they don't: ”Love you bro!” counts too!

5. ”Oh my god I hate (insert person or word)”

This message or conversation is a topic you probably have OFTEN with your BFF .

It usually ends with you laughing uncontrollably and then going out for dinner or coffee. But who's going to complain about that?

6. They're the ones you can't talk to for days and you don't have to worry about friendship

You both know that each one has their own life and you have toü don't talk every day. You also understand that if you don't see each other for a week, nothing changes.

That's all that really matters.

7. They are your biggest supporters

They are always there when it matters most. Whether they support you with various events you attend or with tough decisions you need to make in life.

You know you can always count on them. It's pretty cool to have someone you can always count on and who can always count on you.

8. They stand up for you no matter what

Some friends are just friends and if someone were to say bad things about you, they probably wouldn't have the courage to say 'Hey, that's my best friend, tell me'. not that crap around me.” But that's why they're just friends and not your BEST friend!

9. They make you laugh the hardest and for the longest

Whether it's something ridiculous you've done or something hilarious, you always find that you laugh the most with them.

They say laughter is food for the soul and when you have one true best friend, you will absolutely agree with the statement.

10. "Netflix and chill" is really easy Netflix and chilling

You and your best friend were outraged when you heard people trying to make that phrase sound rude.

'Cause hey you had fun of it before some girl and guy made it a reference to something else…

11. Ugly snapchats mean something

Are you really best friends if you haven't already sent each other horrible snaps that could later be used to blackmail you? I don't think so!

12. They understand you and your moods

Sometimes it's just not your day, but they never blame you.

They are always the first to cheer you up with your favorite snack and help you let go of the thoughts that are plaguing you.

13. They are part of the family

Your parents probably know them as an extra daughter or son and they are always there for dinner. It's cool to have siblings that you 'choose'!

14. Toilet breaks are taken together

It doesn't matter where you are, but when you're together it usually means toilet breaks are taken together. And none of you think twice about it.

15. They love everything about you, the good and the bad

It's amazing to know someone who loves you unconditionally besides your mom and dad!

Thank you, best friend, for being my human and the human I can always count on to care and love me. I couldn't live without you.

With love,
Your best friend

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