Your toxic love taught her how to leave others

Your toxic love taught her how to leave

I know you thought this girl just didn't cut it.

She would not be brave and bold enough. She would never have the courage to do the right thing.

I know you were adamant that she would always love you more than herself.

That you would always be her priority no matter what you do.

Let's face it – you could have bet your life that this woman would be by your side forever.

That she would never say goodbye to you for good and that all her threats to leave you were just empty words.

To be honest, she warned you about it again and again that one day you would make them stop caring about you.

That eventually you would break the camel's back and they would send you to hell would.

So why are you acting so surprised now that she has fulfilled her promises?

Why can't you believe that this woman left you and won't come back?

Yes, you assumed that you could have her whenever you wanted and that you could treat her , however you want.

That she would never get enough of all the second chances.

That she would never get enough of all the empty excuses and false promises .

I know you thought there was nothing you could do to make her stop loving you.

That you could break her heart as many times as you want, and that nothing would drive her away from you.

I guess you were wrong because she left you, right?

She left and you wondering what happened. What has changed in her?

How dare she break your heart? How dare she give you a taste of your own medicine?

Since when is she so merciless? Where did the kindhearted, forgiving woman who loved you so much go?

Well, I'll tell you what happened – you happened.

You destroyed the woman she was when you smashed her heart a thousand times in a row.

You destroyed that woman ;rt when you broke them beyond repair.

And you yourself created the strong woman she has become.

You taught her to only take care of herself.

You taught her never to put the needs of others ahead of her own and you showed her that life is smoothest for those who love themselves the most.

For years you Showed her time and time again that she's stupid to believe in unconditional love and that she's stupid to expect the same from others.

That she needs to take care of herself and think about her own well-being.

You've convinced her time and time again that all her efforts to make you a better person was in vain.

That people don’t change and that she would never be able to save you.

So after all these years she finally got you given up. No, don't be surprised because you made her do it yourself.

After all, you taught her the art of saying goodbye.

You showed her how to let others down without thinking about the consequences.

How to make the run without ever looking back and how to just leave all your emotional baggage behind.

Most importantly, you taught her how to get out of a situation completely unscathed.

Your toxic love taught her how to leave and she will be eternally grateful to you for that.

So I'm guessing that the student gotten better than the teacher.

This woman beat you at your own game and you should congratulate her on that.

Aside from that, you ended up losing a lot more .

You really are the worst thing that has ever happened to her, but at the same time you brought her something good.

You helped her learn those valuable life lessons that she will never be forgotten, and you helped her find the inner strength she had no idea about.

Well, thanks for breaking her. 

Sofia Müller

Relationship counselor Sofia Müller decided that through her articles and books she could reach and help more people, so she started her blog Your Way.< /p>

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