A true hero of the dating jungle: The Wingman

A true hero of the dating jungle: The Wingman

Finding a partner isn't easy. Very rarely do you find a perfect partner on the first try and live your life happy and in love.

Most of us spend years and years looking for the right person. We often lose valuable time with the wrong person.

We not only lose time, but also the motivation to keep looking. We lose faith in love. We also often lose our self-confidence.

Every new beginning is harder. We know there's a chance we'll be turned down just by getting to know each other.

We don't even dare to take the first step.

But when we have someone with us who encourages us, who cheers us on, who is like our personal cheerleader, it suddenly becomes much easier.

When someone believes in us, it falls to us also easier to believe in ourselves. And when we have someone on our side, we know that even if things don't work out with the potential partner, we're not alone.

That person is a wingman.

Which is exactly a wingman?

Ever listen to a man who was in the army talk about his army buddies? This is a special kind of friendship.

These men are always there for each other. They know that they can trust each other 100 percent. Not only can, but also must. Your life may depend on it.

The term wingman also comes from the military. It even has two meanings.

It can represent the man standing in a rightmost front row formation, setting the direction and speed of the whole unit.

Only a truly reliable man can “a wingman” be.

Wingmen are also pilots or aircraft protecting another pilot or aircraft. In this case it is also called a wingman.

In any case, the wingman plays a very important role and a lot depends on him.

The term was first used in the novel Fathers and Sonsby the Russian writer Turgenev.

Nowadays, a wingman is a sidekick who helps you meet and conquer women.

Through the movie Top Gun and the How I Met Your Mother series has further popularized this phrase.

To find out how to spot a perfect wingman, read on.

< h2>What are the tasks of a wingman?

You can think of the wingman as your personal customer service when conquering 😀

He solves the potential problems, he makes sure that the customers (women you meet) are happy with the product (you) and he is also a communication channel between you.

A lot of work for one man, isn't it? Yes, that's exactly why not everyone can be a wingman. Some of the most important duties of the wingman are:

1. He analyzes your strategy

A good wingman watches you when you approach a woman. He sees how she reacts to your flirting, what she likes and dislikes.

Then he finds a way to tell you what he noticed to increase your chances .

And if it doesn't work out with a woman, then you tell him every detail of your conversation and he will help you to recognize where you made a mistake.

It can also help you decide how to approach a woman. Hope you have more than one option. Even if not, you're lucky to have him by your side.

He's a real pick-up artist and always has a great flirty line out of his sleeve.

2. He finds new women for you

Your wingman knows what kind of woman you like. When you two are in a club together, he doesn’t only find a partner for himself, but also for you.

He always keeps his eyes open and scanning the room.

One very important thing is that the two of you have already agreed beforehand that you have different prey patterns.

Your wingman should help you and not be your competition.

Two men Men who are supposed to be friends and are suddenly fighting for the interests of the same woman lose every chance.

None of them have a chance with this woman anymore. Believe me, it comes from experience.

A wingman also sees when a woman is showing interest in you. Even though you may not see her, he can tell by her body language that she finds you interesting and will draw your attention to her.

3. He appeals to women for you

If you're shy and have a hard time making the first move, a wingman is just what you need.

< p>He goes first to a woman, speaks to her and thus prepares the way for you.

Even if you're not too shy, it's good to have someone to go first and set the atmosphere.

You know how it is at the concert, the star is playing never first?.

I've seen very different wingman strategies. Some start right away explaining what a great guy their buddy is and how lucky I am that I'm getting to know him so quickly.

But I remember it very well good to someone who tried to win me over with the worst pick-up lines.

Then he made some strange comments and all of a sudden his buddy came over and apologized for his behavior and said he had a few too many drinks.

Only after several months my partner told me it was their strategy.

The wingman goes first, he's a bit tiring and then his buddy comes like a knight on his white horse and “saves” the woman.

4. He distracts other people

Is there anything worse than when you're flirting with a girl and another guy comes along and interrupts you?

Yes, actually. If she then shows more interest in him than in you.

But if you have your wingman with you, that won't happen.

You can only look forward to your hopefully future Concentrate on your partner, he takes care of everything else.

If he sees that another man has your lady on his radar, he will do everything to prevent this guy from getting a chance to approach her.

The best thing is to befriend him and start chatting him up , until you disappear with the woman.

But not only other men can spoil your plans. Other women can also be a danger.

Not just any women, but friends of your crush.

Yes, I admit, sometimes we are one of the hardest obstacles on your way to your lady's heart.

We're just protecting our girlfriend, don't take it personally.

A good wingman knows; but also how it keeps the girlfriends busy.

It not only analyzes the woman you are targeting, but also her girlfriends and for each one he will be able to personalize a separate access.

He knows which ones to distract with a conversation, which one to dance with, and which one to play a drinking game with.

5. He won't let you give up

For a good wingman there is no loss, only a new beginning. Even if you're ready to give up, he's not.

He's the best motivational coach you've ever heard.

You know, like boxing, the coach yelling motivational slogans at the boxer all the time between rounds?

That's just how a good wingman behaves. Even if you get a basket, that's just the end of a round. The match continues.

Even when you're ready to say goodnight, his words come across as like an energy bar along with a high caffeine energy drink.

Suddenly you realize how young the night is and that everything is still possible.

Is the best friend the perfect wingman?

Yes, you might think that the best friend is also a perfect wingman.

Nobody knows you better and he knows; also all your best parts and how he presents them. He is also willing to do anything for you.

But what if your best friend is very shy? Then he can't help you much.

Or if he's in a committed relationship or even married? You can then hardly expect him to regularly help you find a partner.

A perfect wingman is the one guy in your circle of friends who always knows where the best parties are.

The one who's always ready for an afterparty and asks where's next?

It also helps that he's enjoying the single life. A true player can be the perfect wingman.

Just be careful, he might have a hard time when you really fall in love and your mutual conquests end.

Can a woman Be a wingman?

Yes, we women are often a wingman or rather a wingwoman for each other.

Maybe we don’t speak to the guys for our girlfriends that often, although I have done it before.

But we also have our responsibilities when we party. We also analyze the room, looking for handsome men or men whose body language sends out flirting signals.

Your wingman can sometimes just keep us away from our girlfriend so easily because we can too want to keep away from you?

But a woman can also be a great wingman for her boyfriend. We find it so much easier to approach women as we are not afraid of being turned down.

Don't you believe me?

Yes, hello, I'm sorry, what's your name? Natascha?

OMG Natascha I've been watching you for a while and I NEED to ask where you bought that dress/who is your hairdresser/where did you get that tattoo done?< /em>

I just told my good friend Matthias 5 minutes ago that you are the most beautiful woman here!

Matthias come here. Natascha, this is Matthias. Matthias, this is Natascha, tell her what I just told you. Isn't she the most beautiful woman here?

Yes, excuse me both of you, I see my colleague there, I just have to get in touch quickly, come back soon, you two stay here?< /p>

And I'm already gone and you're standing there with the most beautiful woman ?

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