7 important things to thank my best friend for

7 important things to thank my best friend for

We all know that true friendship is hard to find and even harder to maintain.

< p>But once you find 'your person', your 'soul mate', your missing piece of the puzzle in a friend, you may call yourself blessed.

You have someone who knows your deepest inside, someone who loves you unconditionally and who is always open and honest with you and what more could you ask for in life?

To me, my best friend is like a sister I never had. Someone I haven't known all my life, but it still feels like it.

We both had friends before that we thought were the best. But then we were tricked, cheated and taken advantage of and it was difficult for both of us to open up to people.

But somehow we felt connected when we met. We felt like we already knew each other and that it was safe to spill our hearts out.

I think these kinds of friendships are rare. You are special. They are something to be grateful for and should never be taken for granted.

Because life changes, people come and go, relationships end, but a best friend is someone who will be there for the end of time.

There are millions of things for’ I want to thank my best friend, but here are the most important ones.

I know many of you are also lucky enough to have a soul mate in your life and you will understand:< /p>

1. Thanks for being so awfully honest

I know always that I can count on you when I need the hard truth. You don't beat about the bush and don't flatter anything. Best friends don't do that.

Even if I don't want to hear that the guy I have a crush on is nothing more than an idiot just playing with me, you say so anyway.

This is just one of many examples, but whatever is happening in my life, whenever I do a "reality check" need, I will come to you because I know; that you are always absolutely honest and that you care about my happiness, even if you sound harsh.

2. Thank you for all the times you knew me better than I know myself

You're the one who sees behind my fake smile and knows when I need nothing more than a hug. Thanks for telling me when I'm going in the wrong direction and fooling myself.

Thank you for being the one who knows me even when I lose myself. You are always there to be a mirror to me.

3. Thank you for the little things that mean a lot to me

You know about all those things that seem so ordinary and insignificant, like texting me in the morning and wishing me a nice day at work, sending me something funny, a meaningful, share an inspirational quote or article that suits me, tag me in the right memes, tell me something only I understand.

These things are important. They show me that someone is always thinking of me and shares my special sense of humor.

These big little things mean a lot to me and sometimes make my whole day brighter.

< h2>4. Thanks for listening to my pointless dramas

I know sometimes I turn the same story back and forth just to come to the same conclusion.

Thank you for not rejecting me but going through with it because you know I need it to heal better.

You're really great because you never complain , although sometimes I bore myself to death with my constant analysis.

5. Thank you for calming my racing mind

I analyze and dissect every little detail, just like you.

You might think that by doing this we are pulling each other deeper into overanalyzing and non-stop thinking about all the (im)possibilities in life, but somehow we are pulling each other out of the chaos.

It may be easier to see your behavioral patterns in someone else. It's easier to tell when it's time to shut down and live in the moment.

6. Thanks for all the fun&rszlig; and the laughter we have together

There is nothing in the world quite like having someone you can just be yourself with. Someone you don't need to hide your craziness from.

Someone who makes you laugh so bad your stomach hurts. Someone who will stay up late so you can talk about anything that comes to your mind. Someone to dance the night away and survive hangovers with you.

Someone to have pizza with late at night. Someone to travel with. Someone who knows how to make the best of any situation.

7. Thank you for being your incredible self

Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on. Thank you for being happy for me. Thank you for always being there.

Thank you for keeping my secrets and sharing yours with me. Thank you for your respect.

Thank you for believing in me even if I can't do it myself. You are my biggest support and my rock. You are irreplaceable.

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