Why is my ex ignoring me? 6 ways to get his attention back

Why is my ex ignoring me? 6 ways to get his attention back

Table of Contents expand 1 The reason he's ignoring you 2 You overdo it on the news 3 Excessive declarations of love 4 You gossip about him with your friends 5 6 things you can do to stop your ex from ignoring you 6 1. Respect his wishes 7 2. Taste your newfound independence 8 3. Have a good time with your mutual friends 9 4. Meet him ”quite randomly” 10 5. Date someone new 11 6. Take advantage of your social networks

The reason he's ignoring you

I know this isn't exactly going to cheer you up, but the reason your ex-boyfriend is ignoring you could well be something you totally unconsciously do! Let me explain in more detail.

First of all, it's important to know that sometimes it really isn't your fault.

Males have weird brains that sometimes only the rest of the male species can really understand, so you shouldn't take it personally at all.

God knows what go crazy for weird things in their heads and why they are so mean sometimes.

But we won't get into that here, because it's a subject that only a true professional can analyze psychologically ( if you know what I mean).

I'm going to lay out the things here that you can really control and change.

For example, these are the possible reasons why your ex is ignoring you, how to get him to talk face-to-face, and finally how to win your boyfriend back!

It's not that hard to get your ex back if you play your cards right.

With SMS, social networks and a cleverly implemented contact block, you can beat the gameß turn around completely and both avoid the mean mind games and make sure he stops ignoring you.

Once you read this article thoroughly, you will see his behavior in a completely different light and understand why things went the way you two did.

Maybe then you'll finally stop being the “ex-girlfriend” and work your way back into his head and heart.

Sometimes, in order to get a clear perspective, men just need some time and space to figure out what the real reasons are for this potentially huge mistake they're making.

Surely you also contributed to this breakup, but as individuals you both could use this time wisely to go inside and to think about what you both really want.

The most common mistakes after the breakup

Now we come to the crucial part. After the breakup, it's important NOT to do ANY of the things I'm about to list here.

All of these things only make you seem desperate, needy, and clingy, and I know that is the last thing on your mind.

Men can smell this from miles away.

They know when you're at the end of your tether and stuff will do pretty much anything to get their attention. And they're not into that at all!

Never let your ex see how the breakup has affected you.

The first time you hear from them about their breakup could be the defining moment, so keep it cool and save those frantic calls for later, when you can think straight again.

These are the most common reasons why a man refuses to give you a second chance after a break , as he has an alarmingly wrong image of you. Note the following:

You overdo it with the news

The relationship is over (for now). He doesn't want to be with you right now and you need to respect that and learn to accept it as your new reality.

Don't overdo the messages! Don't bother him, it'll only prove to him that breaking up with you was the right thing to do.

Show him that you're mature enough to accept that, and once you're sane, you can come up with a plan to win him back.

But if you tell him texting way too much and way too soon will only do the opposite.

Why would you text your ex-boyfriend at all? Respect what your ex wants and give your heart a rest.

Staying apart after the breakup is the best way to heal and eventually be ready to face him again .

Excessive declarations of love

Honey, I know it's painful and I understand how much it hurts, and I tell you this from the bottom of my heart.

However, flaunting your love after the relationship is over is the most counterproductive way to get your ex back.

If your ex says he needs some time first, then don't make it any harder for both of you.

Even if he still has feelings for you, it will only make the decision more difficult for him.

He may be someone new in your life and if you continue to smother him with your love , you could very well lose him.

This is real life; this is not a movie. He won't magically change his mind if you continue like this.

Ask yourself this: What do I do if I really want him to love me? Do I push him further and further away with my pushiness, or do I give him enough time and pray that in the end he chooses me?

I think you will already know what to do is.

You gossip about him with your friends

In general, I don't like putting other people down. I believe that karma will (eventually) make everything right again. The easiest way is to keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

And why? Because in moments of anger and resentment you will most likely say things that you shouldn't and you will probably overdo it.

One day you will regret it, but by then it will be too late; t be So it's best not to say anything bad about him, because it will only be a matter of time before he finds out.

And when that happens, you can say goodbye to your reconciliation. People make mistakes, and that goes for both you and your ex.

Keep your personal issues to yourself and work it out privately.

< h2>6 things you can do to stop your ex from ignoring you

Now that we know the most common mistakes women make after a breakup, you are finally ready to do something.

If your ex is ignoring you, it's best to back off for a while until you know exactly what you want and the best way to get it.

The goal in doing this is that he sees you with different eyes. As a woman who is willing and ready to tackle her problems and respect the intimacy of a relationship.

