You may be a mess, but someone will love you for it

You may be a mess, but someone will love you for it

You probably look in the mirror often and wonder if you deserve it at all, loved to become. Jeez, you probably do this all the time.

You're probably telling yourself that you're not good enough, that everyone else is fine, while you're struggling with your own chaos.

The only thing you see when you look at yourself you look at yourself in the mirror are your mistakes. The only thing you see are the reasons why you don't deserve love.

In the beginning it was just a few small imperfections, but now they have multiplied so much that you can't see them get rid of more.

Who knows when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself how beautiful you are or what a beautiful life you have.

You say you're a mess and lost, and I say, “So what?” You won't be a mess forever. You won't be lost forever.

And even if you feel like you can't think straight anymore, Even if you feel constrained and left behind by everyone else, that doesn't mean you're hopeless. Because you're not.

You may think that you don't deserve to be loved. You may think that no one will ever love you the way you are now.

That no one will even try to see beyond your mess or who you really are.

That no one will see that you can be better, or believe that you have a bright future in front of you.

But you're wrong again.

You know, in reality you can only see yourself as a mess right now. You only see your mistakes and you feel like everyone else is better off than you.

But to be honest, we're all a bit confused. We're all a little broken. And yet we are all destined to find love.

There will be someone who wants to hear everything about what's on your mind . There will be someone who will want to hear all the stories about why you are so messed up and what's going on inside you.

There will be someone who will find in you everything they are looking for Has. Remember these words.

When you look in the mirror you think, “Who would ever fall in love with me? You keep asking yourself why you had to become like this.

Why do you of all people have to fight for everything and why has life never been easy for you?

Often you have feeling like going insane. You have the feeling that you can't do it anymore and that you just can't take it anymore.

Anyway, you're not a quitter. You are a fighter. How else would you have gotten this far in life?

Some days you thought you were done for. You thought you couldn't take it anymore and that you were going insane.

And yet you're still here. Well and alive – in your messy life, with your messy head, but still on both feet.

The best part is that someone will show up and see all of this. Someone will see all your struggles, all your problems and all the times you fell and got back up.

For that someone you will not be a disaster, but someone who is with everyone Strength fights to keep your head above water.

Someone will admire you with all their heart. Someone will love all the things you hate about yourself.

Someone will see your scars and kiss them. Someone will see all your mess and stay with you.

He will not want to change you. He will neither fix you nor solve your problems. He won't try to save you.

He will only be there to hold your hand, to show you that despite what you think he loves you, and that despite everything you do , what you keep telling yourself is a wonderful person.

Someone will walk into your life, see your mess and stay with you. He will see your mess and thank God for sending you to him exactly as you are.

Some will love your mess more than some love your perfection.

That someone will wait until you fix yourself. He will accept your worst sides with the same pleasure as your best.

And it doesn't matter if it takes a lifetime to fix yourself. It doesn't matter if you never fix yourself. He'll put up with it. He will love you for it.

It will love you for who you are – as lost as you are, as confused as you are, he will love your whole self that not even you love.

He will love all your flaws, kiss all your scars, and foot you. r all admire your struggles.

Because we all deserve to be loved like that. You too, believe it or not.

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