Why don't I have a boyfriend? We put an end to the brooding!

Why don't I have a boyfriend? Let's stop worrying!

I went to a cousin's wedding a few weeks ago. It was really beautiful, everything was so romantic and the two lovebirds looked like they were out of a romantic movie.

So happy and in love.

You could see in their eyes that they were crazy about each other and they couldn't wait to start their crazy journey into life together.

I was very happy for her. They found the love of their lives.

When it came time for dinner, I took my table number and sat down at a table with 3 couples seated.

Okay, I thought. They had to put me somewhere. It's not that I'm not used to being the only single person among couples.

And then the questions began. How's it going with you? What are you doing? Where do you work? why did you come alone

Do you have a boyfriend? And then this cheap consolation like: Well, it's only half as bad. Your Dream Man will come when you least expect it. Etc.

It's easy for you to talk, I thought to myself. All of you will take your partner by the hand and go home while I have to go back to my cold apartment where no one is waiting for me.

With a sour smile, I said: Yes, that's right. I enjoy being single and happy.

Deep down I knew I was lying. I convinced myself of this and tried not to burden myself with it, but the truth is I would give anything to have someone by my side.

It's not like I didn't have friends and relationships, but it was all a passing crush, if you can even call it a relationship. But I've never had a boyfriend.

When I think about it, it shakes my confidence and makes me wonder why I don't have a friend? Where is the problem?

I'm good looking, I have a job, I'm independent and I'm not looking for a boyfriend who has to pull the stars out of the sky for me. I just want someone to love me for who I am and for me to love them too.

For us to respect each other and build our relationship on trust and honesty. Is that too much? Why is this so hard to find? Is the problem in me?

Then you feel like an outsider, like an extraterrestrial who cannot find happiness in love on this planet.

How come everyone else is in happy relationships and I don't have a boyfriend?

Love gives meaning to our lives and is the energy that holds us together and without it we feel a bit lost.

But my dear readers! I would like to start by saying to all of you who are plagued by these or similar questions, that your happiness is not defined by a man or a long-term relationship.

Your happiness is only defined by you and love is what comes along the way to complete your life and add another touch of magic to your happiness.

And how how to attract that touch of magic into your life, you will learn here.

Read this article carefully and find the answer to the question: Why don't I have a boyfriend?

em> You can also find advice on how to change this if you want.

Why don't I have a boyfriend?< /em>

1. Because you don't do enough

We all enjoy different things. Someone enjoys going out, partying, traveling and enjoying it, while someone else enjoys spending a Saturday night with a cup of tea and a good book. And that's good. Beauty lies in diversity.

But if you are ready for a relationship and want to find a potential partner, it will still be a little more difficult if you spend all your time in your own home.

Natü Of course there is always the possibility of online dating like Tinder, Lovoo etc. but why not try it in real life?

There are so many activities where you can meet interesting men could get to know.

Sometimes, after countless failed dates and failed relationships, you get disappointed and decide to just give up and live the rest of your life single, bitterly convinced that there is no one out there for you .

Don't get discouraged and don't give up if you don't meet someone interesting right away. Whatever you do, do it primarily for yourself and your own pleasure.

Various courses, volunteer work, communities like the neighborhood community, organized trips and trips – certainly activities where you can learn something new, build yourself up, gain a lot of experience and memories, and if you're lucky, find the love of your life.

You don't necessarily have to do these activities alone. go. Grab your best friend and dare to try something new together.

If she's single too, even better. Then you have a partner in crime when looking for a partner.

2. Because you have high expectations and don't give up easily

Your co-worker has been bragging for days about how her boyfriend prepared the most romantic surprise of her life by proposing to her with fireworks.

Another co-worker posts pictures of gifts she has received on Instagram received from her boyfriend with the hashtags #couplegoals and #mygreatlove.

Your mother tells you about her friend’s daughter who flew to Hawaii with her boyfriend for her birthday.


All around you you hear stories about romantic gestures and great love similar to those from movie screens.

Manipulated by history that true love is only romance, roses, Unfortunately, because of Songs and Butterflies, we misunderstand the concept of love and create in our minds an ideal relationship and partner that, to be realistic, few can have.

Nobody is perfect and every relationship has its setbacks. On the road to true love, two people have to go up and down hills and work hard, sometimes giving up, in order to have a healthy and successful relationship.

Maybe you are unaware of this and that's why you're closed high expectations of love and partner.

And if a man doesn't meet all your criteria to begin with, you immediately reject him and give him none, let alone a second chance.

Try lowering your expectations a bit if that's the problem. Of course you shouldn't settle for less, you have to know what you want and let that guide you.

But at least try to give someone a chance to show you what and how much they do ready to do for you.

Besides, a little flirtation never hurt anyone. Relax and enjoy the hunt, play and just have fun. until the man of your dreams knocks on your door.

3. Because you don't trust men

Bad experiences in the past significantly shape our behavior and our way of thinking in the present.

< p>No one will put their hand back where it was burned because you know how much it hurt last time.

Next time you will be careful and this one avoid place It's the same with our feelings and our trust in people.

