Stop bending over backwards for other people

Listen stop bending for other people

Life is full of compromises, isn't it?

And when life is full of compromises , it seems only fair to split those compromises, doesn't it?

Yes, dating is a mess, it takes a lot of energy to maintain our relationships in this crazy and hectic world, and sometimes there are things that don't matter, so we give them up.

That's okay.

You should give up things that don't matter.

But you have to be careful what you give up.

Please never put yourself in this basket.

Never put yourself in the unimportant basket.

The way you treat yourself sets an example for others to treat you. They learn from you.

You show them what you can and cannot tolerate. Don't let them think their decisions are more important than yours.

Don't let them think their time is more valuable than yours.

If you reply to their messages right away and don't make them wait, you should get the same in return. Don't take their three hour late reply as something normal.

Don't be glad they wrote you back at all. No. That's not enough.

If you rearrange your plans to meet up with them and they cancel you at the last minute, don't get excited and happy the next time they invite you back.

If the pattern keeps repeating, that's not okay. Only meeting when it suits them is not okay. No. It's just not enough.

You matter.

Your plans matter.

Your wants and needs are just as important as theirs the others.

Your job, your ambitions, desires and hobbies are just as important and important as everyone else's. Don't let anyone take that away from you.

The only person you need to keep in your life is you.

The only person that you must hold on to and that you must not let go is yourself.

Believe me, you can live without her, but you cannot live without yourself, and yet you care at least for yourself.

People come and go. couples break up Friends go their separate ways and grow apart.

People who swore they would stay together forever suddenly change their mind and disappear, and as sad as that sounds, it's okay.

That's life. That's how it happens. You will lose people over time. But please, never lose yourself.

You cannot force anyone to stay in your life. Staying is a choice, so be thankful for people who choose you.

You've probably seen people break up a 5 or 10 year relationship, turn around and marry someone they've only known 6 months, and do everything their ex kept begging them to do.

Stop trying to please everyone. Stop bending yourself for other people. They listen to you.

They will never be the people you want in your life because you are not the person they want in theirs.

People change for those they want. It's that simple.

When you need to give up yourself or your principles for the sake of those around you, it's probably time to change the people around you.

You are meant to love people and compromise, but only as long as you don't put them ahead of you, as long as you don't risk your happiness for their place in your life .

Find a balance between your willingness to compromise and your prioritization.

And only do it for the people who are willing to do the same for you.< /p>

It's scary to be in love with this generation. Loyalty is so rare and people would rather choose a great night than a great relationship.

So I'll make you a proposition. Listen to me.

Stop getting groped and kissed by them and letting them waste your time when they don't want anything serious.

Stop checking in with them when they don't contact you get in touch.

Stop rescheduling your life if you don't fit their plans at all.

Stop making yourself unhappy do to make them happy. Stop begging for their presence in your life.

turn the game around. Dedicate to yourself all the time you wasted on people who didn't deserve it.

Build yourself up. Be nice to yourself. Date yourself. Pamper yourself. Be your own priority.

And then what will happen?

All the people you “beg” have to stay with you will slowly disappear from your life.

Because the only person committed to this relationship will stop and what will be left then?


Yourself surrounded by just a few people, but people who are worth your time.

You will feel like you have a giant rock fell off your chest.

There will be many more battles in life, but at least you will know who to rely on.

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