When you ignore a real woman, she learns to live without you

If you ignore a real woman, she learns to live without you

For as long as you can remember, you've been told that you have to play aloof when you want to get a woman.

You always thought that the only way to really win a woman’s heart was to get under her skin.

Because after all, we all want, what and who we can't have, right?

And she's no exception; at least it shouldn't be.

You've already pulled this trick a million times; you pretended you couldn’t care less about the woman you are dating until she was all yours. And every one of them fell for it.

Here's how it works: the more you avoid her, the faster she'll run after you.

If she has to doubt your feelings every day, she'll do her best to to get through to your heart.

If you're cold to her, she'll do anything to make you love her. If you give her mixed signals, she will think about you for hours or days trying to decipher you.

If you're all mysterious, she'll make it her mission to understand you and explore every facet of your personality.

If you play wild mind games with her, she'll do everything in her power do to get to the bottom of you.

If you click ”read” she will text you again to see what happened.

If you don't call her back she will stalk you in a panic just to find out where you are and what you're up to.

If you date other women, she will compete with them until she has you all to herself.

If you give her a morsel of your attention, she will not rest until she has yours gets undivided love.

If a woman doesn't know what's going on between you, you automatically become more interesting.

You become her prey, and she won't give up until she catches you.

And then it's usually too late – she's already madly in love with you.

After all the effort she has made for you, she is willing to do anything to make you stay with her.

The whole thing is actually pretty simple: the more you ignore a woman, the more determined she will come after you.

The more indifference you show, the bigger ;he will be her fight for your heart.

I can tell you one thing: All of this is just a bunch of crap.

Sure, that could be the case with immature girls who have no idea what they want.

This one Approach works for women who struggle with their insecurities and who need your approval to boost their self-esteem.

For women who like mindless drama and an ego boost in the form of a man.

But when it comes to a real woman, everything is different, because with her you will only get the opposite effect – this behavior will end up scaring her away.

You know, this woman is not into games. Men who aren't serious about her and have a hard time making up their minds don't turn her on.

This woman knows what and who she wants and she won't settle with you Settle man who treats her as an option.

Also, she doesn’t have the time or energy for the chase you crave.

She prefers old-fashioned values ​​like love, respect, honesty and undivided attention.

So by ignoring this woman, you are only helping her adjust to life without you.

You're giving her a chance to learn how to take care of herself and a chance to get you out of her mind.

You're just distancing yourself from her and help her get over you while you're still here.

You make her realize that she's wasting her time with you, and you give yourself a one-way Ticket out of her life.

This woman needs someone who will be a constant figure in her life.

A man she can rely on without having to worry about whether he will abandon her in the morning even though he has promised her the world.

She needs a significant other and someone who will enrich and brighten her existence.

What she doesn't need, however, is a man who saps her energy and her makes life a nightmare.

A real woman needs a real man.

The last thing she wants is a brat with severely low self-esteem who she has to chase after to make him feel more of a man than he really is.

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Apart from that, she has a very high self-esteem, so she definitely won't let you humiliate her and treat her like a dog.

Yes, she loves you with all her heart, but that doesn't mean she will lose her dignity just to cure your insecurities.

As much as this woman cares about you, she won't beg you to give her what she deserves, even if it means her life.

And above all, she won't be patient waiting for you to come to your senses and realize it's time to change your behavior.

So please don't be surprised if she leaves you, and remember that you were the reason she left.

If she dumps you, remember that you didn't give her a choice and that you drove her away with your childish behavior.

And most importantly, don't think that she will come back and realize that this is her final goodbye.

At least she warned you that this day will come and that you and both playing with her limits as well as her patience.

She kept telling you to cut the crap, treat her with respect and make up your mind.

< p>But you continued with your toxic behavior.

You thought it was all just play and you were sure that they would stand by you forever and waste their time in this dirty situation ;earth you dragged them into.

But you know what? She won't. You taught her to live without you, so you have to live with the consequences!

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