You don't have to save him if he doesn't want to change

You don't have to save him if he doesn't want to change

No more second chances.

When he told me that first time she looked me in the eye and lied to me like a stone, I knew deep down that it was over and that nothing would change. That was the last straw.

I wanted to see him grow into the man he always wanted to be, the man I saw in him. But he gave in. He lost himself and I forgot I wasn't his savior.

I wasn't brought to this earth to save him from himself. I wasn't his rehab.

He didn't want to fight for our relationship anymore and became destructive and self-centered.

It took a while until I finally admitted to myself that I had to leave him. My heart didn't want to believe it for too long.

I had to make myself realize that the whole thing had nothing to do with me. I wasn't the problem, I just wanted to solve it. But some people just don't want help.

They prefer to look away and pretend there is no problem. They'd rather spend their lives running away from it and be out of breath than deal with the problem.

Of course there are people who are worth it are to be saved, people who just need a little nudge. But not everyone can be saved, and that is the bitter truth.

If they don't want to be saved, no one can persuade them to save themselves.

No concern in the world can change that.

I tried to help him for so long I forgot that a relationship should be very different.

We were not equal. He demanded my love and care – and I gave it to him.

He thought I could save him so he didn't have to save himself.

I was there for him when he had no one else. I really cared about him as a person and all the good in him, although it didn't really show.

He was always more important to me than anyone else and I got nothing but disappointment for that ;ck.

I could never count on him for even the smallest little things. Somehow he always thought of me last.

I asked myself: Was it all for nothing? Is it that hard to try a little bit? Does it mean anything to him?

I was unhappy, but still I was afraid to leave him.

However, I knew I would be even unhappier if I stayed with him and I was afraid of sinking into his toxicity. strong>

Despite all my efforts to keep our love alive, he didn't want to change – so i did it I finally left him.

Still, I felt like I had done something wrong.

But then I realized that you can't change anyone , who doesn't want to change.

Life isn't easy for anyone. We all have to fight. I too had to fight for myself and I knew that with him it was impossible.

I finally realized one thing: If love can't change him, then nothing and no one in this world can change him.

I also realized that we don't – as much as we love him – allowed to change our personalities and dim our light just because he has problems he doesn't want to face.

< p>Don't lose yourself just to save a man who doesn't see who you really are. Don't lose yourself to anyone.

Don't let anyone steal your light from you. Don't forget you didn't do anything wrong – you only gave yourself one chance.

You leave him because you take care of yourself. Focus on yourself.

Be your own savior, for you were brought to this earth to take care of yourself.

Learn from the example of others: Don't let your weaknesses consume you. Keep fighting.

We're all a little broken, we've all been through something terrible, and we've all survived. Don't underestimate yourself and what you're capable of.

Don't be afraid to change your life and make new rules. Choose these rules wisely, and always remember that you are saving yourself.

Look ahead and save yourself.

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