When do men come back after a breakup? Faster than you think!

When do men come back after a breakup? Faster than you think!

”When do guys come back after a breakup?” is a common question that women trying to win their ex-boyfriends back often ask.

But is it really possible to calculate mathematically when someone feels longing for their ex-girlfriend?

You really can. Many experts have been dealing with the topic of separation for many years and they try very hard to give you concrete answers.

If you compare the female and male psyche If you compare them with each other, you can discover certain differences.

It is well known that men and women don't tick in the same way. However, the person’s mourning stage does not depend on gender, but rather on the person’s character.

Of course you are interested in what your ex is going through, does he think about you, does he also feel lovesickness, do you get a second chance or is he already looking for a new relationship?

All of these Questions are easy to answer when you have a clear picture of the whole situation.

How long have you been together? Have deeper feelings developed? Who ended the relationship? Was there a specific reason for the breakup?

Together we will go through the questions and help you to understand the end of the relationship. Maybe you will renew your old relationship faster than you think. Let yourself be surprised!

Do men mourn the loss of their ex-girlfriend?

Men, men; men, men – so cold, so selfish and heartless, many of you are now thinking. But is that really true? Are men that cold and unemotional?

That's not true! Men sometimes mourn their ex-girlfriend longer than some women mourn their ex-partners. The only difference between you and your ex is that in every situation in life he has to be a man.

Every woman desires a strong male partner who can protect her, besides where she can feel safe and cared for.

Emotions are desired when he is supposed to declare his love for you and shower you with compliments.

But no one would think it great if their partner kept crying when they slammed the door after an argument and cried in anger in the other room.

Now you shake your head, you don't agree with me. You think you wouldn't mind if he behaved like that.

But now go inside and ask yourself “Would that bother me?&rdquo ;. I think so.

It is pre-programmed in nature that the man has to be strong and that he does not show his feelings so openly. Ever since they were little they were always told, “Get up, boys don't cry. You're not a girl.”

And that fear of being a ”girl” to be still haunts men. That's why they often come across as cold and emotionless. But through various surveys we got the real answer and that is that men grieve too.

Except that male grief is different from female grief. Men are more likely to grieve alone and don't want to talk about it that much.

They meet up with friends and try to take their thoughts in a different direction.

Women, on the other hand, mö They like to talk about everything, analyze every sentence and get to the bottom of the reasons for the breakup.

They pound themselves with the same thoughts for days and keep asking themselves if it's the right decision?

So we came to the conclusion that men grieve too, but in their own way. When they grieve, they also feel the need for a reconciliation.

Yet they are still not sure if they really want to give the relationship a second chance or if they want one in the first place draw the line and move on.

Phases of your ex-partner after the breakup:

1. Relief phase

If there is a breakup, there must have been a crisis in the relationship earlier. Many men hate the back and forth, shall we break up or not.

This can lead to the man deciding to end the relationship on his own.

At that moment he feels liberated, after so many years of relationship he is finally free again, no stress, no arguments, just him and his thoughts.

He doesn’t even feel the pain of separation because he is still unaware of the whole situation. He knows not what kind of change is coming for him, what he has lost.

It shouldn't surprise you if after a short time you hear from your acquaintances that he has a new partner has at the start. I know this would come as a shock to you, but don't let that unsettle you.

It's just a phase, he's trying to find himself.

2nd phase of self-discovery

As I already mentioned in the first phase, it can happen very quickly that he will be looking for a new partner.

It doesn't mean he didn't love you, just that he's starting to realize that being alone wasn't such a great decision.

This shows that he misses you too, but how is he supposed to admit that now? Men often find it difficult to talk about feelings.

They try in different ways to make the ex-partner aware that they feel something for her, but they don't want to admit it.

During this phase, he can also do a lot of stupid things things like: a new club every night, he neglects his work, his hobbies, he doesn’t lead a regular life.

And now he's starting to realize that without you, everything falls apart. That he can't collect himself and is lost without you, so to speak.

He realizes for himself that letting you go wasn't such a wise decision.

3. Mourning phase

Slowly he sees that he can't do anything without you. He's alone, longs for you, but he's still afraid to pick up the phone and make the first move.

He's afraid of how you will react, whether you will reply to a WhatsApp message would.

He knows not even whether you are already over the breakup and maybe even made a new start. Now he's looking for information.

He's asking your mutual friends how you're doing and what you're up to.

He's trying to find out how you're doing through social media how you spent the time without him. It was a mistake, now he sees it too.

It was a mistake to end it all and turn your back on you.

Can I make it up to you? This question will keep him busy all night.

When do men come back after a breakup?

Your ex has to get his first become aware of loss. Only then will he feel lovesick and long for you. He needs to realize that you are not lost without him, that you can go on with your life without him.

