What is he thinking during lockdown? (The 6 most common thoughts)

What is he thinking during lockdown? (Top 6 thoughts)

What is he thinking during lockdown? Does he think about me at all or has he completely forgotten about me and moved on with his life?

Is there any chance for me to get back together with him? Was it a mistake to remind me of the “No Contact” to follow the rule?

I can only assure you that the lockdown was not a mistake, it was the best decision.

All of these questions are inevitable and come from our broken hearts and our bursting ones Dreaming.

They come from our pain and our fear of never feeling that way again that we experienced with a certain person.

”Out of sight, out of mind” resonates in your head and you can't help but think of the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, when someone leaves us, our first instinct is to go after them and bring them back, to prove that we are perfect for each other and that our love is worth the effort and fight.

But that's exactly what we shouldn't do. It will only push him further away.

You both need this radio silence, no matter how difficult it may be. It will help you to assess and process the situation better.

You need a cool head and composed thoughts. And if you just got out of a relationship, you haven't.

You can't think clearly, you're hurt, and your emotions are all mixed up.

If you don't give him any air to breathe right after the breakup, things will definitely go down be over and there will be no turning back.

If you're brave enough to go through lockdown, you should try not to to interrupt.

It's easy to fall into the trap of staying in touch with your ex and feeling false comfort.

In this trap you will find comfort and it will feel good to hear from him and to have him close to you, but you will not be happy or content, at least not entirely.

It will only be temporary and totally inadequate. And when he goes away, you'll just be devastated.

You need to take your time and be determined and courageous in your decision to avoid contact with your ex.

However, the questions I mentioned at the beginning will still be your main thoughts and you'll want to get inside his head to see what he's thinking during lockdown.

That's why I'm I'm here to help you.

1. He's confused

Did he expect a message from you in the meantime? He expected you to call. He expected you to come knock on his door and ask for an explanation.

He was expecting sad Facebook posts and Instagram stories with meaningful, sad quotes, but instead he got nothing but total radio silence.

He's confused, but in a positive way. He thinks about you, he wonders what happened and how and why you changed so much.

He fears that you have already given up on him and he can't believe it. The less he knows about you, the more he will worry about you.

2. He wonders if you miss him at all

He's used to hearing from you regularly and seeing you often, and now it's suddenly over. He can't help but wonder why.

You were smashed when you broke up and now you don't fall for his late night texts and possible casual sex .

Now he's wondering: ”What happened to the woman who used to answer me straight away?” , ”Where is the woman who couldn't wait to see me?” or “Why is she ignoring me”?

FYI, she's decided that she wants more than the occasional text and bedtime story.

She doesn't want to pretend to follow you anymore stay friends after the breakup because you hurt her.

She's decided to give you some time to come to your senses and see that she's amazing and that you guys had something special before you screwed it up.

She's going to enforce no contact hold until you are ready to fully participate. She's tired of getting little bits of your love.

3. He regrets his behavior

After he gets a taste of his life without you, he will start to miss everything you had together.

He will start thinking he made a mistake. He will start to miss you and all the moments you shared together.

He always took everything for granted.

Through the distance, he realized that that what you had was priceless and that he will lose you if he doesn't do something immediately.

Often you don't even realize what you have until you lose it, and that's usually the case with men. After a breakup, they are usually sad but not devastated.

They don't think about all the things they lost; it's only after a while, when they've finished partying and lived out their single dreams, that they realize they miss everything they had with you.

4. He fights against his fear of commitment

His feelings are divided. He wants you, but at the same time he's scared as hell.

It has nothing to do with you, just the fact that he just isn't ready to build anything long term.

He'll probably get over that fear eventually, but the question is if you'll still be waiting.

The fact is that fear of commitment can last a very long time and he's the only one who can fight it.

Eventually he'll get his Ä fear or he will lose you forever.

His love for you has to be stronger than his biggest fear or he is not worth the wait and he is not the right one for you.

