Why we keep going back to toxic men

Why we always getting back to toxic men

When someone is in a toxic or abusive relationship, the first thing that comes to mind is why not just walk away.

After all, who in their right mind would consciously remain in an unhealthy relationship where their heart was broken and their life destroyed over and over again?

Well, the fact is that It's not as easy as it first seems, as toxic people can drag their victims into an endless vicious circle of emotional violence and toxicity.

They use various manipulation strategies so that you are always want more and come back to them, and here are the most common:

1. He's inconsistent

The number one reason you keep going back to a toxic guy is his inconsistency.

You know, such people rarely show their true colors from the start.

Instead, they usually pretend to be something they are not until you fall in love with them. And the same goes for this guy.

There are days when he's the best man in the world.

Days when he keeps reminding you how butterflies in your stomach feel and days when you feel like the happiest woman alive just because he's by your side.

However, there are moments when he turns into a monster and you can't recognize him.

And unfortunately, his toxicity is showing up more and more often .

And so he makes you come back again and again because you just hope that you will get back the man from the beginning of your love story.

You lie to yourself that his evil Page is just a phase and still waiting for the nice guy to show up again.

2. He convinces you that you are not good enough

Another strategy that toxic men use to get their victims to want more of them is to tell them that they are not enough.

This guy managed to convince you that you are absolutely useless and that you are not doing anything right.

So subconsciously you keep coming back to him and trying to do the opposite to him prove it.

You want him to see your true worth and stop thinking you're immature and a good-for-nothing.

Without realizing it , you are really in a constant search for his approval, which you will never get.

You want him to see that you're good enough because you think that's the only way you can regain your self-esteem.

3. He makes you think you're unlovable

A toxic man won't just convince you that you're not good enough – he will also make you believe that you are unlovable.

He will convince you that he is the only man who could ever be with you and that all other men out there will only use you and throw you away after they are done with you are.

So after a while you're grateful that he wants to be with you.

You think you're lucky to have him , for all his terrible dealings with you.

Besides, you don’t even think about replacing him with someone else because you believe that no other man could ever love you.

And that's exactly what he wants – that you will stay with him and that you will always return to him.

4. He isolates you from the rest of the world

All toxic men have one thing in common: they do everything in their power to isolate their victims from their loved ones.

Suddenly your friends aren't good for you and even your family members don't like you.

At first you think that this man is trying to protect you from bad people in your life, without realizing that he is the bad guy.

You see not that he does all this to keep you away from anyone who might open your eyes and reveal the truth about him.

Moreover, by making you do so causes you to cut ties with everyone around you, it also makes it harder for you to leave them.

Even when you think about leaving him, you remind yourself that there's nowhere to go.

You've lost everyone you could count on, everyone who could help you. need to get back on your feet and anyone who might be able to support you as you turn a new page.

So you stay right where you are and don't stand a chance to change something.

5. He made you dependent on him

One of the most important things for toxic people is to make their victims dependent on them.

It doesn't matter if it's financial or emotional dependency – the goal is the same; it's the way a toxic man holds you captive.

He knows what's best for you. You should listen to him because even if he insults you, he does it for your own good.

After he has debased you, you believe that he is much better than you.

You believe him when he tells you that you can't achieve anything without him and that you couldn't go through life without his hand to guide you.

So even if you try to end this relationship, you keep coming back because you're afraid you won't make it on your own.

This guy is your comfort zone and you have too much Afraid of getting out of her.


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