When Narcissists Lie – 7 Reasons Why They Manipulate Us

If Narcissists lie - 7 reasons why they manipulate us

Narcissism describes an excessive self-infatuation and self-admiration of a person.

Even if a healthy measure While self-confidence is certainly not bad, people suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder have a very strong urge to show themselves off.

They often use the wildest lies.< /p>

Narcissists lie so that the beams bend, they are pathological liars.

They know no shame and are also very cunning.

Sure, we've all lied at some point, but with narcissists, it's commonplace and they build webs of lies that they'll probably start believing in their own lies. 

< p>In most cases, they lie to manipulate others.

Because narcissists are masters of manipulation!

In the following article I want to show you 7 typical situations in which narcissists lie to manipulate us. 


Characteristics of a narcissist

Many people are narcissistic and narcissistic, but that doesn't make them narcissists.

A covert narcissist doesn't show their true colors until later.

A narcissistic personality disorder is expressed through a few other features that I would like to briefly introduce to you here.

1) Strong urge for attention

Narcissists love attention!

They always need to be the center of attention and have all eyes and ears on them be. 

A narcissistic person can't stand it when someone else gets more attention than they do themselves.

For this reason, a narcissist also looks for an audience, which one he can easily impress. 

Especially in a relationship, narcissists need a lot of attention.

They are also very jealous, whether it's family and friends or co-workers. 

When the narcissist feels threatened and gets the feeling that if you pay more attention to someone else than him, he can easily get angry and start a fight with you. 

2) Know-it-alls

Narcissists always think they know everything better.

Even Google can't hold a candle to them.

They're damn good actors too, so their demeanor can signal that they're competent when they really aren't To be seen as extremely intelligent.

Narcissists have a hard time accepting others' opinions, so they tend to surround themselves with people who either agree with them or are easily manipulated are convincing. 

A narcissistic person also feels immensely important when others ask them for advice or when they have a high-profile job with a lot of responsibility, possibly with a team they oversee. 

It should however, if someone dares to have a different opinion than they do or even have better suggestions, it can very quickly become quite uncomfortable, because the narcissist does not tolerate criticism!

3) Lack of empathy< /h2>

This is arguably the greatest trait of a narcissist.

They simply lack empathy for others.

On the contrary, they always demand that others pity them they have. 

Especially when they are arguing with someone, they will throw rude things at the person and will never apologize for their bad behavior or the hurtful words. 

Narcissists will just pretend nothing ever happened.

However, if they are in a bad way, you have to drop everything to rush to their aid. 

But unfortunately they lack any compassion and compassion for their fellow human beings.&nbsp ;

4) Manipulates others in his favour

As mentioned before, narcissists are masters of manipulation!

< p>They do it so cleverly and with such ease that we usually only realize afterwards that we have been manipulated by them. 

They manipulate people in their favor and often play games with them.

At first glance, it may seem as if they want to help us, but in fact, what they do is to gain a secret advantage. 

Narcissists always think of themselves first, before thinking of others (if at all!).

And if something does go wrong, they have no problem blaming someone else. 

The reasons for narcissism

But how did it happen that these people developed a narcissistic personality disorder?

After all, nobody was born with narcissism.

The reasons and causes are usually hidden deep in childhood. 

Narcissists did not experience real love as children.

Most of the time the parents didn’t pay them enough attention or they only got love when they did something, so there was an attachment disorder.

Because the parents belittle their children, they couldn’t develop self-love .

Instead, great self-doubt grew in them, which they now want to disguise in adulthood through their supposedly self-confident appearance. 

The greater the self-doubt, the greater its public representation, a sort of compensation.

Another reason a person develops Narcissistic Personality Disorder is if they were idealized and lavished with love by their parents during childhood.

Thus a false self-image arose, a kind of overconfidence that made him become a narcissist over time. 

It is obvious that narcissists suffered childhood trauma from lack of parental love and are in dire need of professional help. 

But this is very difficult as Narcissists are unaware of their illness and also find it difficult to convince that something is wrong with them.

And if you did manage to get the narcissist to talk to a therapist convincing, it is anything but a cakewalk for the therapist. 

Narcissists have been lying all their lives and know how to get someone to believe them.

Their overconfidence leads them to believe that they are smarter as the therapist and not in need of therapy.

You will try to lie to the therapist and give him a false impression of yourself.

That's why it says also generally that it is almost impossible to cure narcissists. 

A narcissist cannot maintain a healthy relationship and will destroy it sooner or later.

A relationship with a narcissist is characterized by hurt, arguments, pain and lies.  

1) Narcissists lie to make themselves look better

Because narcissists like to be adored, they often lie to make a better impression leave.

For example at a party, if someone tells an exciting story about an experience, you can be sure that the narcissist will try to trump this story with an even better one.

Mostly these are also very adventurous stories for which there are no witnesses or no way of checking whether it is true.

Narcissists hope that others will tell them lies to be adored and treated with respect and reverence. 

