What is a relationship? 10 steps to relationship happiness!

What makes a relationship? 10 steps to relationship happiness!

Every person in the world longs for a harmonious relationship. Watching the romantic comedies makes you wonder if you'll ever fall in love like this.

Is it then impossible to have a happy relationship? Are only imaginary characters from romance films happy in their relationships, because if you look around you can see that most relationships end up breaking up.

Why is that? What makes a happy relationship? Is there a recipe for success that can bring us a happy partnership? You're not the only person wondering that.

People keep pondering what makes a successful and good relationship. If you ask other couples about it, you won't get a concrete answer.

But one thing is for sure, when you stumble upon a happy couple, you can't help but notice.

The sparks fly with every look, you can fo’ feeling that the infatuation is still there and that the butterflies are fluttering happily away.

And when you look at such happy couples, the wish for a happy one comes over you happy relationship, you want to fall in love again.

Happy couples lead the way, so it can't be that difficult to find the right person, or even to add some momentum to the years-long relationship.

Over time you realize that you can't plan your future together with everyone, because there is more to it than you previously thought.

You have to deal with all your partner's quirks and he has to deal with them too get used to yours. Love relationships are more complicated than they appear at first glance.

At the beginning of the relationship we are always blown away by our partner. Everything he or she does is perfect, everything he or she says is like music to our ears.

We wear our rose-colored glasses all the time, we feel like we're wearing them Honeymoon. We are happy in the relationship and if someone asked us what we want to change, there would be nothing, because everything is exactly as it is.

But then suddenly something changes. The love affair begins to falter. You're arguing with your partner and suddenly he's annoying you.

Now you shouldn't panic, because that's completely normal. After the rose-colored glasses are off, the butterflies have fluttered away and the infatuation is gone, most happy relationships experience a crisis.

Now we are going to reveal the secrets of a good relationship to you .

For you we have collected the best tips for a happy partnership so that you can spend the rest of your life in a healthy relationship.

It is important that you know from the beginning that your happiness in love depends primarily on you. You and your partner need to find the right mix of tenderness and attention that will strengthen your partnership.

But now let's address the problem we keep encountering. What makes a good relationship? How can you have a healthy relationship without trying too hard?

10 tips that make for a happy relationship!

Now you're thinking, that sounds easy, 10 things you have to take into account and your relationship will be just perfect. It's not that easy either.

Since every person is different, the love relationships are also completely different. When you get into a relationship, you also have to expect that you will have to put up with a few changes.

When you fall in love, you also want the love to last for a long time. lt and this is where the focus lies. For something to last, you have to do something about it.

Although every couple is unique, there are a few points that every couple has in common and these are the points we will focus on .

Through many conversations that arose in the course of couples therapy with a psychologist, we came to the conclusion that these top tips are the cornerstone of every happy relationship.

You can use this knowledge for Use it for your current relationship or your next one, in both cases it will be helpful.

So what constitutes a relationship?

1. Know the difference between infatuation and love

Each of us has experienced this and each of us hopes that this feeling of infatuation will last forever.

The hormones that rush through our bodies at the beginning of the relationship; men, can put us in a state of intoxication so that we forget everything around us.

We see the whole world through our rose-colored glasses, everything is more beautiful, loving and harmonious than usual. It's because you're in love, you can't think straight.

Every thought belongs to your new love and you haven't felt butterflies in your stomach for a long time. You're on cloud nine.

The worst part is that being in love lasts about six months. After the first six months, the rollercoaster of emotions subsides and you have to concentrate on everyday life and work again.

That's like a slap in the face for most couples. Up until now everything was perfect and suddenly the air is gone.

That's not really true. You haven't lost your breath, but you've evolved, you've gotten to know each other better, and infatuation has turned into affection, understanding, and security.

These are the basic ingredients of a healthy relationship. Of course there are more arguments now, but that's exactly how you forgive yourself faster because you can't stand it without your partner.

You can't bear the thought that he's not a part of your life and that's the difference between infatuation and love.

Infatuation is fleeting, one can fall in love a thousand times in a lifetime and always find someone new who will mess up our hormone world.

But love lasts forever. Because of love, you make an effort to maintain the relationship and make the best of it. Because of love, you forgive things that you wouldn't normally forgive.

If you can see the difference in yourself, you should consider yourself lucky that you love someone and that someone loves you loves.

2. Maintain your relationship


If you want beautiful skin, you buy the most expensive skin products, if you want a beautiful skin, you buy the most expensive skin products. If you want to exercise, you do a lot of sport and eat healthy.

That's exactly how it works in a happy relationship, you have to nurture it. And the YOU is important at this point, because it wouldn't make sense if only one side worked on the relationship.

You have to cultivate your relationship together and take care of it Well taken care of. It has to be the right mix of everything.

Love is like a plant, it needs light, water and love to grow, so does love, it needs respect, trust and Affection.

Happy couples make an effort and surprise their partner again and again. It can be the little things that make life worth living.

You should bring your partner coffee in bed at the weekend, surprise him with his favorite meal or simply buy something small.

If your partner is happy, then they will also try to surprise you and make you happy.

Everything is give and take. When your partner sees that you're trying, he'll appreciate it and be motivated to do his best too.

Without much frills, you'll get a happy awkward relationship just because you changed a few everyday things. I think it's worth it.

3. Time together

What makes a relationship? – Time together!

It is not uncommon to see unhappy couples avoiding each other, communication consisting only of arguments or accusations being made at each other.

If you are constantly avoiding each other The feeling of togetherness cannot develop either.

Many couples swear by the concept of living apart, or as they say LAT relationship for short, but many couples dread it it before.

You can’t get used to your partner that way, you avoid every stressful situation and everyone leads their own lives.

