When should you separate? 15 signs it's over

When should you break up? 15 signs it's over

Every relationship has its ups and downs, good times and bad, and obstacles that affect even the seemingly happiest Couples have to overcome.

If Disney had allowed us to take a peek into the life of every Disney couple after the wedding, we would surely have seen Cinderella or Snow White sitting in their room contemplating whether to split up .

Funß aside, it's just illogical and impossible to have a relationship without disagreements, minor quarrels and problems.

It's normal to deal with both crisis and relationship issues, but as long as it's within normal limits, there's nothing to worry about, and these little things certainly aren't good reasons to break up.

But what if problems arise every day and the relationship enters a crisis that they never seem to get out of?

You ask yourself: when should you break up ?

Breaking up can be the best decision, but it can also be the worst.

There may be times when breaking up is just the fresh start a person needs and on the other hand they can realize they made a mistake and still love their partner.

But how can I do that make the right decision and have no regrets?

Here are 15 of the most obvious warning signs that the relationship is doomed and will give you an answer to the question: When should you break up?

When should you break up: 15 good reasons to break up

1. You keep thinking about a possible breakup

In a moment of argument with our partner or in anger and emotional rush during a relationship crisis, the thought occurs to all of us : It would be best to split up!

But most of the time it's short-lived and once we make up with our partner, we forget we ever thought about it.

We quickly realize that we love them very much and that our lives are would be lonely and sad without a partner.

But if the thought that you should break up has been bothering you for a long time, this is by no means a good sign.

This means that if you are thinking about breaking up even in the good and beautiful moments of your relationship, it is definitely a warning sign that a breakup is imminent.

2. You have changed

When we are in a relationship with someone, it is natural to compromise and adapt to certain situations.

Like where we're going on vacation, what restaurant we're going to eat at, or some even bigger things like sharing expenses, chores around the house, and the like.

It's also normal for people to change when they're in a relationship because sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we adopt our partner's habits and behaviors.

Maybe we discover something with our partner new things and fall in love with it so much that we start it ourselves etc.

But if you find yourself starting to change your attitudes, your beliefs and even your personality, you should at alarm bells are ringing.

If you're always the one who compromises and conforms to whatever your partner wants, that's a sign that you're in a toxic relationship that you should get out of as soon as possible.< /p>

3. Insults and humiliation are the order of the day


When you love someone, you think of that someone as the most wonderful person ever there.

You only have words of praise for him and you are trying to show him how much you appreciate everything he is and what he does, thereby boosting his confidence.

This is a sign of him. r a healthy and happy relationship. On the other hand, it is a toxic relationship if you constantly experience that your partner sees you as worthless, bad, stupid and the like.

If he insults and humiliates you every day, is this is more than a good reason to break up.

This is most characteristic of a relationship with narcissistic people because they like the sense of control.

They destroy a person's self esteem and then feed on the bad leads ;the feelings they evoke in others with their behavior.

A small insult, an ugly comment here and there is enough to create a bad image of yourself and it should never be in a normal healthy relationship.

4. You fight all the time

Fighting and arguments are an integral part of any relationship, and it's not uncommon as long as they happen every now and then.

After all, after a fight, the reconciliation tastes all the sweeter.

However, constant arguments are a sign that the relationship is in crisis, especially if the argument is about the smallest possible details, e.g. B. Why did you change the TV channel? or something mundane like: why are you breathing so loudly?

The problem arises when both start to get angry about the little things the other is doing that they might be doing up to now, but suddenly everything you say or do immediately ends up in an argument.

This behavior causes too much stress, pressure and dissatisfaction, which can even lead to depression. In this case, the answer to the question is When should you break up? – As soon as possible!

5. You are in an on-off relationship

Remember when you were in school when it was interesting and fun to constantly break up and then get back together?< /p>

It was kind of a general behavior that was characteristic of that age, but it shouldn't happen in serious adult relationships, should it?

Couples who continually break up and then get back together have a very turbulent relationship that is constantly on shaky ground.

There are characteristic behaviors such as dramatic exits, tü hitting ren, throwing the partner's things out of the apartment and then coming back, declarations of love and the like.

In such an unstable relationship, few people will be happy just waiting for some next event or something that will make their partner pack up and leave.

