He reads my messages but doesn't answer. We reveal the mystery!

He reads my messages but doesn't reply. We solve the mystery!

You can't think straight, you can't eat, everything and everyone around you just gets on your nerves.

You're nervous, you're shaking your legs , hands, you can't stand still for a minute.

You don't usually behave like this, you are quite friendly to other people in particular and for most people you are sunshine, but something really threw you off track.

Oh god, again you've latched on to a guy who's been bugging you for days, who's been giving you a headache without you doing anything wrong.

He silenced you out of nowhere granted. He didn't reply to your last message yet again.

You keep staring at your phone, wondering if he will text you back, but nothing comes.

You keep checking the messenger services to see whether the messages can be sent normally and you realize that it can't be their fault.

The tick indicates that the WhatsApp message was put through and the unwelcome "read" blinds you.

You can't think of anything else all day, what mind games is he playing with you?

Is it so hard for him to write back Or is he just not interested in you and you don't want to accept it?

Now the question is, is this the first time this has happened or is he a repeat offender?

Are you used to him taking his time before Does he text back or even worse doesn't reply to your WhatsApp messages at all and you still text him?

If a man is always on his phone, active on social media, and usually responds to his friends within a few minutes, you should realize something is wrong.

You know; t even if you care about someone, you never make them wait.

Of course sometimes it can happen that you don't have time at the moment, that you have a “ read” there, but later you explain to the person what happened.

Once a man has found the woman of his dreams, he will certainly not keep her waiting for her to rack her brains, which is wrong now.

However, we will give you a specific answer to your problem.

If he reads your messages but doesn't reply, there may be a few reasons why.

We will explain to you exactly when men don’t reply to messages, because we don’t want you to sit by your phone for years waiting for him to get back to you.
Why doesn’t reply, but reads your messages ?

Men sometimes play games with women, although they are hunters, they also find it interesting when they are being hunted.

But if the man keeps reading your messages and not texting back, has a different background.

Table of contents Show 1 1. Psycho games 2 2. He's just not interested 3 3. He's on two tracks 4 4. He's just not a scribe

1. Mind Games

When you first wrote to each other, he responded quickly to every message you sent, sometimes you couldn't believe how quick he was. But now it's the exact opposite.

He knows you're waiting for an answer, that you take your phone with you everywhere, but he's having a good time. from it.

He finds it interesting to pull the strings.

Sometimes he goes one step further and starts typing just for you to see because your phone will tell you when he's typing and the next moment he'll erase everything and get back to you you no answer.

He knows you too well, he knows what makes you tick and with that he wants to bind you to him in a sick way.

He is aware that it drives you crazy, but on the other hand you think about him all the time.

These types are among the toxic manipulators and you should simply distance yourself from such people.

Whenever you feel the need to WhatsApp him, you should reach out to your best friend.

Your best friend becomes an anchor for you, drawing you from the foolish thoughts.

You must not allow him to treat you like this and torment you like this on purpose.

Such behavior makes you realize right away that he doesn’t care about you, he only feeds his ego with your messages and you shouldn’t do him the favours.

2. He's just not interested

If you've been looking for a partner after a long time and finally find someone who makes your heart beat faster, then you want it win the person over at any cost.

And in such a case you don't want to admit that the person is not interested in you, that you are not his type or that he has the woman of his dreams found in the meantime.

But what pisses you off the most is the fact that he used to reply to your messages.

Well, his replies weren't lightning quick, but at least he did reply and now this radio silence .

Maybe that's because he only answered you out of politeness.

He didn’t want to come across as arrogant because he knew from the start that you’re not his type, but unfortunately you won’t let go and the only thing he can do now is ignore you.

I know what you've just read doesn't sound like you, but that's the truth.

Because it doesn't make sense to text someone for days, weeks, even though the person won't write anything back if the person is intentionally ignoring you.

You shouldn't take this too much to heart, because in life you will often find yourself in such situations and you will always realize that you have thought about it unnecessarily.

I'm sure you've done it yourself when a guy was too annoying and wrote you thousands of messages every day even though you weren't interested, after a while you stopped replying.< /p>

3. It follows two tracks

Sometimes he replies quite quickly, but lately it has become more and more common that he takes quite a long time to reply to your message.

Sometimes it takes days for his message pops up on your screen.

When you confront him about it, he always comes up with ridiculous excuses that not even a toddler would believe. But after that he writes normally again, as if nothing had happened.

In that case it may well be that  your dream prince follows two tracks.

He doesn't want to dump you completely because he knows; not sure yet which of the two of you he will choose.

He tests you both out and then, when he's with the other one, of course he can't get in touch with you, then his eyes are fixed on her and he doesn't want to risk getting caught.

Or even worse, he has a steady relationship that you don’t know about and of course, if his girlfriend ever sleeps over with him, his hands are tied, he can’t get in touch with you because she would ;would find out that he’s cheating on her.

You can tell by the fact that if he gets in touch with you after a long time, he will pay you lots of compliments and want to make it clear to you how he missed you a lot during that time, because he knows that you want to hear something like that and that way you forgive him everything.

4. He's just not a writer

In this day and age of social media, it's uncommon for someone to dislike texting, but I can assure you there are still those who prefer face-to-face communication.

Maybe you've just found yourself a man who finds it annoying to text about everything and everyone.

Sometimes whiteß He doesn’t know what to write to you either, because it’s not in his natural environment and for that reason he chooses not to write.

You can tell that type of man when he meets you anywhere in public, he always stops.

He takes his time, actively talks to you and you get the feeling that he enjoys talking to you.

So it can't be that he's not interested, he just hates texting.

He wants you live be able to see, look into your eyes and analyze your facial expressions and gestures.

If you notice that he is that type of guy, you should speak to him about it openly.

Make him understand that you don't mind if he thinks texts are silly and that you would prefer to meet him in real life.

That way you can get the dating phase rolling even faster.

Some men are manipulative and enjoy playing with women's feelings, while others are just shy and don't know how to approach themselves.< /p>

No matter what kind of guy you're bumping into, you should be open about it. If you have any doubts, ask him directly.

If you don't think he's interested but don't want to say it, bring it up yourself.

Just tell him we are adults and we can probably talk openly about everything because it is always better to know the truth.

It is only important that you take care of your mental well-being, no man is worth sitting by your phone for days hoping for a line or a smiley face from him while your life flashes before you.

Guys like this sit with their friends and laugh at you out.

Because you're worrying too much about why he's not texting back, you don't even realize that there are other men out there complaining about a few lines from you would be happy.

Leave the toxic people behind and look ahead, you never know what you might miss.

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