Will he come back if I leave him alone? 20 ways to success

Will he come back if I leave him alone? 20 Ways to Success

When you end a romantic relationship, you can't just stop ü Thinking about your ex overnight.

It's harder when you've been in a long-term relationship with them and now everything you see reminds you of them.

It's him Last thing on your mind when you go to bed and first thing on your mind when you wake up.

You're trying to figure out what went wrong and you can't function properly.

No matter how hard you try, you can't eat and have stomach cramps that won't let you relax.

You are sad because you gave yourself to the man who decided to end your relationship and leave you like he doesn't mind.

In the end you doubt your self-worth, your common sense and all the things you thought were good.

You are obsessed with a man who was your whole world, but now he has decided to take you to exit and continue.

There are so many emotions inside you and you don't know what to do with them.

You struggle every day to stop thinking about him, but you just can't.< /p>

Even if you both fought, you still want him to be a part of your life because you don't want to give up something that serious.

When you know that you still love him, you try to find solutions to bring him back.

So ask yourself if you leave him alone, will he come back to you.


You think that if he doesn’t see or hear from you for a long time, there’s a chance he’ll miss you.

And you know what? You're probably right.

If he really loves you, he will realize what kind of woman you are and he will miss you soon.

He will see that he can't live without you and that your little fight isn't actually a bad thing.

It's just a good way to let each other know what your problems and insecurities are and to move on as before.

So it's only a matter of time before he crawls back to you and begs your forgiveness, but you also need to play this game intelligently.

To help you with this problem, here are some proven ways you can use to solve it to let you return as soon as you leave him alone.

So, let's get started!

1. The no-contact phase 

This is one of the most important things if you want your ex to miss you and come back to you.

You should know that there is no- Contact Rule isn't about your ex, it's about you, so you're the one who needs to stop obsessing over him.

There are so many things to focus on, and that's how you stop thinking about him.

I know you will miss him and that many people will remember him, but you are strong enough to overcome this feeling.

Just know that your current choice will be made a sacrifice for some greater things that are about to happen in the future.

If you can manage not to contact him in the first 30 days, you won't in the next ;next 30 days, trust me.

And after all the time you've been without him, you won't need him as much as the air in your lungs.

You'll just wait for him to contact you if he wants to that you both start over.

2. You can't ”stay friends” 

When you end a romantic relationship, the worst thing you can do is ask your ex to ”be friends stay”.

It's like your dog is dying and you still want to keep him. That's why it shouldn't happen.

You can't expect to be good friends after what you've been through.

Past lovers are never good friends because of all the emotions they still feel, and you're not the exception rule.

The best solution would be to leave him alone and thus make him miss you.

If he sees that you are living your life without enjoys him, he can be a little jealous, and he can realize that he still loves you.

3. Be careful with social media

I know some girls follow their ex on social media but it's not a good way to get over to get over someone.

You can see what they post and who they're dating, and you can feel pretty bad about it.

Maybe he has a gape ;he girlfriend just to get over you but you're gonna take this seriously and it's gonna make you cry.

So, just forget you have your ex in your Facebook contacts and don't post hateful posts about bad relationships because he will know you're doing it because of him.

< h2>4. Meet someone new 

When you meet someone new, you won't think about your ex as much.

On the other hand, he will see that you are without him fun and he will miss you.

Whatever happens, it's a win-win situation.

This way you will make your ex think about you and he might even contact you to ask about your life.

This is a very normal thing in all relationships because no man will ü Getting over the fact that his ex was having fun just days after a breakup. with someone new.

He will think he was nothing special to you and he will do his best to win you back.

5. Ignore him

The best way to get his attention is to ignore him.

He will wonder if there is another man in your life and if you are over him yet .

Meet him with silence every time you see him; that way he can see that you are no longer interested in what he has to say.

Because he knows what makes boys tick, he'll think about it all the time – he won't be able to help himself – and he'll miss you like crazy.

In no time he will probably call you to go out so you can talk about what happened.

And it's a first and most obvious sign that he wants you to be back together .

6. Cut off all contact completely 

One thing is to ignore them, but another is to completely eliminate them from your life as if you never met them ;test.

