Women understand: This is how the fairer sex ticks!

Understanding women: That's what ticks the fairer sex!

Women understand is a German comedy by Jörg Grünler starring Senta Berger and Henry Hübchen.

Marlene Havemeister is planning a wedding with her boyfriend Alexander, but first she has to officially divorce her husband Paul Havemeister, with whom she has not lived for a long time.

However, their plans fall apart, when her husband moves back into their shared apartment under the pretext that she has never documented the separation of table and bed.

They are now facing the official year of separation, which takes things in a slightly different direction will rotate.

What a mess!

Just like in this movie, the relationship between a man and a woman in real life is complicated, if not more complicated.

To understand each other and Finding out what makes the opposite sex tick has never been our forte and we always try to find understanding for each other, although unfortunately sometimes we don't succeed.

But hey, if it wasn't so complicated, it wouldn't even be interesting, would it?

The modern myth says that women are opaque and the question of what women actually want and on what they stand for is the biggest mystery for men.

But don't worry, understanding women isn't really that difficult. You just need to know a few facts about them and you'll master the art very quickly.

So in this article you'll find out what women are into, as well as detailed instructions on how to treat women properly.

Stay tuned, because with us you will become a real woman understander!

Understanding women: What do women want in a partner?

1. Respect

The first and most basic thing a woman wants from her partner is respect.

It doesn't matter what you look like, what you wear, where you live, how much money you have, what car you drive, etc. as long as you treat a woman with respect.

It is about respecting their opinions, wishes and feelings and maintaining a partnership on an equal footing. Love cannot function without respect.

Additionally, respect includes honesty, open communication, loyalty and fidelity.

Men think that every woman wants a prince on a white horse who will fulfill her every wish and do her bidding. Well, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Funß aside, we really don't want that. It is a far cry from those true values ​​that women cherish.

A woman will appreciate a man more who is honest with her for her own good, even if she doesn't respect the truth. than a man who flatters her with compliments.

Open communication is the foundation on which any healthy relationship is built. No lies and no pretending.

Besides the fact that it is important that you are trustworthy, it is important that she knows that you trust her too.

That you are not jealous, that you are not her control and that you do not restrict their freedom.

How will you achieve all this?

It's simple. Men want no less than women in a relationship when it comes to respect.

Each of us wants an equal partner, so you should treat every woman as you would like her to treat you.

2. Support

When I say support, I don't mean a strong, muscular man carrying a woman's heavy bags and opening the door for her but a man in whom a woman will find support even in difficult times.

In situations where there seems to be no way out and everything is so black, good advice and a warm, warm hug can solve all problems, or at least make them go away for a while.

< p>A woman needs that. That she feels safe and knows at any time of the day that she can turn to her partner for anything she needs.

Besides, a woman wants a man, who is always by her side, even when she has the craziest ideas.

A woman needs motivation and encouragement to keep going without her partner holding back her desires and goals.

It's easy to pick a bouquet; Buying roses and writing two or three beautiful words as a token of love, but that's not the point.

Support and love will definitely take you further.

When you understand that a woman only wants someone to stand by her in good times and bad, you are already halfway to understanding women.

3. Attention

Anyone who says they don't like attention is lying. We all like it when we are someone’s center of the world and when someone gives us their precious time.

We feel important, our confidence grows, we get motivated to do things that we would never dare.

We're on cloud nine when we know that there's that one person we mean the most to.

But don't take this to mean that a woman wants you to be with her 24 hours a day and put her on a pedestal and see her as a god.

It's more about her little things and the little signs of attention.

Every woman loves it when a man listens to her carefully while she talks and asks her questions and shows that he cares about her and her life. When a man remembers something she once mentioned in a conversation, like her favorite dish, her favorite color, her favorite singer, etc.,

These are signs of attention that so require little and mean so much. This is a great way to show a woman that you care, whether it's a woman you've just met or your partner.

Just be a part of her life. Ask her how she feels, how she spent her day.

Surprise her by making her favorite meal, buy her her favorite flowers, ask her about her family, take her to boring family gatherings, take part in activities she loves…

If you feel f&uuml If you are interested in her and her life, you will see that we women are not that complicated after all.

We just want someone to prove to us through small things that they love us. ?

4. A best friend

You will never have to pretend to be someone else in front of him and you will never have to hide your feelings.

A best friend is the person who loves you best understands when you are angry, sad, upset, happy or disappointed and will show you empathy in any situation.

A best friend is a person with whom you can share your deepest fears, hidden desires and secrets without fear and you will be assured that they will not judge you and will keep it to themselves.

Exactly these best friend qualities are what every woman wants in a man, in her partner.

Every woman wants to have a partner with whom she can share everything, from the deepest secrets to the worst gossip from work.

From the last slice of pizza to the last penny. A real partnership is based on friendship.

If the partners are primarily friends, then whiteß one with certainty that it is true love and commitment.

Understanding women is not difficult. Just be her best friend and you'll be able to read her like an open book.

