You no longer have feelings? Abandon the sinking ship or save it?

You have no more feelings? Abandon the sinking ship or save it?

Once again you are sitting alone at the kitchen table and drinking your tea. The silence is good for you. You look into the distance and don't realize what is happening around you.

Your thoughts are racing in all directions and you just don't feel anything.

You look around you, see your photos together. The memories of the days spent together don't awaken anything in you.

You only feel indifference. And then all of a sudden you hear your partner’s keys rustling in front of the door.

You jump up from the chair and crawl straight into the bedroom. You lie down on the bed and pretend to be asleep.

You just don't feel like talking to him/her. You don't care at all how his/her day went.

The only thing you want right now is your rest. You realize that he/she has come into the bedroom.

A gentle kiss lands on your forehead and you still simulate being lost in your dreams.

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Your partner lies down next to you in bed, snuggles up to you and at that moment you just want to get out of your skin.

You have the feeling that his/her proximity will overwhelm you. When will the sun finally rise? you ask yourself.

The next morning you don't even have a bad conscience that you only pretended to sleep.

You get up in a flash, make yourself a coffee and eat something quickly because you don't want to have breakfast together.

A happy relationship doesn't look like this. Could it be that your feelings of love just disappeared?

The infatuation phase is long gone and all along you didn't want to admit it.

Now what? Are you really out of feelings? Is it possible to have a good relationship without feelings or does it only cause you problems in your relationship? You can get the answers here!

The first signs that your feelings are a thing of the past:

1. You're just happy when you're alone.The presence of your partner just bothers you. You use every opportunity to avoid him/her.

When you find out that he/she has to cancel a meeting with you, a load falls from your heart.


More and more often you make up overtime or unexpected meetings just so you don't have to spend your free time with him/her. Everything you've done together up until now is getting on your nerves.

You arrange the plans in such a way that your partner cannot be there.

2. Everything about your partner bothers you. Everything he/she does is completely wrong and makes you livid.

Even the things you used to love, give you stomach ache. Whatever your partner does, it annoys you.

Every question he/she asks is like a slap on the head. You would like to hide somewhere where your partner can't find you.

3. You are no longer interested. You used to be able to talk about anything and now that has completely changed.

You no longer have topics to talk about . When your partner starts a conversation, you don't listen at all.

When he/she comes home from work, you don't even ask how his/her day went. Sometimes it also happens that you leave the room in the middle of a conversation or just turn on the TV and completely ignore your partner.

4. If you see each other after a long time, you don’t feel anything. You haven’t felt the tingling for a long time and being in love is a thing of the past.

When you are together it feels like you are a friend, just nothing, no fuss.

5. You have been thinking about your future for a long time.But when you look to the future, your partner is not part of it.

You can't even imagine a future together. You would be happy if you were just good friends.

6. An "I love you" just can't get off your lips. When you say it, you don't mean it.

You avoid everything that has to do with romance, because in such situations you just feel uncomfortable.

7. When you get a WhatsApp message, it takes a few hours for you to reply. You don’t even bother to find a real excuse for replying so late.

You almost never answer calls, because at that moment you are soooo busy and can't make a call.

8. When you think of a breakup, you don't have any fear of loss, you feel a certain relief.You know that after a breakup you wouldn't even be heartbroken, you'd be happy about it.

9. You think about your ex-boyfriend more and more often. You often compare your current relationship with the old one.

Everything your current partner does is wrong compared to your ex-boyfriend . You even long for a reconciliation with your ex.

10. You catch yourself looking around for other men/women in everyday life. You would even rush to find a partner and start a new relationship.

What's the worst that can happen? You would break up with your current partner, that's what you want all the time.

11. You avoid physical contact completely. Every touch disturbs you, holding hands, kissing and we shouldn't talk about intimacy at all.

You can't stand it anymore that he/she touches you because you don't feel anything. You're freezing.

12. You don't even shy away from flirting with others in his/her presence. You don't care how he/she will feel about it.

You just want to your fun have and nothing else matters.

13. You avoid every conversation about your future together.You don’t want to make any plans because you are already aware of the fact that you won’t be together much longer.

It just isn’t the right time to break up.

Are the feelings gone forever or will they come back?

If you've been with someone for a long time, you shouldn't automatically think of one Think separation.

It may very well be that you just fell victim to everyday life and that you can save the relationship with a little effort.

This often happens when you have been in a stable relationship for a long time is. Every day is almost always the same, nothing new happens and that can unsettle some couples.

Many then ask themselves, maybe we are not made for each other, why is everything boring with him/her?

One should draw a clear line between boredom and reality. When the love is over and the tingling isn't as intense, most couples panic.

It's totally OK that after a while, the infatuation isn't as intense felt, but that does not automatically mean that your relationship is over. It just means you've gotten too used to each other.

