40 bloody good reasons why I love my bestie

40 damn good reasons why i love my bestie

1. She is always there for me no matter what stupid thing I do!

2. She loves me with all her heart and always reminds me.

3. She fought for me when I wasn't strong enough.

4. She's the only person I'm not ashamed to cry in front of.

5. She saw me on my worst days and decided to stay with me.

6. Her parents love me like I love their own daughter.

7. She's the only person who can smack me for my own good. And no, I'm not going to kill her for that.

8. She is someone I can tell my darkest secrets to without fear that she will tell others.

9. In my most difficult moments, she has been there to hold my hand and tell me that everything will pass.

10. It's my common sense when I'm unable to decide what's best for me.

11. With every breakup I've had to go through, she's stood by me, talked to me, and tried to comfort me.

12. She was there to hold my hand when I went to the doctor to confirm I was pregnant.

13. She is someone who will drive all night to see me and comfort me because she knows I can always count on her.

14. She won't be mad if I say that I'd rather stay home on a Friday night because I don't feel like going out.

15. We share our dreams, hopes and love for life.

16. She pushes me to be the best version of myself.

17. Your hug can always calm me down and make my heart beat slower.

18. She is the only person who supports all my decisions.

19. With her I can be who I am without having to wear a mask to make her like me.

20. She knows all my pros and cons and yet she decided to stay with me.

21. We can sit together for an hour without saying a word and then walk out the door like we've had the best conversation of our lives.

22. She's the only one who really understands everything I'm trying to say.

23. She never judges me, but she won't keep her opinions to herself.

24. She knows really how to listen to me because she is aware that this is how I depressurize and saying something out loud will help me.

25. She makes me make mistakes – not to say “I told you so”, but to show me that I can learn from them.

26. If something about me looks shitty, she won't have a problem telling me.

27. She always gives me advice but in the end she respects my opinion.

28. She thinks I'm an amazing person.

29. She makes me believe that I am worthy and good enough.

30. I can laugh with her until my stomach hurts.

31. Sometimes just one look from her tells me everything. We know each other that well.

32. She has never been jealous of me, and neither have I of her.

33. She argues with me, but only to explain that I am about to make a mistake that I will regret later.

34. She cheers me up when I'm down and I do the same for her.

35. I'm not ashamed to tell her something dirty I did with a one night stand.

36. She is someone who gives me the best birthday gifts since she knows me so well.

37. She doesn't just say she loves me, she shows it!

38. She knows how I feel just by looking at me.

39. She has never used me for anything and she always makes sure she is there for me.

40. We may not be sisters by blood, but we do have heart ties!

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