5. He's wondering if you're over him

Are you dating someone else? He had no contact with you and he knows; don't know if there are other men in your life and that uncertainty is killing him.

He fears that when he broke up with you he sent you straight into someone else's arms made.

Maybe someone else has taken his place and taken from him what he thought would be his forever.

You don't have to do anything to bring that thought up, his mind will create all sorts of scenarios by itself.

The no contact will arouse his jealousy and make him realize what he really lost.

6. He doesn't think about you at all because he only thinks about himself

If you have been unlucky enough to bump into a narcissistic, selfish, manipulative man, rest assured that the only thing on his mind is himself.

He's the kind of man you use no contact with to get over him, not get him back.

The pain after the breakup will be unbearable, despite yours rationalization and the fact that you're better off without it.

However, the lockdown will help you in your healing process because the worst thing you can do is risk falling back into his toxic trap.

The recovery process will be long and hard, but in the end it will worth it.

You've missed a lot of life, just tending to its needs and now it's time that you start thinking about yourself and yours Creating life from scratch.

He may want to reach out to you, but not because he's changed or because he wants things to be different.

This will only fill his sick need to have you under his control. He'll want to see if he can get you back just so he can hurt you again.

If you know the man you were with is a narcissist of some kind of a toxic personality, under no circumstances should you break the lockdown.

Stay away from him as far as possible. Don't let him destroy your life any further.

I hope that some of these thoughts can help you understand the overall situation better and provide an answer to the Find main question: “What is he thinking during lockdown?”

I also understand your concern that going ban is not a guarantee that you will get him back. But it's your best option.

Following him, offering him your closeness every time he feels lonely and abandoned, giving him emotional support, one unanswered text after the texting others or replying to their lame texts will get you nowhere.

It may bring you a brief moment of joy, but it won't be here to stay.

However, if he has really strong feelings for you, the no contact will take effect and he will seek you out.

He will move mountains and do his best to get you back in his life . He'll see that leaving you was the biggest mistake of his life and he'll get back to you.

For this reason, it's important that you don't make the first move – ; let him come to you He ended the whole thing and now he has to clean up his own mess.

The duration of the contact ban mainly depends on you. You need to estimate how much time you both need to put the situation in perspective.

The duration usually varies between 30, 60 and 90 days. It is important not to break the no-contact policy, as that could complicate the situation further.

Another very important step is assessing the situation when or if he comes back after the no-contact policy has been set .

You need to see what is the reason for his coming back. You have to figure out if he's doing it out of love or need.

If he's doing it out of love, don't worry; he will make up for everything he did to you.

He will try to be the best partner you have ever had and you will be happy because the difficult and painful days of being banned will finally have paid off and you will finally have your chance at happiness.

However, if he does it out of necessity, he will want to come back into your life for entirely selfish reasons.

He will come for all the good things and all the benefits of the relationship, but he will not intend to fix anything or make any effort.

He will believe that just being there is enough. In that case, you're better off without him and you shouldn't let him back into your heart or your life.

Even the worst-case scenario won't be that bad.

< p>Whether you used lockdown to bring him back or to get over him, you used that time wisely.

One of the most useful and awesome The advantage of blocking contact is that you can focus on yourself. You rebuild your life.

You put yourself first for a change and focus on your dreams and desires.

When the lockdown is over, you'll feel like you have new ones get eyes. You'll see that he wasn't the only one who needed space – but also you.

Don't be surprised if, after the contact ban, you suddenly realize that you don't want him back.

In a relationship or shortly after one After a breakup it's hard to see what reality really is.

Maybe there were a lot of things that didn't work, maybe you've ignored some too many times and now that you're far away from him , you realized he was never the right person for you.

Whatever the outcome and whatever conclusions you come to, blocking contact is definitely worth trying because you undoubtedly will discover and build another side of yourself that you will love and cherish more than ever.

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