5. An Emotionally Mature Man

It is a known fact that men mature emotionally much later than women.

At a younger age it doesn’t really matter because no one in their teens wants serious and long-term relationships.

That's why we don't even notice if someone is emotionally mature or not because, honestly, none of us are that age.

Over time, however, we change, we become Older, more experienced, develop our personalities and thus acquire a certain dose of maturity.

Yet some people remain emotionally immature even in adulthood.

Just as boys in kindergarten pull the hair of girls they like and make fun of them in front of everyone, some men remain unable to express their feelings for the rest of their lives to show and express it correctly.

But that doesn't suit most women in the dating process. Women love men who aren't afraid to show their feelings.

Men who aren't playing hot-cold games and aren't afraid of commitment.

When a man has strong feelings for a woman, shows her and is willing to fight for the woman he loves, then he is every woman's dream man.

Women are usually much more emotional than men and it is very important to them that they have a man next to them who is clear and open about how he feels about them, the direction their relationship is going and what he expects from her.

With such a man, a woman feels safe and can expect a stable relationship.

Whereas with an emotionally immature man the relationship is like roulette: he loves me, he loves me not. He wants a relationship, he doesn't want a relationship…

So don't be afraid to accept and embrace your feelings.

If you first learn to understand yourself, you will Realize that understanding women is not quantum physics after all.

6. A confident man

Confident people are simply people who exude such strong energy that it is difficult not to notice and be intrigued by them.

When someone exudes enough confidence, all of their quirks fade into the background to kick.

Just as men love confident women, so do women love confident men.

Surely we're not talking about those arrogant alpha males who believe that the world is theirs and that they can wrap any woman around their little finger.

They get turned down very quickly because no woman wants to deal with it.

It is important for women that a man is confident enough to make the first step, to approach them, speak to them, write to them or invite them on a first date.

Of course, self-confidence is not only important in the phase of getting to know and flirting, but also later in the relationship.

A man who is at peace with himself will in no way look for faults in others.

He will not be afraid of challenges, both in flirting and conquering women, and in all life situations and him will see every failure as a lesson, not a defeat.

A lot of women are into that and they need that in a partner. Don't worry if you are one of those shy men. You can work on that.

Increase your self-confidence, develop self-love, work on what you don't like about yourself. Once you've gained enough confidence, you'll be able to charm any woman super easily.

7. A man with whom life is also funß does

Women like men with a good sense of humor. If a man is good with words and can easily make a woman laugh, he is already halfway to winning her heart.

And let's face it, who doesn't love people with a good sense of Humor?

After all, we all want a little joy, fun. and bring laughter into our monotonous everyday life.

Besides humour, spontaneity is also a desirable characteristic, since everything doesn't always have to be rigid and according to the rules.

Additionally ;In addition to the fact that a man should be the rock and the greatest support, every woman also desires a man who is able to spontaneously grab and say your things :Let's take a trip.

Besides, what's life without a little humor and adventure?

A pillow fight in the middle of the day? Why not?! Telling bad jokes and laughing until the tears come? What could be better?!

Don't be afraid to show your adventurous, spontaneous side because most women can't resist it.

Of course you have to know that none of this applies to every woman and that you still have to approach every woman individually because every woman is unique in her own way.

Nevertheless, the majority agree of women agree on most of the above and these are some of the values ​​a woman values ​​most in a man.

Sometimes you also have to read between the lines, read a woman's body language and observe her behavior to find out what a woman thinks, feels and wants, but when you get to know someone well enough, such things are a piece of cake.< /p>

Here is another short summary of how to understand women:

Get to know her well: You can do this by listening carefully to what she is talking about, what is important to her and by asking questions about her life, her feelings , dreams and wishes. ? Listen actively to what she has to say:Asking questions and engaging in conversations will help you understand a woman if you really pay attention to what she's saying. When she speaks, make an effort to listen and understand what she is saying and what is important to her. Then you know how best to deal with her. ? Give her your time and attention: If you're on a date and you're constantly checking your phone or your eyes wandering around the room, rest assured that no woman will like it. •  Show your emotional side:Being able to show your feelings doesn't make you a weakling or a wimp. On the contrary, it increases your chances with women and at the same time helps you to understand them better because you can look at things from an emotional point of view. When you understand your own feelings, it will be easier for you to understand other people's feelings, put yourself in their shoes, and show empathy and understanding. ? Be honest: no disguise, no masks, no lies. Honesty is valued in every human relationship and for women it is certainly number one  ? Be yourself: Finally, don't lose your own identity and don't neglect your desires and dreams in an attempt to understand women.

Conclusion: Understanding women can be a big puzzle for most men. It's true, sometimes we can be a bit complicated, but hey, you guys aren't perfect either. ?

After all, you can't really understand what makes another person tick until you get to know them better, whether they're a man or a woman.

But some These facts can certainly help you to understand women better and to be a dream man for one of them.

Good luck!

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