Fü In a relationship in a crisis, it is advisable to take a break from the relationship. However, it is during this period that one should really recognize the problem and make a decision: What should one do next?

When these “pauses” but keep repeating, this type of relationship is called an on-off relationship where you should break up as soon as possible.

6. You haven't introduced him to your friends and family

You've been together a long time and you haven't introduced him to your family and close friends?

Family and Friends are important in a partner's life and our goal is to have a good relationship with the people who are close to our loved one.

Of course, every relationship evolves differently and these are not things to take lightly as these are ultimately big steps for couples and some, let's call it a 'sign of commitment'. represent.

But if you've been in a relationship for a long time and you haven't introduced him to your family and friends, you should consider the reasons why.

< p>It can also be a sign that you subconsciously don't want to be in a relationship at all or that you are not sure how you feel about him and if he is right for you.

Same goes for him when he’keeps you ”a secret” and you haven't met anyone close to him, something is wrong and it should be clarified as soon as possible.

I don’t want to sound like someone who watches too many movies, but it often turns out that a person leads a double life, meaning they have a different girlfriend or even a different family.

So this is more of a reason for a breakup, it's also a big warning sign.

7. Your friends and family don't like your partner

Because when it comes to love, we usually wear rose-colored glasses with which we don't even see our partner's quirks, only their good ones sides, we cannot look at the relationship objectively.

If by chance several family members or some of your friends have told you that they don't like your partner, you might want to think about why that is.

The first reaction, of course, is always : What do they know?! I'm happy with him!

Yes, but the question is why many people would tell you that. Family and friends always want the best for us, even if sometimes we don't understand their reasons and intentions, but that's how it is.

They may see something you don't see, which can ultimately lead to the fact that they are really right and that your partner is not the right person for you.

In any case, it is important to figure out what the problem is and then see if the reason is good enough to break up.

8. There is no trust in the relationship

Trust is a key element of any healthy relationship and without trust many other relationship issues become even more prominent.

The reasons for the loss of trust can be many, from cheating , fear of loss up to breaking promises and the like.

It can also happen that there was no trust from the beginning of the relationship because you may have known the partner's history before the relationship or hung out with them, so that one knows, for example, that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend.

Constantly asking and thinking about where they are, who they are with and what their partner is doing is emotionally draining, not to mention how bad it is for a relationship.

If a partner is naturally jealous, it will be even more difficult to build trust, despite the fact that the other person is not prone to lying, has never cheated, and the like.

Without trust, the relationship is very shaky and definitely doomed to fail. So there are two solutions here: break up or try to build trust.

9. Limitations in a relationship

This goes hand in hand with the previous one and it can be said that lack of trust and jealousy also lead to limitations in the relationship; hrs.

In a relationship where your partner is constantly checking your phone and rolling your eyes when you say you're going out with your girlfriends or even worse: when they tell you that you shouldn't, can't you definitely won't be happy.

If you're feeling limited in your relationship and you're wondering when should you break up? let me just tell you: Now!

We all have the right to live our lives the way we want.

Of course it needs to be adjusted to both fit the partnership and find a balance, but no one should control themselves and let someone else run their own life.

Limitations in the Relationships result in frequent conflicts, isolation from everyone you love, distance from one's likes, hobbies and even one's goals.

This is the ultimate recipe for a destructive relationship that needs to end.

10. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for a breakup, but not everyone sees it the same way.

Someone can be forgiven for cheating if their partner promises that it will never happen again while’ Whilst others, immediately after finding out, pack their bags and leave forever without looking back.

Regardless of whether you or your partner cheated on someone, cheating is a sign of it. r that something is missing in a relationship.

An affair can tear a relationship into tiny pieces that are difficult to patch up.

The betrayed will feel less and less valuable, not feeling their best and always wondering why he was cheated on.

While the one who cheated has to live with remorse and guilt and do their best to get the relationship going again, Of course, if he really regrets it.

If the relationship has become unstable after the affair and you are having trouble dealing with the fact that you or your partner have been cheating on you, you should not deepen your suffering any further, so it is best to end the relationship.< /p>

11. Different future plans

At every stage of getting to know each other, we feel more connected to people with whom we have a lot in common, from our favorite movies to future plans. It's the same in relationships.

A relationship is more stable and harmonious when people have more things in common to share.

