Why is he texting me if he's not interested? (13 reasons why)

Why is he texting me if he's not interested? (13 reasons why)

There comes a day in every girl’s life when she decides to take the question: “Why is he texting me when he’s not interested?”

Sometimes guys do things that are not so easy to explain.

Say it writing even though they have said or shown in some way that they are not interested in you falls under this category.

Relationships between men and women are never easy, simply because we are opposite sexes.

Shadowy news can only complicate things. 

Most of us tend to overanalyze messages we get from men we like.

We give them more importance than they actually deserve.&nbsp ;

This isn't necessary as most guys will be straight forward with saying what they mean. 

However, there are writing situations that guys can take advantage of.

They seem uninterested or even say they aren't and yet they keep texting you. 

Men who play with double meaning messages really do a woman good job insane.

So we're here to defuse the whole situation a bit and give you all the potential answers to the big question 'why is he texting me if he's not interested?' to deliver. 

1. He wants to boost his ego

Men are prone to always seeking the approval of their friends.

It can’ So you could be just one of those women who makes him look good in front of his friends. 

This also has to do with his self-confidence – it may not be that high and he's looking for ways to increase it. 

He just wants to be the kind of boss that any girl can have.

At least that's what he wants his friends to think of him. Such a braggart!

That's why he's keeping you, like some kind of souvenir.

And you don't want to be a dust collector. Believe me.

2. You are his Plan B

If things don't work out that way with another girl, you are her or one of her next options. 

To determine if you are his plan B or not, you have to you just watch what he does.

The signs will be obvious: he only texts you from time to time and not regularly; he never, really never has time when you feel like hanging out and he only comes when it's most convenient for him; you noticed that his message list is quite long and full of female names when you glanced at his smartphone during a meeting. 

Keeping you on the bench like that really sucks .

You are worth so much more and should be someone's first option and only choice.

Don't undersell yourself! 

3. He friendzoned you

This is the zone you really don't want to be in. But it seems like you're stuck. 

He texts you when he's looking for a sympathetic ear.

He's looking for advice on subjects you don't want to answer – they could be related to his ex, his current or future girlfriend. 

You are probably a pretty good friend and a very good listener, which is why he likes being with to write to you and spend time with you.

The texts between the two of you might even be a little more intimate than those with other mutual friends. 

You guys have some inside jokes too. But he only ever speaks of you as a friend and never more. 

He holds you close enough that you would never let go, yet he doesn't act like someone who has more on his mind than friendship. 

4. He knows not really what he wants

He’d like to be in a relationship but is afraid of commitment.

He is struggling with some personal issues and is unable to start a relationship now. 

He wants you in his life but can't call you his girlfriend. 

Well, do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Tell him , so that he can come to you when he has his thoughts in order.

He may really like you, but he is confused and wants to buy time to find out. 

It's not fair to you though.

It's not fair to let you hang in some kind of emotional limbo. 

He can't have you and don't have.

Don't let him drag you into an almost-relationship.

If he's figured out what he wants and you're still around, he's lucky appreciate it. 

But he can't expect you to put your life on hold and wait for him to put his life in order and face his fears. 

5. He's a player

He's just used to playing his games with women and you're no exception.

That doesn't have to be hot. He says he's not that into you, but he takes his time. 

He's probably a bit unsure and wants to see where he is at the moment.

But he could just find out what he really wants. 

He texts you because he wants to pique your interest, but he never gives too much.

He doesn't text for days and then comes back with a sweet tooth or you can write about one together for a long time and suddenly he disappears. 

He takes his time writing back and makes you wait and ask for more while you wonder what he will probably write to you next.

It's like a spider web and if you're not careful you could get trapped in it for a while. 

6. You're fooling yourself

He was sincere and told you he wasn't looking for anything serious right now.

You stop now Hold on to these words and hope that things will change in the future.

It's time to stop dreaming and face the truth.

His opinion won't change any time soon. 

He was honest and told you what he really meant. There's nothing more to it. 

Don't waste your time thinking that he's going to have a change of heart and suddenly be ready for a relationship. 

He told you what he wants.

Now it's up to you to decide if you want something casual or end the writing with him, but don't get your hopes up that it will turn into something more serious.

7. He only flirts with you

For some guys, flirting is part of their personality. You can't help it. It is quite natural for them. 

They may be in a relationship or even married, but have the urge to be noticed by other women. 

Even if he's just friends with you, he can sometimes overdo it, unwittingly giving you false hope. 

8. You are his bed story

He only wants one thing and you know it perfectly well.