Most of the time, this works out quite well, up until the point at which someone begins to doubt their story or even starts to investigate.

If a narcissist is exposed, they usually have I already have another lie or excuse ready to explain it all and put it into perspective. 

Narcissists have been lying their whole lives, they already do it with such a routine that it's really hard to find evidence of their lies. 

2) Narcissists lie to get attention

< p>Narcissists need to be at the center of things at all times.

This is particularly evident in a relationship.

A narcissist will do anything to get your full attention get.

The bad thing about these lies is that he often makes up terrible, sad things to be the center of attention.

Narcissists are often prone to extreme measures: narcissists may well threaten to harm themselves if you don't get back to them or forgive them. 

It's kö But you can also do more harmless things, such as when you want to spend an evening with the girls and then suddenly you get a WhatsApp message from him, you have to come home immediately, he urgently needs your help.

The bottom line is that he just needs your attention and that's why he lies.

3) Narcissists lie to get you

Once a narcissist has their eye on you, they will do anything to win you over.

There may be times when they make up some tall tales to impress you . 

He will try to find out as much as possible about you, your hobbies, preferences, your favorite movie, etc.

Then he will try to show you how much you have in common and what a great couple you would make. 

In doing so, he builds up a huge web of lies that you will fall for.

He will give you the impression that he will never hurt you like your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband did.&nbsp ;

He will do everything in his power to make you happy until he conquers you.

Then he will show his true colors, you will see that this grandiose person you have fallen in love with does not exist and slowly but surely his house of cards of lies will collapse. 

< h2>4) Narcissists lie to make you feel guilty

There are often arguments in a relationship with a narcissist.

It is a constant up and down between the two of you.

But he always manages to make you feel guilty with his lies, so that you return to him and/or apologize to him .

For a long time you believed him and probably even started to blame yourself for your problems.

Narcissists lie that they are in such a bad way that you said something really mean to them, just because you tried to talk about your problems.

Every time there is a need to talk about or work on problems, the narcissist comes up with new lies.

He twists things so that you should feel guilty for doubting him or your relationship, for not believing him, or for not appreciating his accomplishments enough.

Anyway, in the end the narcissist manages to make you feel guilty. 

5) Narcissists lie to get pity

< p>This is one of the main reasons why narcissists lie – they want to be pitied.

They will use any means to achieve this. 

They won't hesitate to make up the wildest of lies just to get pity from those around them and their partners.

Most of the time, the narcissist will make up particularly sad stories, such as a really bad experience in from his childhood or a lack of love from his mother. 

He doesn't shy away from dreaming up a bad illness just to be pitied.

The greater the suffering, the more pity he hopes for. 

6) Narcissists lie to hurt you

Should you finally get tired of the narcissist and his perfidious lies and leave him, he may spread lies about you in order to hurt you.

Depending on how big; is his anger, he will spread those lies to your circle of friends, family and workplace.

He's doing this because he doesn't accept that you won't play along with his game anymore.

After all his attempts to win you back have failed as well, only anger remains in him and he has to release it . 

However, your ex-boyfriend will also quickly realize that he is not getting very far, since your family and friends finally know you and know how you are and how unhealthy your relationship was.&nbsp ;

7) Narcissists lie to demean others

As I mentioned in the traits of a narcissist, narcissists can't handle criticism or when someone is better than them.

Therefore, they will lie to their opponent to make themselves look better or that what the other says isn't worth anything, or that they even start to doubt themselves.

For example, if you are at a job interview and realize that the competition is better, then you will try to eliminate your opponent by lying.

They will make up things why this one is not for is suitable for this job and in return he is made for this position himself.

And if someone dares to criticize a narcissist, they will take revenge.

He will pull out his entire repertoire of lies just to humiliate the person and show them that questioning and criticizing them was a mistake. 

…and if narcissists are caught lying? 

If narcissists are caught lying, they will respond with more lies.

They have been lying their whole life and don't know any different. 

Often they manage to cheat their way out of such situations and use other lies to justify their previous ones.

Narcissists always and everywhere have excuses ready, it is almost impossible to lure them out of their shell. 

When narcissists get the feeling that someone doesn't believe them or they short before being caught lying, they quickly change the subject or twist the facts.

Many who have been in a relationship with a narcissist are familiar with this tactic.

It's also often felt that narcissists are deliberately trying to create confusion so they won't be accused of lying. 

Or they blame you.

Anyway, a narcissist will never admit they lied, let alone apologize. 

One more One way a narcissist's reaction can be is anger.

He can become very short-tempered and be completely devastated as you could have imagined him lying. < /p>

This accusation can enrage him, and before you know it, you'll regret ever accusing him of lying.

You have to be careful though, as it can quickly it's possible to become a co-narcissist yourself. 

In a relationship with a narcissist, you gradually become a co-narcissist as you become more and more withdrawn in order to to respond to the needs of the narcissist.

Once you realize this is the case, you should flee quickly, because narcissists cannot have healthy relationships . 

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