A woman worth fighting for.

< p>When he sees you the next day (and with all the chance encounters that are likely to come), he needs to see that breaking up with you was the biggest mistake of his life make.

And with the following 6 rules, you can achieve just that.

1. Respect his wishes

If he says he needs space and time to think things over, give it to him.

If he tells you a painful reason for his sudden withdrawal, try to put yourself in his shoes and understand why he is reacting the way he is.

Try to switch roles. Suppose you were the one who initiated the breakup.

You would be the one who needs to pull yourself together and find a way out of a difficult situation. Would you be okay with your ex-spouse bombarding you with questions?

Would that make you find him more attractive or maybe make you even more attracted to him distance? I think you get the point!

Prove to him that you are an understanding ex-girlfriend and don't snoop around!

Respect his wishes and give him the time he so desperately needs. If it's meant to be with the two of you, it will eventually work out – just don't rush things.

2. Embrace your newfound independence

In my opinion, the most attractive quality a person can have is the ability to make at least a little effort in any crappy situation find some good stuff.

It's not an easy task, but if you persevere, you will get there!

For now, enjoy your newfound independence! You can do whatever you want and with whomever you want!

Go to the new club you've been wanting to go out to (but never could because it's mainly for singles is) and dance all night with some hot strangers.

Sleep late at the weekend because now you don't have to meet anyone, so you don't have to set the alarm clock!

Take a trip by yourself. Find new hobbies. Explore the parts of yourself that you have been neglecting for months!

Once you see how invigorating and enriching this can be, you will fully enjoy your independence and life appreciate more than ever!

And when your ex sees that you're living the life of your dreams and have no regrets, they'll want to make it up with you!

And it's entirely up to you what you make of it from there do.

3. Have a good time with your mutual friends

You're guaranteed to get his attention without looking desperate.

If you have mutual friends, is this is the perfect opportunity to subtly let him know how relaxed you are!

Show him he's let go of a once-in-a-lifetime catch by having a great time with your friends, and be sure to snap a photo or two!

They'll definitely talk to him at some point, and you can Don't expect him to ask about you.

And all they'll say is that you're absolutely gorgeous and that they like this new amazing woman you're dating of separation.

He will then have two choices.

He'll either stay cool and pretend he doesn't care OR he'll admit to himself how lousy he was for letting you go and text you saying he wants to meet you.

Just make sure to be as casual and relaxed as possible when that happens.

You want him to see your best side! And then – it's all up to him. And I just hope he's smart enough not to lose you twice.

4. Meet him ”randomly”

You've been with this guy for a while, haven't you? So you pretty much know him inside and out.

So it should be a snap to “accidentally” to cross paths! You know pretty much everything there is to know about him so it couldn't be easier.

You know where he goes out and where he eats. You could maybe take a walk around the neighborhood around the time he usually goes out and of course dress up as smart as you can!

If you know where he's coming from It's going to be the weekend (thanks to your mutual friends), then grab your girls and have a great night!

Show him that you're totally happy, carefree and in the best of moods .

Pretend you've completely forgotten he's going there and have a casual chat with him.

5. Date someone new

Of course it shouldn't be anything serious or significant.

It should just be a cute guy that you can hang out with and have a drink with when you're feeling like it. After all, you're only human.

The trick is that your ex needs to know somehow so that you can test his reaction and make him jealous.

You know, when a guy leaves you, he doesn't really realize what he's leaving until he sees you in the company of another man.

And that's an opportunity you need To give him! Make your little liaison known, but don't be too flashy.

Maybe he won't mind, but there's a much higher chance that he'll get jealous and end up with a ü wondering if ignoring you was the right thing to do.

One thing is for sure, though: you'll have his attention, and that's a good start.

6. Take advantage of your social networks

Since the two of you aren't together right now, he has no real insight into your life anymore.

And initially that is also totally fine as it allows you both to heal faster. But after a while, you'll both be wondering what each other is up to.

And that's where social media comes in!

If you want him to know where you are and what exciting things you're doing today, be smart and post a cute photo on Instagram, with your location of course, or tweet about the new place you're it's absolutely amazing.

This is the easiest way for him to see what you're up to and to bump into you – if he wants to, of course.

But even if he doesn't, at least he'll know that you're still enjoying your life and that you're doing amazing despite the breakup!

If he sees your face regularly, he might miss you and text you about it!

You never know what can happen, so you have to be prepared for everything.

Use the tools you have to stop your ex ignoring you and you'll know you did your best!

One way or another, everything will work out good trust me You've survived worse, and you're sure to get through it no matter what the outcome!

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