For one reason or another, decides you are ignoring your common sense. 

If he just texts you out of the blue in the middle of the night; if he only texts you when he's drunk (alcohol gives him the courage to ask questions he wouldn't dare to ask when he's sober), then he's simply taking advantage of the fact that you're into him or even have feelings ;feel for him.

Also see if you find any hint in his messages that he just wants sex.

He writes messages like “You look like that hot from in your last photo. Your butt looks great in those jeans” or something similar. 

He is open about his intentions.

If you're hoping for something more or for him to change over time and see your worth, I'm sorry to tell you that's not going to happen. 

< h2>9. He texts you out of boredom

It's very simple. Though it sounds pretty silly, but some guys do things like that.

He has nothing better to do right now and your number is conveniently still on his phone. 

The sign of this type of text is that it takes quite a long time before he remembers to text you again. It can take weeks or even months.

He might also come up with some lame excuses as to why it took him so long to write and that he really misses your company.

Don't fall for that because he may only text you when he's bored. 

10. He's lonely

Aside from boredom, loneliness can be one of the main reasons why he keeps texting you even though he has told you or shown you in some way that he is not interested. 

Behind all his macho posturing, he needs but someone who will listen to him, make him laugh and comfort him.

If he usually texts you at night or on Sunday afternoons, then he is looking for a way to be less self-conscious feeling lonely and you are a perfect way to fill that void.

Try to text less on those occasions.

Think of a reason why you can't text right now and tell him you'll make up for it another day. 

Don't let him take advantage of your kindness.

You're not a charity.

There are days when you feel lonely and melancholic, but you wouldn't text him just because of that, would you?

11 . He just loves the attention you give him

He loves the feeling of being loved and admired. He craves it so much it's almost an addiction.

He doesn't necessarily have to be in a relationship with you or be purely physical.

He's driving him crazy just by the fact that you're trying to text him, even if he's only doing the bare minimum. 

If you suspect that's the case, the best thing you can do is slam on the brakes and not happily respond to his half-hearted texts and elicit responses from him. 

Make sure you don't overdo it, no matter who wrote first.

You deserve attention as much as he does, and if he's not willing to meet you halfway, then you can say goodbye to him. 

12. He finds you interesting

He texts you for the sake of writing.

It's fun you have a great sense of humor, you make him laugh and always have a witty remark. 

Hardly a day goes by that he doesn’t have a conversation ;I will start with you, but he never asks you out or writes about wanting to see you. 

For some reason he only wants a virtual one relationship with you Whatever it is, don't stay in this relationship for too long or you will become emotionally attached and get hurt as a result. 

Texting him regularly, sharing your thoughts and listening to his stories will make you feel close, even though there's nothing physical going on between you. 

13. He's just out of a relationship

When a man just got out of a relationship, especially a long-term one, he's not anywhere near ready to start a new one or to commit. 

If you are texting someone who is in this situation, no matter what you do, don't take them seriously.

He will text you regularly, flatter you, and make you feel ;hl to be special and then just go offline and disappear for a few days. 

Believe me – this has nothing to do with you, but with him and the chaos in his head.

He knows not what he wants and where he wants. He needs to get his life back on track before he can embark on anything new. 

Writing is generally a good thing. It should make things easier, not more difficult.

It reduces stress, especially when you've just met a person and started dating. 

It gives you a chance to to get to know each other better before moving into something more serious. 

The bad thing about writing is that someone can abuse it.

They use messages to manipulate you into doing things the way they want them to.

They use messages to keep you engaged without giving you anything real and tangible.

With the messages, they give you just enough to keep you going, but never enough to feel safe and genuinely cared for. 

While texting someone, you can form emotional bonds and really start to like the other person.

If nothing comes of it, you could get hurt badly.  

I hope some of these reasons helped you with your questions: “Why is he texting me if he’s not interested?”

But these are just a few things to ask you should be on the lookout for.

You should keep in mind that some things can be misinterpreted and real conversations can never be replaced with text messages. 

Guys are mostly open and won't use hidden message sentences write.

So don't cling to single words that tell you maybe, but not now, we'll see.

You will wait in vain.

Some reasons why guys are not open are listed above. They have ulterior motives.

The reasons may help you figure out if they are just exploiting your feelings and wasting your time and energy. 

Remember that the best of men don't use writing as some sort of weapon of manipulation – they use it to set up a date and see you in person. 

They prefer to see you face to face and avoid texting you.

They value you and your time.

So save your time and energy for them.

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