This will confuse him and he will wonder why you are acting like this.

It will make him think of you more and make him miss you more than ever.

That way you give him his space and he can do whatever he wants.

But you know what?

He will only think about you and if you leave him alone , you will manage to get him back.

He'll see that you're all he needs and he'll never want to leave you again.

The truth is, he didn't realize your worth until he lost you.

7. Be irresistible

Do everything in your power to be the best version of yourself.

Change the way you dress and your attitude.< /p>

Tell yourself everyday that you are an amazing woman and that he will regret leaving you.

Let him see you dress up and hook up with someone New amusement.

If he still loves you, he will probably be jealous and want you back.

When he sees that you are doing well, he will want you back.

He will see what he has lost and he will do everything to get you back.

So it's up to you whether and under what conditions you return to him.< /p>

8. Pretend you're over it

In this case you have an important role to play – the role of a woman who doesn't care.

That means you have to act like you're always happy, even when you are you're not.

Post photos with new people you have fun with. show him that you're fine on your own and that he made a mistake letting you go.

I know that sounds a little cruel, but just remember that you are do to get him back.

You're doing all this because you really love and care for him.

And you have to keep playing this game until you see changes in him.

There is only two things that can happen: he can either come back to you or he can retreat to suffer for losing you.

9. Don't beg him to come back 

No matter how much you love him and long for his presence, never beg him for anything.

Never humiliate yourself so much for someone who won't make an effort to win you back.

There's nothing wrong with missing them, but never beg them to take you back .

Remember that you have your own pride and that you will never cross the line.

If he really loved you and missed you, he would try to contact you to discuss things.

But don't do anything you will regret later.

10. Don't criticize his new life 

Just because you're angry or sad doesn't mean you should criticize his new life.

He might get a girlfriend just to make you jealous, but don't believe everything you see.

Men use various tricks to make their ex jealous and to make them suffer, but knowing that, don't even pay attention.

Stay out of his life by giving him the space to try different things.

In the end he will see that you are the best and he will want to come back to you.

11. Keep busy

If you're busy, chances are you won't be thinking about him as much.

This way he will have enough time to think about your relationship and on the other hand you will feel that you are doing something good for yourself by enjoying your life.

I know that you can't relax 100% and that he crosses your mind sometimes, but if you keep yourself busy, those moments will be rare.

To keep him out of your mind, you can learn something new.

You can enroll in a new class or pick up a new hobby.

Whatever it is, it will surely help you stay away from him and that way let him come back to you.

12. If he texts you, don't answer right away

May I ask you something?

Did you suffer when he left you?

< p>Did you cry yourself to sleep because you thought he had someone else?

Was it hard for you to stop thinking about him?

If the answer to all questions is positive, it means he deserves a taste of his own medicine.

You have to show him that he's not the only one who matters in your life and that you're fine on your own.

So if he texts you or calls you, don't answer right away him.

Give some time and then call or text him.

Tell him you were busy with something else and ask him what he thinks of you want.

Be strict but polite at the same time and don't let him think you're suffering just because you're no longer together.

It will definitely make him come back to you because you love him for been left alone for a while.

13. Have fun

You know what they say: don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!

Just because you ended a romantic relationship doesn't mean you should lock yourself in your room and cry over your sad fate.

Instead, get out there and have fun.

Life is short and you should enjoy it.

On the other hand, if your ex sees you happy, he will Think about the reason for your happiness.

He might even think that you've found someone new and he'll see all your benefits.

And there is one Point at which he will lose himself completely because of you.

Just because you're having fun and didn't make drama about the breakup, he wanted you back in his life.

By showing him that you're fine on your own and leaving him alone, you got him come back to you.

14. Make your mutual friends your allies

It's normal for you and your ex to have some mutual friends if you've been in a long-term relationship.

< p>And what you can do to win him back is let them see you with someone else so they can tell him.

Even if you don't have someone special (because you always still love), let her think you have him.

Geniusß a night with a new guy but make sure your mutual friends see this.

I'm sure they will tell him what they saw and he won't be able to believe what they did say.

