Your Narcissist Hopes You'll Never Know These 5 Unbelievable Secrets

Your Narcissist Hopes You'll Never Know These 5 Unbelievable Secrets

I'm sure you'd like to hear a few useful things you can learn in Can use the future when dealing with narcissists, right? Well, you can find them here.

You already know that all narcissists use manipulation and tricks to fool even the smartest of people.

No matter what situation they find themselves in bring, they have a tactic ready.

We all know that they trust in their ability to play a role (and a powerful one at that) tailored to each and every human they target for the current manipulation.

They can easily tune into anyone they want to trick to get the most out of them and then let them down.

But there are a few things you can't ;didn't know about narcissists.

Things they wish they could keep secret forever. Because these secrets allow them to get very far with their games without being recognized.

And now you'll have a way out the next time a narcissist makes your life miserable and tries to get his way.

You will easily see through him, confront him and make him feel vulnerable.

Because that's exactly what he does he with all his victims.

I'm not saying it will be a piece of cake every time, but it will definitely make him question everything he thought he knew.

Play his game by learning these 5 secrets that your narcissist wants to keep secret at all costs!

Table of Contentsfade in 1 1. If you play dumb, his mask will fall much faster 2 2. Log his misdeeds – getting caught is his biggest fear 3 3. indifference is his biggest anger 4 4. let him know that you don't feel inferior to him 5 5. don't fall on his mock regret in – she is NEVER real

1. If you play dumb, his mask will fall off much quicker

A neck-and-neck race with a manipulative narcissist can only end in pain for you.

< p>He knows his craft far too well to let anyone take him by surprise.

But I have something better for you anyway. play dumb Pretend you're the naïve girl he wants to be.

Don't let him see that there's more to you than meets the eye.


The more stupid and naive you are in his eyes, the less he will try to hide his real self, and that will give you an incredible glimpse into his real self.

He won't want to hide if he thinks you're not clever or not paying attention.

All the while you will watch him silently and follow his every move, study his tricks and learn what upsets him.

Play the game slowly and eventually you will know him better than he knows himself yourself.

2. Log his misdeeds – getting caught is his biggest fear

A narcissist is a social predator. And all social predators are afraid of being caught and their misdeeds exposed.

That's why it's important that you document any form of abuse he uses on you. Just try to be as discreet as possible.

Take a picture of the bruise if he ever gave you a bruise.

Take his violent, manipulative ones Fury secretly with your phone in your pocket.

Film him from a safe distance committing an offense that you think could be used against him.

Don't let him know about it and when the time comes, use all this evidence as you see fit and get rid of him once and for all with solid evidence that made him himself his devilish can't pull out more charm.

3. Indifference is his biggest annoyance

He feeds on the reactions of his victims. It gives him strength to keep going and work twice as hard on his tricks.

But what drives him absolutely insane is when he doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for. This really is his biggest tease.

Keep calm despite his stupidity. Remain calm if he clearly and desperately wants you to react impulsively.

Don't give him the satisfaction of doing exactly what he thought you would do.

And then watch him scratch his head (figuratively) in disbelief. You will leave him speechless for a moment.

And the more you do that, the less he will need you because you will no longer be of any use to him. And just like that you will win the fight.

4. Make it clear to him that you don't feel inferior to him

Narcissists treat their romantic partners as inferior people. He doesn’t even consider you human, you are just an object to him.

And he thinks he has the right to do what he wants with you.

So if you show him that you know what you're worth despite his insults and all forms of manipulation, he will see that he is not doing a good job.

You know, he wants you to feel like a nobody.

He has to make you, you deeming yourself inferior so that he can captivate you.

But if you show him that you're still a confident woman with your morals intact, that'll make him a failure.

In his eyes, it will paint him in a bad light, and to your delight and Relief will confront his shortcomings.

5. Don't fall for his mock remorse – she is NEVER real

Narcissists can even disarm the police and judiciary with their flawless performance of a humble person who sincerely regrets his actions.

Sometimes they are even able to cry on command. And they can make anyone believe in their soft, fragile side.

But it's important that you know that this is nothing more than a show. And you should never fall for it.

He will say the right words and even shed a few tears – just let him. Make him think you bought it.

But remember, this is all just a vicious, nasty trick to play the victim card.

Just imagine just imagine how cruel and callous a person must be to cry on command when the situation calls for it and then do the exact same shitß with a boastful smile on her face.


Sofia Müller

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