You will always be too much for someone who doesn't deserve you

You will always be too much for someone who doesn't deserve you

Let's be honest: As a woman, you will hear that often enough you "too much" are.

You will be accused of wanting, asking and expecting too much.

This is especially true in romantic relationships. It's always been like this, as long as you can remember, hasn't it?

You know, as a woman, you're always expected to compromise. Do not get me wrong; I don't mean that you should accommodate your partner, because that's what you should definitely try to do in every relationship.

By that I mean that you compromise with yourself.

Not being so demanding, not being so emotional or even pretending not to be so intelligent and not so successful just to make it easier for men to accept you.

You are supposed to make yourself small to make a man feel bigger.

You are expected to do everything in your power to just so he doesn't feel threatened.

< strong>According to this motto, it's not the man's fault that he can't keep up with your pace.

On the contrary, it's your fault for not lowering yourself to his level so he doesn't feel intimidated. It's your fault because you're better and because you're everything he's not.

Even when you were young, various guys told you that your standards were too high.

Even your closest friends accused you of believing in fairy tales and told you that you were looking for Mr. Perfect, who doesn't exist.

Well, please you not to believe them. I am asking you to never lower your standards, never relax your rules, and most importantly, never settle for less.

In the modern world of dating, it seems you should settle down consider yourself lucky to have found a man who isn't cheating on you right in front of your eyes.

According to some people, you should be happy if you have a man who's been nice enough to make his choice and choose for you without fooling you.

No, you didn't hit the jackpot just because you found a guy who's officially dating you and publicly calls you his girlfriend.

You didn't hit the jackpot, just; because you have a friend who writes you good night and treats you as equals.

That's all well and good, but please, don't let anyone tell you, that you "too much" just because you want more.

Because all the wrong guys you meet throughout your life will do everything in their power to convince you that the minimum they have to offer should be enough.

< p>However, once you find a man who truly deserves you, you will never settle for less.

This man will never belittle you, um make yourself bigger.

He will never make you feel like you're not good enough just because he has no other way to make himself feel better.

A man who truly deserves you , will not ask you to lower your voice so that his voice can be heard.

He will never stop you from achieving your goals just to make him seem more successful.

For him, you will not be too emotional, nor too demanding, nor too clingy.

On the contrary, he will appreciate your sensitive heart and make sure that he does not damage it in any way.

You will not accuse of being a smartass or a ”know-it-all” to be bold just because you have your own opinion.

On the contrary, he will be proud to have an intelligent and capable woman like you by his side.

< p>You will never be too strong or too potent for him. You will be a role model and an inspiration for him to keep going.

Most importantly, you will never be too independent or too self-sufficient for him.

On the contrary, he will be glad that you are free from all men’ In the middle of this world you decided for him of all people, even though you really don't need him.

I beg you, remember that this man is out there somewhere, every time you are accused of being too much.

Remember that there is someone who deserves you, every time you are accused of making some immature fellow feel less of a man because of you.

And every time you're accused of being too much for a man, just remember this: you're a princess who doesn't need a smaller crown; you need a man with bigger hands.

Please don't dim your light just because it might blind someone, and keep shining as bright as always!

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