What will happen if you go back to him (Even though you know you shouldn't)

What will happen if you return to him (even though you know you shouldn't)

It is, like you're caught in some kind of vicious circle and no matter where you go you always come back to him.

Something is pulling you towards him, some invisible force inside you, and you just can't stop.

You promised yourself that you would never go back to him.

You left him in the past and vowed to yourself that you would never let him hurt you again.

He promised to change. This time he will pull himself together and do whatever it takes to earn your love.

He will do anything you want if you just give him one last chance.

He will do everything he has never done before. He will support you more.

He will appreciate you more because he had to lose you to realize what he had.

He says he will be honest this time.

He knows ; that he hurt you, but he just needs one more chance to make it up to you.

He will never betray you and tell you lies again.

He will be honest and open and happy to talk to you about anything.

You're an intelligent woman, so don't believe him. He will not change. He only tells you what you want to hear.

He uses your feelings – or at least what's left of them – to win you back.

And of course, at first it will be great.

You'll even wonder why you broke up in the first place.

He'll be like a Be an angel like you've never seen before.

But the devil in him will eventually come out. He'll get tired of the niceties.

His mask will fall and you'll see that he's still the same jerk he always was.

The same manipulative bastard that made your life miserable.

Deep down you know all this .

You know he can't just change like that. The only problem is that you want to believe him so badly.

You want him to be someone you can count on and trust. You really want to risk it again.

You want to give him a leap of faith because maybe he could change, he could love you like you do it deserves he could appreciate the love you had.

Deep down you know it all.

You know it of course, but you believe that you still love him and that deep down he is a good person – it just wasn't easy for him in life.

Life was bad for him. You feel sorry for him and try to understand him.

You make excuses for him without him having to say anything.

Because you have a good heart and an honest soul, but he must not take advantage of that.

Don't let him drag you into his bewitched cycle of lies.

Just because you're a good person doesn't mean everyone else is good too.

He certainly isn't. If he was a good person, he wouldn't have treated you so badly to begin with.

If you go back to him, he won't change. Nothing will change.

He may have his moments, but he will always be the person he really is.

He will never be worthy of you. He will never be as dedicated as you are. He will never give you the love, respect and attention you need.

If you go back to him, he will not be your life change. He won't do any better.

You'll feel lonelier with him than if you were alone. He will take you for granted.

He will make you cry again. He will hurt you even more.

You will wish you were single again.

If you go back to him, he will love you again destroy.

If you return to him, he will not make you happy.

He cannot make you make you happy because he is not the right person for it. It has always been your job.

If you return to him, you are putting your luck in the wrong hands – and your happiness should always be in YOUR OWN hands.

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