But if you want a happy relationship for If you want to hear, you should invest a lot of time in the love relationship. It really means making time for each other and forgetting about everything else.

Time together is not counting the time spent together at home during the day, during a cooking or the other person is sitting at the laptop.

This is about quality time, a break for the two of you. It doesn't matter whether you have children or not, pets and the like, you have to drop everything and get out of here.

You can pursue your hobbies together, do sports together or just going out for a fancy meal, it's important that you can communicate with each other, so going to the cinema wouldn't be such a good idea.

The time spent together will remind you of why you fell in love and as the evening progresses you will feel the forgotten butterflies in your stomach.

You will have another opportunity to bond with each other fall in love, so seize the opportunity and bring new momentum into your love life. Because only through a lot of hard workß can you have a happy relationship.

4. Don't forget yourself

While it's important that you spend a lot of time together, it's also important that you don't neglect your own interests. Maintaining who you are is of great importance in a happy relationship.

You also need to think about your needs and also do something that fills you up psychologically and recharge your batteries. Because of your own interests, which you pursue separately, you have new things to talk about.

You are separated for a while, each with their own desires and during the day you have the opportunity to miss each other.

When you come home, you have many new impressions ;quicks that you can then share with each other and it's not uncommon for funny stories to lift your spirits.

Laughing together is very important in a relationship because it awakens positive feelings and our body sends positive impulses that can put us in a good mood.

Your individual interests also drive you to evolve as the worst thing in a relationship is when the partners don’t evolve and stay in the same place.

5. Differences are welcome

What was it that fascinated you about your partner at the beginning of your relationship and what was the one spark that made you fall in love?

I can well imagine it, it was definitely something that drives you crazy day in, day out. Maybe his sense of humour?

He used to be able to make you laugh and now he just annoys you because he wants to make a comedy out of every serious thing.

Is it his smacking while eating? You know, he always smacks his lips when he likes something. But now, as time goes on, you can't take it anymore and you want to tape his mouth shut.

You shouldn't pay so much attention to the little things, because it's exactly the differences and quirks of your partner that make your relationship special. All you have to do is change your perspective.

If he cracks one of his jokes in a serious situation, remember that he's trying to ease your mind, because he'll know you're tense .

He's doing this as a protective mechanism because he can't stand you feeling bad.

The next time he smacks his lips loudly, remember that he loves your food and savors every bite.

Your differences complement you and make you who you are . You should enjoy the disagreements, because it will develop your relationship into a serious partnership.

6. Accept that some things cannot be changed

Throughout the relationship, each of us will try to change our partner and make them the best version for ourselves. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Some things or habits cannot be changed and you should accept that too.

If your partner keeps dropping their socks, even though you've told him a thousand times not to do that, there's no point in arguing about it over and over again.

If he’s always late and you hate it when someone is late, you should just learn to live with it, because there’s a solution for that too.

Night ;next time you'll come a little later than agreed, because it's bad for the relationship if you fight about the same things every day.

It's just the way it is and you can do it don't change anything, learn to live with it. You shouldn't spread negative energy over small things because that can only tear you apart.

What is a relationship? – To accept the partner as he is.

7. Talk, talk and talk again

Communication is the be-all and end-all of any happy relationship. It doesn't matter how long you've been together, how old you are or what kind of relationships you've had in the past, you need to talk.

All relationship problems can only be solved through an honest and open conversation. Some people find it difficult to talk about problems face to face, but sooner or later you have to do it.

The more you get used to talking, the more normal it becomes every conversation between you will end. In this way you get to know each other even better and you can look for a solution together.

No dispute should be swept under the carpet, because one day you will figure it out stumble and your repressed relationship problems will crush you.

The best medicine for a happy partnership is open communication, without fear of how your partner will react.

You just have to be careful not to interrupt each other. Everyone must be able to express their point of view without interruption. All of this without reproach, of course.

8. Always be honest

Many of us don't want to hear the truth sometimes, but in a good relationship, honesty is number one. You must always be honest with your partner, no matter how it ends.

That feeling of openness, that you can get anything off your chest without it ending in a fight, is easy priceless.

When you have reached this level of relationship with your partner, then you have asked yourself ”What makes a relationship?” answered.

It's rare these days to find someone to share your thoughts, fears, visions with without getting hurt.

You just have to be careful not to lose your partner's trust. Because once trust is lost, it can rarely be restored.

9. Realize how lucky you are

Once you've found your soulmate, you should realize that too. You should never take your partner for granted just because you know they love you.

Although you have been together for a long time, you should make your partner feel that they are special to you. Everyone loves the feeling of being desired.

You shouldn't skimp on tenderness either and tell your partner “I love you” every day, a romantic declaration of love never ends Fashion and your partner will definitely feel flattered.

Make him feel like you want to seduce and conquer him every day.

10. Good Sex

A lot of people forget about sex when talking about happy relationships, but to be honest, you can't have one without the other.< /p>

If someone is sexually dissatisfied, then it is of no use to their partner if they declare their love for you on a daily basis.

The fire should be maintained in a love relationship and that can only be achieved with a lot of effort. You need to be responsive to your partner’s desires and add some momentum yourself.

New stuff is always a hit, so let your imagination run wild.

What is a relationship? Love relationships can be quite complicated, but with the right tips, you can keep the house rolling.

You need to realize the fact that only together can you have a happy relationship. nnt.

Sometimes the character can play a big role if the partner has had bad experiences in the past or if they are afraid of commitment.

In such cases, mü you need to turn to an expert who will set you on the right path. Look within and search for the answers, your inner child will help you in your search.

Brace yourself for a long road with many stumbling blocks, but in the end it pays off because love is the greatest happiness.

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