This will drive him crazy about you because he knows that deep down he is not over you and is only pretending to be.

And yes, this will make him crawl back to you to beg you to be with you again.

15. Let him go so he can come back to you

The best way to get a man back is to let him go.

This way you will give him enough time to think about you and your relationship and see all the pros and cons.

If he really loves you, it will just take him some time to find out and then he will come back to you.

Sometimes people in long-term relationships get stuck in a routine and need to break up with each other break up only to realize they can't live without each other.

So if you try this I'm sure you'll both feel better and that your relationship will follow his coming back to you will be more stable and healthy.

16. Enjoy your free time

After you break up with your husband, keep your head up.

Have fun instead. and enjoyß your free time.

Now you are on your own and should do all the things you always wanted to do but never had time for.

Go hiking, travel, go out with friends, read a good book or ride a bike.

Do whatever makes you happy and you'll feel better knowing you're doing something nice for yourself.

You've had enough that way Time to think about your ex and your relationship and all the things you need to work on.

And if he spends that much time without you, he will miss you.

If his feelings are strong, he will come back to you just because you left him alone.

17. Don't get mad if he can see it

I know it hurts you because you lost a man you love so much.

And I know; also that you're so upset and that you want him back.

But it's not good if he sees you so upset because that won't bring him back.

You have the right to be angry, but only when he's not around.

When you're home alone you can act however you like, but when you're anywhere in public try to act as normally as possible.

Even if your world is falling apart ;ll, pretend you are having the happiest time of your life.

This way your ex will see that you are not desperate and that you can handle all the consequences of a breakup .

It will make him think about you more and in some cases (if he loves you enough) he will come back to you.

18. Go ahead

I know you don't want to continue but at least make it look like it.

Your ex will think that you are happy in a new life with someone else and that will keep him for a long time Annoying time.

In the end, when he can't deal with it anymore, he will try to contact you to get you back.

It's always a good way to make him come back to you because you left him alone and made him think about what he lost by letting you go.

You both get what you want and you can start a new chapter in your life.

19. Don't focus on what you lost 

Instead of focusing on the loss, think about the good things that can happen to you when you're no longer in are in a relationship.

You will have enough time to think about the pros and cons of your relationship and you will be able to decide if you still want your ex in your life.

When two people, who have been together for a long time, spend some time apart, they can see some things more clearly.

So, don't regret anything that happened and know that if you still love and want your ex , you can bring him back into your life.

20. Be honest about the breakup

This is the last thing your ex expects of you, but you should try it because it really works.

If you wish him well, he will wonder why you are not sad and if you have someone new in your life.

Because of this action, he will respect you more and he will have doubts about your breakup.

After you have done this, respect the “ no contact” rule and act as if you don’t exist.

Do not contact him under any circumstances and leave him alone to get back to you.

He won't even know why he misses you so much and he will want you more than ever.< /p>

This is exactly what makes him make an extra effort for you, so you can expect him to make an extra effort to win you back.

That's why we've discussed some of the most common behaviors you should follow if you want him to come back to you by leaving him alone.

The most important thing is, that you respect all the rules and don't break them just because of a temporary crisis.

If your ex still loves you and you've only had a small argument, I'm sure you're not worrying too much. he must give to win him back.

On the other hand, if he has stopped loving you and has already moved on with his life, you may find it more difficult to get what you want.

< p>The most important thing is to have dignity and to let him come back to you because if he sees that you are desperate he will not be so interested in taking you back.

< p>I know the last thing you want is to follow some online rules to get your boyfriend back, but things like this have really helped a lot of people and they can help you if you help them follow without adding your stuff.

For example, you can set the “no contact rule” don't follow it as often as you want—that you text your ex every time he texts you—and expect that rule to work.

This is completely wrong. You have to understand that anything else you do that isn't included in these rules won't put you in the situation you want to be in.

I hope you won't need these tips , but since I know that every couple has had a big argument at least once in their relationship, I know; I think many of them will try to find the solutions to their problems online.

And I hope that the things I wrote will help you get your ex back. and that you'll think twice the next time you want to break up with your lover.

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