You deserve someone to text you goodnight

You deserve someone who writes you good night

I know that you are fed up with men who are good for nothing.

You are fed up with texting -Playing that you no longer want to be ignored and taken for granted.

I know that you are exhausted because you did your best and got the worst in return.< /p>

I know you want more. You should want more.

You deserve more. 

You deserve to be with someone who always remembers to text you goodnight.

It's that simple. And yet it's so complicated for most men. 

You know, a goodnight text from the man you're dating might seem like a tiny gesture, but it means everything.

You are the main thought that goes through his mind before he goes to bed.

He thinks of you. He cares about you.

He wants you in his life. You are his priority. 

Yes, it's all hidden in this small but thoughtful and romantic message. 

You need someone like that. Someone who doesn't overcomplicate simple things like a goodnight text.

Someone who doesn't want to hide their feelings and won't play the aloof.

You don't need a man to play games , and whose behavior or misconduct you must decode.

You would be better off without someone to hold you and make you feel like your relationship is more than it really is.

Someone who is more focused on getting closer to you in bed than to your heart. 

You don't need a guy who's stingy with his texts because he's stingy with everything else will be. 

He will be stingy with his feelings, his time, his affection, his warmth and love – and it shouldn't be like that. 

Have him shower you with kisses.

He should give you a long, tight hug so that you feel like you are exactly where you belong.&nbsp ;

Your man should show you respect and understanding.

He should show you that you are the only one for him and that his feelings are genuine . 

If he doesn't, he will disappoint you. 

You need a man brave enough to show you that he wants you in his life. 

Only with him will you feel safe.

You will never have to doubt his intentions.

He will be so honest and open that there will be no mixed signals to decipher. 

It will calm you down and shut down your excessive thoughts, show you that relationships shouldn't be painful and prove to you that love isn't pain. 

This is not so hard.

All he has to do is send at least one quick goodnight text message on his busiest day. 

With this one simple message, he shows you that he always finds time for you, even when the world gets hectic. 

With this one simple message, he tells you that you are important to him and that he can't imagine going a day without hearing from you.

So don't let anyone tell you that you're needy just because you want them to text you, be there for you, and show a little effort.

You don't ask too much – it's no more than you're willing to give.

It's nothing out of the ordinary.

Just for him to show you in the simplest way how important you are to him .

If you put your mind to it, so should he.

It takes two to build a relationship.

Love has to come from both sides.

If it doesn't, it's not real. 

Most women make one gigantic mistake: We give too much and settle for too little of the man in our lives. 

We become too addicted; gbar.

We drop everything to be with him.

We text all the time.

We even text a second message when he does not answer the first one.

We forget our life and focus on it.

We ignore our own needs and prioritize his. 

Though we hate to admit it, we do.

And it's high time we stopped.

Not only because it will make the man withdraw, but also because this attitude never makes us happy will. 

Yes, women need to send a goodnight SMS too – we have to try.

But only if we have the right man to do it for. 

Only a man who can give you something of equal value, deserves your efforts, a man who is willing to show by his actions that he cares about you and respects you.

You need reciprocity at every point in the relationship, from beginning to end .

You have to get back what you're willing to give or it doesn't make sense. 

So, don't believe any man who says he is too busy to write you goodnight.

No one is that busy. If you were important to him, he would text you – not only good night, but also good morning SMS and great afternoon SMS.

You deserve a man like that.

One who texts you effortlessly, you loves and is there for you.

Don't settle for less. 


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