When you finally date a real man, these 7 things will change

When you finally date a real man, these 7 things will change

1. You'll finally be with someone whose words match their actions

You expected him to cancel your date at the last minute, but he's five minutes early came.

He told you that he would write to you when he got home, and he did.

He said that you were the only one you're the one he's dating, and it's the truth.

You're used to a man who is inconsistent, who always says one thing and does the exact opposite.

Finally you will have someone you can trust completely and he will be the best thing you've ever experienced.

2. You'll know where you stand with him from the start

If he's looking for a relationship, he'll tell you.

If he's nothing serious If you want, he will tell you. He is honest and straightforward.

There is no beating about the bush, no mixed signals and no heart games.

A real man would never do such a thing. You will feel safe and relaxed in your relationship with him.

3. He won't take you upstairs just so he can jerk you off later

A lot of guys these days make a perfect start.

They wow you, make an effort, tell you they love you, and then they either walk out of your life or show their true colors.

A real man would never do such a thing. He would never leave without giving you closure or at least an explanation.

He would never resort to manipulation, love bombing or pretending to be someone who he isn't.

He would never intentionally hurt you, and you'll realize that once you get to know him better.

4. He won't hide his luggage

You'll know who you're dealing with early in the relationship.

If he's been through a tough breakup, a divorce, or spent a period of time doing certain things, he'll tell you.

He won't be afraid to be honest and vulnerable with you .

He knows that this is the only way to get closer to each other.

He has his good and bad sides, just like the rest of us, and he won't hide them.

5. He will respect you completely

Respect – the most important part of a relationship and the most overlooked.

A real man will respect your feelings, family, friends, work, your life, your space, your privacy, respect you and everything about you.

He will respect and appreciate all the things you do for him and your relationship and he will never take them for granted.

He will be like a breath of fresh air in this world full of disrespectful girls ;be inside.

6. You will be inspired by the things he does

For the first time in a long time you will experience the most normal behavior a man could have and you will be excited about it.

It's no surprise; most of the men you dated were immature in every way, uninterested and treating life like a big game.

A real man plays hard too, but he always works tougher.

He has interests and hobbies outside of work, he is ambitious, and he will serve as an inspiration for you to improve your life and habits.

The best thing about him is that he will always find time for you, a beautiful, loving and caring time that you both need.

7. He'll like every version of you

He won't expect you to be perfect all the time.

He won't come around just when everything is pink and you are in a good mood.

He will be there through the smiles, the tears and the anger.

He will have occasional emotional breakdowns and Be there on days of extreme happiness.

He will be there when there is nothing fun to do or say because all he needs is to be close to you.

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