It is normal for people to change over time and with them their attitudes, thoughts, plans ;ne and goals. We accept that.

So we compromise and try to make the relationship work despite the differences, because we love someone and want to be with them.

But if there's one thing that's hard to compromise on, it's common goals and vision for the future of the relationship.

It's easy to agree on where to go on vacation or what what you will do tomorrow etc., but what about marriage, the desire to have children or something similar?

These are more serious goals in life that the partners have to agree on and it is necessary that they have the same opinion for the relationship to work.

Otherwise, one will always feel lonely and dissatisfied, hoping for a change or blaming the other for everything bad that happens in life.

In this case, it is best to let yourself to break up, although there may still be love, because without the same plans for the future, there is no future for the relationship.

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12. You're the only one trying

It takes two to have a successful relationship. Any relationship requires effort and commitment on both sides, otherwise it has no future.

It is necessary to show and prove your love for your partner every day, to maintain common ground, to exchange caresses, to give compliments make and the like to keep the flame of love between the partners.

Of course sometimes this is not easy because we are too busy with some other daily things and especially when it is a long relationship where most of the time the infatuation phase is over, but still one should find a way to to keep love going.

Have you ever cooked dinner, put on the nicest dress, done your makeup and makeup to give your partner a pleasant surprise when he/she leaves the comes home from work and then he just ate and went to bed?

Unfortunately I experienced that and I realized that life is too short to spend it with the wrong man who doesn't care about me and my feelings at all.

If you realize that you are the only one making an effort and your partner doesn't care, you should definitely consider a breakup as spending time with someone who isn't trying isn't worth it for everyone To fight every day and conquer you again and again.

13. You are not happy in the relationship

Love, relationship and partner should be a source of happiness. The partner is the person we look forward to the most after a hard day's work.

The partner is the person who puts a smile on our face even when we are at our saddest.


The partner is the person around whom we should feel protected, calm and happy.

If reading this gave you a long sigh and you thought: If only I were that happy … then this is not a good sign and you need to do something about it immediately.

There are many couples who are unhappy but because of staying in relationships with children, shared property or shared accommodation, and the like, and possibly becoming depressed as a result.

You have to think about your wellbeing because the most important thing is that you are happy and feeling good. Everything else can be adapted and changed somehow.

14. No more feelings

The infatuation phase is a special phase of every relationship. A stage where we feel butterflies in our stomachs and where it crackles.

In this stage we just want to spend time with our partner and everything seems so perfect as if it doesn't exist Worries in the world.

But of course this phase passes over time, passion and infatuation turn into something more serious, calmer and more stable – true love.

But what if we feel absolutely nothing for our partner? If we just look at him as a friend or roommate?

A look that was once full of love has now been replaced by a futile look that shows feelings are gone … Love has faded.

Many people still stay married or in a relationship where there is no more emotion just out of habit.

They are just used to being in a relationship, no matter what that relationship is , but that is not good and one should consider whether it is worth staying in such a relationship or whether it is better to break up.

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15. Mental or physical violence

When should you separate? When you find out that you are a victim of psychological or physical violence? There is not much to think about here and the relationship should end now and immediately!

Psychological violence does not leave visible scars like physical violence does, but it does manifest itself in ugly words, Dem&uuml abuse, control, blackmail, finger pointing, emotional manipulation and the like.

These wounds tend to be deeper than scars and also gnaw away at the victim for much longer.

Because it is sometimes difficult to spot signs of psychological abuse, it takes a long time for a person to realize they are a victim and must separate, but as soon as she realizes this, she must act immediately.

Psychological violence often turns into physical violence and you must remember: whoever hit you once will do it again.

In this case, you should seek outside help and support from your family and friends, but you should never stay with an abusive partner, regardless of what connects the two of you, whether it's children, finances, or the like.

Conclusion: Some of these reasons may be solvable in certain situations and under certain conditions.

If the problem is caught in time, perhaps with the help of couples therapy or a relationship coach, the relationship can be salvaged and given a second chance.

You can find out more about this here: Saving a Relationship: How can you avoid the breakup?

On the other hand, if despite love, best will and desire to save the relationship, things stay the same, then it's time to break up to move and say goodbye forever.

We just have to accept n: Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't work!

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