Don't let a man show you twice that he doesn't want you

Don't let a man show you twice that he doesn't want you

”It's all right, he's just saying he has something It takes time,” I heard my girlfriend say while trying to hide my skepticism.

”Oh no, not again”, I thought, ”another player posing as a sensitive guy who needs some more time.”

I was quite irritated and that made me think.

This may sound like a tirade, but we need to get something straight. I know not every woman wants to hear this, but the truth must be told:

When a man says he “needs some time” or "takes a break" or "not sure" and leaves you in the dark, and then in a couple of weeks it suddenly pops up on your screen and starts all over again…

Please don't buy this.

Guys use these excuses to get their other ”options” keeping an open mind and avoiding a serious relationship.

Think about it. Do you want a man who is not sure? Who is like this and like that?

Do you think he will change? Do you think he'll suddenly magically realize he's in love with you?

I understand that sometimes it's hard to accept that our love is unrequited. But that doesn’t mean we can be naive.

It’s totally okay to be taken advantage of, tricked, scammed too much; hlen… It's okay to have a period of grieving for something that may not have happened.

But it's not okay not to respect yourself. It's not okay to keep hurting yourself for someone who doesn't care about you.

It's not okay to measure your worth by the preferences of someone who doesn't care about you once really knows.

Men are usually very easy-going, don't forget that. If they like something, make it clear.

If he wants to be with you, he will let you know one way or another.< /strong>

He'll be scared of losing you, so he won't risk your relationship with mixed signals.

He will be loyal to you. You need a man like that. You need a man who is serious about you.

A man who knows exactly what he wants and shows it openly and clearly.

< p>Sometimes it's hard for us to accept that, but if a man doesn't show enough interest and commitment, he just isn't into you the way you want him to be… And guess what?

This is not the end of the world. Don't let the opinion of one man, or any man, dictate your life.

To find a faithful man, you also have to be very specific.

You can't open fall for the wishes, promises and sweethearts of every man who catches your eye.

Don't be lured into a trap. Always remember what you're worth.

It's not very difficult to guess why men only want a woman for a short time and then run away, but I'll repeat it again just to be sure: he didn't want you, he just wanted his time with something fun and drive away pleasure.

Therefore, you should never let a man show you twice that he doesn't want you.

Don't give him that satisfaction. You are nobody's hobby. You are not a pastime, nor just a pretty face.

You are not a forced conversation, an unread message, or days of waiting for a call.

You're nobody's maybe – you are a resounding yes.

You are a woman who deserves total commitment, who deserves the time of a man who loves and cares for you. strong>

Never let a man show you twice that he doesn't want you. You undoubtedly deserve better.

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