Because you spend so much time together, your partner just becomes a part of your everyday life. The special thing you felt at the beginning of the relationship is slowly fading away.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that you don't love each other anymore. Gives new impetus to love.

In the beginning, when you can still feel the butterflies, you spend every free minute with your partner and after a while that changes.

Everyone is back to their daily routines and romance is no longer the priority.

So it's very important that you look inside yourself and ask yourself, do you really not love your partner anymore or are you just bored?

How can I revitalize the relationship?

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There are many ways to reinvigorate a relationship, but the most important thing is to spend quality time with your partner.

It's not enough just to when you sit together in a room, but you have to use the time well and catch up on a lot.

You can once again spend a romantic weekend for two. This will remind you why you fell in love with each other and it will also reignite the extinguished fire.

But after the weekend you must not throw yourself back into your previous everyday life.


You need to change your daily routine. It would be best if you did everyday things together, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning the apartment together.

It's important that you do these things together, because after work you'll have enough time to relax.

There's no harm in surprising your partner with little things, little love messages or those Favorite sweets will put a smile on your partner's face.

What to do if, despite our best efforts, we feel nothing?

< p>When you've really tried and thought things through, but there's still no change, then the feelings really aren't there. The best solution is a breakup.

There is no point in being in a relationship if you don't genuinely love your partner. When you look into his eyes and see nothing but darkness. Such a relationship has no future.

You are aware of this and know that you are wasting your precious time in such a relationship. Even though you are aware of it, it will be difficult for you to take the first step.

You will be afraid of making a mistake.

What if the pain of separation becomes unbearable and you don't get a second chance? Such thoughts are normal and it is also normal that you are afraid to make a decision. 

This step changes a lot in your life and you also have to think about your future.< /p>

But first and foremost, you need to think about what's best for you.

You should see the change as something positive. With the breakup, you can reshape your life and catch up on anything you've been neglecting lately.

You may experience attachment anxiety for the first few months, but if you meet the right one, you will fears are a thing of the past.

Is it possible to get through a breakup painlessly?

A breakup will never be completely painless. One will always stand out as the injured. It is only important that you play with open cards.

You should talk openly about the reasons for the breakup.

If your ex-partner finds out everything about you has been bothering him lately, he will also be able to cope with the breakup more easily. It's just important not to blame each other.

There are always two in a relationship, and it's only when neither of them make an effort that the relationship fails.

If you've decided to break up, you shouldn't whitewash. If your ex realizes you're faking it can only make the whole situation worse.

The most important thing is to be honest, just tell him you don't have feelings for him anymore have.

This will make it easier for him to accept that there will be no reconciliation. You have to come clean, everyone should go their own way.

No-go's after the breakup:

1. You shouldn't offer friendship to your ex. Who wants to be friends with their ex? That can only confuse him and send the wrong signals.

He'll think he might get a second chance. He will misinterpret your offer of friendship and you definitely want to avoid that.

2. You shouldn't start a new relationship immediately after the breakup. This can give the impression that you had something on the side going all along.

First of all, you should avoid &ouml Making public declarations of love can be very hurtful to your ex.

You didn't have feelings for him and suddenly you love someone else. Give him some time to process the breakup.

3. You shouldn't talk to acquaintances and friends about the reason you broke up. This is something that happened between you and it should also be dealt with sensitively.

Especially when he still has certain feelings for you, you should handle the topic carefully.

You certainly don't want to be pitied for him after the breakup and he certainly wants to avoid that himself.


4. Go out of his way. If you've already dumped him, you should also avoid him. Blocking contact would be an ideal solution for both of you.

Avoid all contact from calls, WhatsApp messages to meeting each other.

That way you give him one fair chance to forget you asap. He is not constantly reminded of the failed relationship.

You are no longer a couple and everyone should start over.

5 . Don't badmouth his new girlfriend.Even though you don't want anything from him anymore, it can very well happen that you still get jealous when he finds a new girlfriend.

It doesn't mean that you want him back, but that you want him back that it's just a blow to your ego.

If you find out from your friends that they have a girlfriend, you shouldn't interfere. If he finds out that you said something about his girlfriend, he will think that you are jealous.

He can misinterpret that and think that you are interested in him and want a reconciliation. So always be careful what you say and, above all, who you say it to.

If you no longer have feelings for your partner, you should withdraw and end the relationship. Every relationship needs love, trust and solidarity.

If you no longer love your partner, you have no solidarity. When there is no cohesion, you lose trust.

If you lose the foundation of a relationship, the relationship is doomed to failure. No matter who makes the first move, someone will always end up getting hurt.

But it's always better to part honestly than stay together dishonestly.

The breakup will be painful, but the sooner you start fighting your lovesickness, the quicker the fight will end. Always listen to your heart, it will guide you in the right direction.

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