You deserve these 6 things if he truly loves you

You deserve these 6 things if he really loves you

Staring at a blank screen waiting for that one message that may or may not come is one of the absolute worst things about dating Dating, when it's supposed to be for the best.

It's supposed to be the easiest part of everything, but it's actually the most complicated part.

We've all been in for some reason a situation where we were glancing at our phone about a million times a second hoping the screen would light up and say his name.

Our hearts break and our feelings get hurt when that doesn't happen.

So if the guy you're dating has trouble texting you back, break up with him, without thinking twice.

I'm not saying he needs to text you every hour of every day, but checking in on you once or twice a day is the least he can do.

You deserve so much more. I want to remind you of some other basic things a man who really wants to be a part of your life should do:

1. He plans everything in advance

That's one of the most important things that separates a serious man from a player who just stalls you.

You don't need someone to call you at the last minute and come by when it suits them. You've had enough of that lousy behavior in the past.

A man who wants you in his life will make you spend time together, he will ask you out at least a day or two in advance and not that day or when you are already getting ready for bed did.

2. It makes you feel safe and secure

You deserve to know where you stand. You deserve to know that you are the only woman in his life.

You deserve to know that he will do everything in his power to make it work. You deserve someone who is there for you.

It's nothing they won't get back from you. Living in uncertainty is not a way of life, so don't settle for it.

You need to know what's going on between the two of you and not spend your days trying to decipher its mixed signals.


3. He puts his phone away when you're together

Well, at least for most of the time you spend together. It means a lot to have someone who is willing to have a real conversation.

It sounds like something completely normal, but when you look at your past relationships, there was no place there for deeper conversations; you talked about some superficial things when your phones allowed you.

You don't have to do that again.

That's why you should appreciate a man who puts down his phone, asks you about your day and other things you're interested in, and shares his own thoughts with you.

4. He is your confidant

Without trust, your relationship is going nowhere. You deserve someone you can trust with all your heart.

You need a man of integrity who will stand by his words and not tell you lies.

Of course, you have to be a trustworthy person yourself to ask for this.

You have to be honest with each other, without any fakes, if you want to have a loving and committed relationship.


5. He creates a drama-free atmosphere

You don't want your ex to interfere in your life.

You don't want him to create unnecessary drama out of nothing do. He shouldn't blame you for little things.

What you need is a man who wouldn’t even consider creating unnecessary drama in your relationship or love life, someone who is more interested in chilling and having fun with you’ than to bring excitement into your life.

6. He creates sweet, cheesy memories

He doesn't need to reach for the stars and deliver them to you, but he does need to make your life sweeter ;en.

He might have romance in his blood and your life could be made out of a movie, but even if he's totally unromantic, he'll step out of his comfort zone and be a total sweetheart when he is in love.

Watching a romantic movie while cuddling on the couch, greeting you with a hug, giving you a pet name, making you dinner to give you a shy compliment…. something cute and cheesy is bound to happen when he's the one for you.

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