You let go first this time

Let go first this time

As long as you can remember, you have experienced the same scenario over and over again.

In all your previous relationships, you have always had the bigger feelings .

You fought to your last breath, you made more sacrifices and you tried harder, even though your partner acted as if he didn't choose the future of your relationship at all ;re.

As a result, you always end up being left in the lurch and left with the shards of the relationship while your ex is long gone. 

This is not a question of ego. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who ends the relationship.

What matters is the difference between the consequences of the breakup for you and for your partner.

Because they were the first to end the relationship, they have a better chance of being able to do it Getting over it.

You, on the other hand, won't get over it easily because you fought to the end.

You didn't want to accept the approaching end and ignored all the warning signs.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

You are not a woman who begs for love even when there is no love.

You don't chase after someone who doesn't want you.

This all happens to you all the time , because you have a bad habit: You cling to things that are bound to fail. 

You can't admit to yourself that a certain part of your life – the part where you dealt with this man – is over.

You hold on to people who no longer deserve your efforts. 

You stay in their life even though deep down you know very well that it would be much better to say goodbye to them.

In short, your problem is not letting go in time. 

You don't want to let down anyone who you think needs your help, even if it means jeopardizing your own emotional and mental health.

Plus, you never lose hope.

Don't get me wrong, optimism is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you have to face reality and accept the truth, like that painful as it is.

Sometimes all you have to do is say goodbye and move on.

Sometimes things just don't get better and you can't save anything no matter how hard you try.

So I beg you to do things differently this time. For once, let you go first.

Turn around immediately if you see your relationship going in the wrong direction.

Don't fight for it alone ;r something that is already lost.

This time, don't wait for your partner to stop loving you to safely end the relationship.

Don't give them the head start and don't let him do the dirty work.

Stop being in a relationship that doesn't make you happy just because you're afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Don't stay with a man who doesn't deserve a place in your life just because you think he needs you.

Don't let your conscience steer you away from the right decision.

Don't feel guilty because you care about yourself the most, because that's the way it is right.

Remember: Letting go doesn't mean you failed.

It doesn't mean you wasted years of your life on someone just because it didn't work out in the end.< /p>

Ending a relationship that isn't making you happy is an act of self-respect and self-love.

It's a sign that you're mature enough knowing that saving yourself must be your priority.

Failing doesn't mean you've lost.

It just means that you're doing everything right and sane for the very first time.

Just because you don't want to fight anymore doesn't mean you're weak you are or a coward.

Rather, it is a sign of your power – a sign that you are strong enough to fight your emotions and do the right thing.

By the way, remember, letting go is not the same as running away – it is merely a timely retreat. 

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