Once we have been betrayed by a loved one, it is very difficult for us to trust anyone again, or at least it will be a long time before we can.

For this reason, it is often heard that that someone is unable to relate, that they are afraid of commitment and the like, all because of a lack of trust in people. Is that the case for you?

Maybe you had bad experiences with your first boyfriend? Maybe your crush didn't love you back? Maybe your ex-partner cheated on you and inflicted wounds that will hurt you for the rest of your life?

But you have to know one thing: love and disappointment belong together and there is no one person who has not at least once in his life gone through the pain of separation and doubted love.

It's all an integral part of life and something we all have to go through to know how to tell true love from fake love.

You have to learn to leave some things in the past and to understand that not all people are the same.

Some will hurt you, others will leave deep imprints in your heart.

Some will be a painful defeat, others a good one Lesson for life but the thing is that life goes on and you should look towards the future and not behind you.

4. Because you're looking in the wrong places

Maybe you're just looking in the wrong places for your potential Prince Charming.

For example, if you are a reclusive guy, but you keep going to nightclubs in the hope that you will meet your potential partner there?

The chance is certainly not impossible, but think about it a little; About: Wouldn't it be better to look for a partner who matches your interests?

Because the more things we have in common with someone, the better the chances that we will get along better with that person. It doesn't matter whether it's friends or a partner.

If you like reading, for example, keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit the library. There may be a great, nice man in your area who needs a book recommendation.

Don't get me wrong, you don't need to go to certain places and do certain activities just to find a boyfriend.

I just want you to know the answer to the question, < em>why don't I have a boyfriend, and keep your eyes open for the man of your dreams who might be right in front of you.

5. Because you're putting too much pressure on yourself

When we're single for a long time, we get so obsessed that it seems like we just do See couples on the street.

It seems like everyone sets their relationship status to ‘taken’ changes and it's just us standing in place struggling to meet someone.

So we resort to some desperate steps and enter into short-term, meaningless and superficial relationships.


We look for a possible partner in every man who approaches us and talks to us.

We crave love so much that we only think about it and put enormous pressure on ourselves to find someone for us.

And the more we want it, the further it seems far from us.

Well, first and foremost, the question: Why don't I have a boyfriend? shouldn't become your obsession.

You you shouldn't put so much pressure on yourself just because your girlfriends are in a relationship or because you're old enough to have a boyfriend.

We can't force ourselves to fall in love with someone or for someone to fall in love with us. Love cannot be forced. Someone doesn’t find their true love until the age of 50, so what?

The right things happen at the right time and only when you stop actively looking for love does it miraculously appear. And in life it's so general.

Everyone longs for what they don't have. It's often the case that we can't have what we really want and it's only when it ceases to be interesting that it somehow appears in our lives.

I'm not saying that you should should give up looking for a partner completely. Go out, meet guys, flirt with them, but don't look for a partner in everyone.

Accept your singleness and be happy with yourself. Only if you accept your situation, relax and take your time will you see how everything will be fine.

6. Because you couldn't get over your ex

An unforgotten love is often an obstacle in finding new love and new beginnings.

We stay with the relationship and what we have with our partner so connected that it is difficult to pull ourselves together and go in search of a new friend.

This mostly happens when one comes out of a long relationship. You get so used to your partner as if they are a part of you and when you lose them it is difficult to function normally again.

Due to strong feelings that we always feel still attached to the ex-partner, or due to a sense of habit, we very quickly forget all the ugly moments of the relationship and only remember the beautiful days and moments.

That doesn't give us peace of mind and that's why when we meet new people we always compare them to their ex and it seems like they can never be good enough like him.

Maybe you haven't once feelings for him but you just miss everything you had with him. A sense of belonging and security.

You can have that and more with someone else. You just have to open the door of your heart to new loves.

7. Because you are insecure and shy

Otherwise you're a very outgoing and talkative person, but when it comes to men it's like someone taped your mouth shut and turned off your brain.

You just can't deal with it when a man approaches you, when he flirts with you and compliments you.

Don't worry, you are not the only one.

Every new acquaintance brings certain nervousness and stress and it's totally normal to feel that way.

In this case, you should work on your self-confidence to feel safer in the company of men.

For example, you can also address men in everyday life without flirting. It will definitely help you relax and build confidence.

For example: asking someone for directions, asking questions about some groceries at the supermarket, asking for books or materials at university, asking for help at work and the like.

Once you get rid of your fear and inner blocks, you'll feel so confident that you'll find yourself making the first contact with a man. Be brave! 😉

Conclusion: There are different answers to the question why don't I have a boyfriend.

Everything depends on your situation, your point of view and the way you accept your single life or not. Don't burden yourself with it too much. Give yourself time.

It's nice to have someone to share anything with, but not at any cost.

Don't worry, relax and ignore the opinion imposed by the environment that you absolutely must be in a relationship in order to be happy.

Be self-sufficient and love yourself because when you love yourself you radiate positive energy, the men like the light attracts the flies. Cheer up and enjoy your single life until you find someone worthy of you. 😊

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