Why sarcastic women with big hearts are every man's dream

Why sarcastic women with big hearts are every man's dream

Sarcasm is something you are born with. The outstanding talent for quick-witted answers and quick wit mixed with the purest feelings is a perfect combination.

If you are lucky enough to be with a sarcastic woman with a big heart, your life will never be boring again. She makes everything interesting in her own way.

The balance between these two qualities is the best thing you can find in a woman.

1. She's a go-getter, but she's sensitive

Her coolness is just a facade. Under her hard exterior hides a big heart.

She goes all out. Her feelings are great, and she loves unconditionally.

If you make it past her protective walls, you will be a happy man.

2. She is quick witted

She is extremely cunning and has a remarkable sense of humor.

She can adapt to any situation . She can make any situation interesting.

Your sarcastic comments are not mean – they are part of her charm, a reflection of her intelligence.

3. She doesn't buckle under pressure

Her composure and uncontrollable tongue never go unnoticed. But when she comes down, her feelings will catch up with her.

Maybe a few tears will shed too – because the pent-up emotions have to come out somehow.

4. Is she just kidding? or is she serious – you never know

You always assume they're just having fun. might. Most of the time she does.

But even when she tries to show her feelings, you think she's just being sarcastic.

You can never be sure. That's why you're dying to get to know them better. That piques your interest.

5. She has the same sense of humor as you

You must have a good sense of humor if you want to be with a woman like that. Otherwise she will intimidate you.

You know that she never means it bad. So you just play along and improve your own sense of humor. And have fun.

6. She doesn't mind a good counter

You can have so much fun. do with her as you wish. You have to be careful, though, because there's a clear difference between a sarcastic comment and being mean.

If you get along well, she'll love you all the more.

If you say something really offensive to her (and we're talking about a woman who doesn't get offended easily) she'll dump you.

She takes a lot of things to heart and she won't tolerate it that you belittle them and treat them badly.

7. Not everyone sees her feelings

She hides them very well, but you know that she loves you and would do anything for you.

She hides her feelings even when she's falling apart inside. Even if she doesn't show it, you will recognize her by her demeanor.

She is more caring and loving than any other woman who shows it openly instead of hiding it behind sarcasm.

8. She shows her affection in a weird way

”Hey, asshole, I really love you” sums it up perfectly.

That's the combination of sarcasm and a big heart in one sentence. and she loves you You can really be sure of that.

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