Your apology means nothing if you don't change

Your Sorry means nothing if you don't change

If anyone's a forgiving person, it's me.

We're all only human. People make mistakes and nobody is perfect. I realize that.

So I never demanded perfection from you. I never wanted you to be flawless and I've always been very understanding when you did something wrong and later regretted it.

You could even say I'm an empath.

I know that sometimes you can get into a situation where you do something you normally wouldn't do.

Some would say that I'm also a forgiving person.

I'm not someone who kicks people out of their life at the first mistake.

To be precise, am I am widely known as a professional second chance distributor.

I always try my best to understand your point of view, listen to your side of the story and put yourself in your shoes.

But don't you dare take me for a fool.

I may be many things, but I'm not a stupid woman. You know, my patience has its limits.

Yes, most of the time I listen to my heart. When making decisions, I let my emotions guide me more than I should.

Nevertheless, I also have a brain.

I can think rationally and see reality through my pink one See glasses.

What I'm basically saying is that I'm well aware that apologies only mean anything if you don't repeat your mistakes.

In all other cases, they mean nothing. They have no value if you use them as an excuse to justify your behavior.

There's no point in asking my forgiveness if you don't want to change.

< p>There's no point in asking for a second chance if you're going to ruin everything again as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Yet that's what you've been doing all along.

< p>It seems you have become accustomed to this behavior by now.

You are making a mistake, you treat me badly and you hurt me.

As soon as you see that I'm dating you get on your knees.

Suddenly you act like you're willing to do anything just for me to take you back.

You keep promising that you will change, that you will never make the same mistake again and that this is the last time we are in this situation.

So I'm stupid enough to forgive you.

And actually, I'm not doing it because I really believe you.

Actually, I'm doing it because I want to believe you.

Because I love you so much that I'm looking for an excuse to forgive you.

So I'll do just that. I'll take you back and give you a second chance.

But after a while, when you have a secure place in my life again, you fall back into old patterns.

You are doing exactly what you have vowed never to do again: you repeat the same mistake you say you're so sorry, and in the end you beg me for forgiveness.

For years I've been trapped with you in this endless vicious circle and I couldn't see a way out.

For years you broke my heart, hoping each time an apology would magically weld it together for you to smash again.

Well, my love, I have to disappoint you and tell you that this is the end of it.

There are no second chances for you – and above all there is no more forgiveness for you.

No, it's not because I can't forgive anymore.

My heart is still full of love and kindness. There's just no room for you anymore.

I no longer forgive you because you don't deserve it.

In fact, I stopped doing it simply because none of your apologies were ever meant seriously.

You never asked my forgiveness because you were really sorry.ž

You didn't ask because you regretted your decisions or because you realized you made a mistake.

You only ever apologized because you wanted the chance to keep hurting me.

< p>Well, my darling, I won't let that happen to me anymore.

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