Why is he your priority when you are just an option for him?

Why is he your priority when you are only an option for him?

In any relationship, it's important to feel important.

It's important to be someone's priority, someone's first choice, someone's everything.

Have you ever had that feeling that you are someone's number one priority?

It makes you special and different from everyone else.

< p>But you are here reading this text because that is exactly the opposite of how you feel about your relationship.

He ignores you, he ignores your calls and your texts.

He's nowhere to be found when you need him, but he'll show up when he feels like it.

Well, you know, no one who genuinely loves you will make you that way treat.

So why on earth should he be your priority when you are obviously nothing more than an option for him?

If you think that doesn't bother you, it will in the future. Men like him never change if that's what you think.

Men like him don't experience revelation and don't suddenly start caring about others .

Face it, even though he is your priority, he will only ever keep you as an option. But you deserve to be the first choice.

Don't let that realization hit you when it's too late.

If you find yourself in a situation where you wonder what you did wrong, then – and I hate to tell you – it's already too late.

You are already a fly in his web and hopelessly in love with him, making you his prisoner.

And the worst part is that you want out because your mind is telling you that this relationship is unhealthy for you.

But your heart is telling you to give him another chance, out the simplest yet most complicated of all reasons – because you love him.

There will be no excuses for his behavior, but you will always make them up for him.

Nobody has the slightest idea why you are doing this, why you put up with him because you clearly deserve better than him.

Only you will believe the excuses you make up for him.

End this relationship out of love and respect for yourself. No one says it's going to be easy.

You let your feelings guide you, and you unconsciously justify and prolong the relationship.

Even though deep down you know that you are not happy with this man you still live in denial and desperately hoping something will change.

You will never become his priority. You are only a priority when you are having sex and when he needs sex. But even sex gets boring after a while.

At some point you are bound to become uninteresting and someone else will take your place. That's what options are for.

Your relationship will never be what you want it to be.

Now you're asking yourself: How is that possible?


You wonder if I'm lying because he has his moments when he's nice to you, when he makes you laugh, when he calls you and invites you to do something with him .

But think about it all again…

You only do something when he feels like it. He only calls you when he can't call anyone else, right?

Whenever you suggest something, he declines because he has better plans. He never cancels these plans, he always lets you down.

So why is he your priority when you are just an option for him?

You will never have the relationship you dream of with him.

Stop treating him as a priority when you can find someone who treats you the same way.

You must learn to speak your mind; you have to ask for what you want.

Stop playing this game that all men play. Don't let them think they can get away with it any longer.

If you don't immediately demand that they tell you what they want, they will stall you for as long as possible.< /p>

At the end of this ordeal, your heart will be broken and he will make a move on the next defenseless woman.

You are a beautiful and strong woman. You deserve anything you want!

Don't stop when you reach an acceptable level. You're undermining yourself.

You deserve to have everything you want, and when you're at “good” don't stop, you will get it.

But don't think it will be easy. You'll be tested at every stop along the way.

Just be careful not to stay in one spot for too long or you might get stuck.

< p>Just like you can get stuck with this guy and only be left with one option and nothing else.

I know we all say that, and I know you're probably sick of it, you hearing the same thing over and over again, but it's true.

Don't settle for less than you deserve because there is someone out there who deserves your love.

There is someone out there who appreciates you, respects you , make you laugh, love you and will always put you first.

Not because he feels he needs to, but because he does wants.

You won't have to beg for his attention. You won't have to run after him for him to notice you.

But first, you must believe with all your heart that you deserve everything he doesn't give you.

Then you will find someone who will be everything they are not.

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Sofia Müller

Relationship counselor Sofia Müller decided that through her articles and books she could reach and help more people, so she started her blog Your Way.< /p>

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