That's why it's important to be strong and let your ex understand that you're self-sufficient and that you can get on with your life without him. But can he do it without you?

What's the best way to get that across to him? The first step is no contact.

It will be very difficult for you at the beginning because you got used to sharing everything with him, but now you have to be steadfast. No calls, no WhatsApp messages, no meetings.

The contact has to be put on hold for a certain period of time, even if he calls or texts you, you should not answer your smartphone immediately.

Let him fidget. He has to realize that he no longer has any claim to you.

That he can lose you through his stupid games and that you will no longer tolerate such behavior.

Only if you When you lose something precious, you realize how valuable it was. It's the same with love.

Don't be available to him. Find different hobbies so you won't have time to think about him and he realizes you're fine without him, now he's starting to sweat.

If he ever sees you around town hits, show him you don't have time. Say hello to him and move on. This will make him ponder.

He will wonder why you left so quickly. Of course, his first thought will be a new man. He panics and realizes he may have already lost you.

After such an encounter he will go straight home to collect his thoughts. He realizes that all the flirtations he's had were just a distraction from his true feelings.

The loss of contact with you bothers him, he longs for your voice, a good- Morning message or at least a hello. Nothing comes…

He realizes that he has made a big mistake. He wonders if he can make up for the mistake? And this is exactly where you wanted to lure him.

Now he's aware of his feelings and will do whatever it takes to win you over again.

Now you have the opportunity to tell him openly what you expect from him in case you give him a second chance.

When Do Men Come Back After A Breakup Faster Than You Think !

1. ”Random” Meet

Lately you've noticed that you're seeing him more and more often. It doesn't matter whether you're going for a walk or just going to the bakery on the corner, you'll meet him.

It always looks random and on top of that he always has some excuses why you want him meet again The funny thing is that he is always dressed up.

Although he always has something to do, he will stop with you and ask you about your day. You can see the twinkle in his eyes as he walks towards you.

At the end of every conversation, he says ”I hope we'll see each other again soon.” ”Maybe we could have coffee together sometime.”

You can tell that he is arranging these meetings to see you.

2. Social media

It was pretty quiet around him for a while. He posted almost nothing and you couldn't find out anything through social media.

But what happens now? He posts something every day and the funny thing is that it's your favorite place.

Almost every day he visits one of your favorite places, whether it's a restaurant, café or a park is. This lets you know that he's reminiscing, he's thinking about you and your relationship.

Whenever he posts a good morning, it's a cup of coffee, but not just an unimportant cup, it's the one you gave him for his birthday.

If you post something yourself, he'll be the first to hit the like button. In fact, he's always the first to look at your story on Instagram.

Apparently he's just on his phone waiting for you to post something.

These posts calm him down, because he knows every moment, wherever you are and what you do. With his posts he sends you encrypted messages that he is thinking of you.

3. Calls and Messages

If all his attempts to get in touch with you have failed, then he must take the decisive step of unblocking contact and calling you.

He will always find an excuse, he can't be right on the Start admitting that he lusts after you. He will probably ask you some questions to which he knows the answer himself.

Sometimes he will also send you WhatsApp messages with some funny content that will make you laugh. You notice that you are a constant guest in his thoughts.

He wants a reconciliation, but he also wants a sign from you. You need to give him a sign that you're not over him yourself.

During the calls, you can make funny references like, “If you miss me, you can just invite me over for coffee.” ”I can see I've besieged your thoughts again.”

If you make such innuendo, you should do it with a sweet smile so he can see that you're enjoying it yourself. After a short while he will ask you out.

4. Speak plainly

You've met a few times and now everything is still up in the air. Nobody wants to take the next step. Because he's the man, he musters all his courage and bares his feelings.

He takes you by the hand and simply tells you that he can't be without you anymore can endure. Leaving you was a mistake, but now I see it. I do hope that you feel the same way and that you will give us a second chance even though I don't deserve it.

Your heart is beating wildly, you have the feeling that it's gonna pop out of your chest, yet you want to keep your cool. You smile shyly at him, but from your look he can guess everything. He gets up and takes you in his arms.

Love can be so easy when both couples really want it. Don't be afraid to talk openly about your feelings and also to play with open cards.

Love is not a strategy game, you act from the gut.

If you broke up, it also has its specific reasons. Sometimes it's better to go through a breakup and realize what you have in each other.

If you want to force a relationship and don't want to let go of your partner, it can only backfire.

Such relationships are doomed to failure. If your partner leaves you, give them some time. He'll be back sooner than you think and after that he'll appreciate you even more.

After a breakup like this, he'll realize that he can lose you and that this time he'll see himself more Make an effort.

Maybe a breakup is the best thing that could have happened to you. Every story has its positive side, so does this one.


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